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So Torben, when did your passion for birdwatching started? It started many years ago, in Denmark And did you like any bird in particular that you wanted to see? There’s a lot of migrating birds from southern Africa and southern France to Denmark in the Springtime And why did you choose Costa Rica? I chose Costa Rica because it’s the most biodiverse place in the world Was there like a bird in particular you wanted to see here in Costa Rica? Yeah, I wanted to see the Quetzal Wow, and where did you see it for the first time? I saw it on San Gerardo de Dota on the Pacific highlands And that was about seven years ago? Yes And do you remember what you felt when you saw the Quetzal for the first time? I just felt… wow Yeah (laughs) What are the three top birding destinations for you? The must see destinations in Costa Rica, for birdwatching? That is San Gerardo de Dota and San Carlos in the Sarapiquí area and a research station called Las Cruces OTS Torben you have been to Costa Rica seven years now That’s correct And why do you choose us every time? It’s because Asuaire travel agency in San José always makes a really good itinerary and a plan that they follow to every point and they have never disappointed me That’s very nice to hear. And since you’re looking for very specific trips on birdwatching, have we been able to meet your expectations and be flexible? Yes, Asuaire has fulfilled my sightest wish I’m planing to come back next year Around this time? In March? Yeah, in March beacause it’s dry season That’s fantastic, we’re going to be looking forward to seeing you next year Torben

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