BREAKING NEWS !!! Tipoon The Travel Machine Moveable Travel Pod

the number of elevated camping options
on the market right now is frankly too damn high airstreams
rooftop tents tiny homes tow along trailers it’s a revolving door that
spins faster by the day leaving you the consumer likely to just throw up your
hands and stick with that trusty old ground tent you took to Woodstock 99
then something like the travel machine comes along and we’re reminded why a
little market competition is a good thing designed by French company tipoon
the travel machine is a sleek polyester coated pod daddy’d look at home is a
piece of furniture in your living room only it’s not it’s a trailer you hook up
to the back of a compact SUV and basically is a living room comfortably
travel wherever the road takes you with the tipoon the travel machine movable
travelpod this movable travelpod reaches an internal living area that can expand
up to three times its original size likewise it quickly expands with just
the touch of its remote control by opening and stabilizing in an upward and
upward motion the travelpod exceptional comfort and space in fact it fits up to
four people in just a matter of seconds what’s more the travelpod provides a
ceiling height of 1.9 meters so you can easily walk around without hitting your
head furthermore typhoon is so compact that it can fit in your garage when it’s
not in use there are also plenty of accessories and colors for you to choose
from to make tipoon your own

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