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would it do my mooching good morning welcome back to yeah anyway guys as you know and for those that don’t know we’re planning on traveling outside the country in an upcoming months but for those I like to travel and outside of the country to be exact there is something that cannot be overlooked and that is that yeah and did you know that only 38 percent of Americans get travel insurance when they travel outside of the country didn’t know that I didn’t know that at all really low percentage is I’ll be scared when I leave the country so would you yeah I would I’m not accustomed to being outside the country so I want to protect myself in every way possible yeah so today we’re gonna talk to you about the benefits of travel insurance but also the options that you can pick from yes vámanos why should you get travel insurance anyway travel insurance can reimburse you and also offer you services in case something goes wrong such as you bought a non-refundable they’re non-refundable a non-refundable flight and you have to cancel it or you get your luggage lost or you get sick and you need medical attention or you need a lawyer never know what can happen when you’re outside the country that’s the last thing you ever want to need but getting travel insurance can cover you for that now for the first option of travel insurance you have your credit cards some will offer triptans elation and car rental damage but be careful you have to read the fine print some of them will only cover if you have paid the full payment of the trip with that credit card now the second option out there is called world nomads this is probably one of the most completed travel insurance out there right now depending on your country of residence the terms might change but world nomads actually covers your medical coverage including dental your trip cancellation what was that I’m like did I do something my team anyway they also cover your travel cancellations and even the loss of your gear but also if you are an adrenaline junkie they actually cover you if you have though if you do those extreme sports if you one of those bungee jumpers the skydivers the swim with sharks they cover that too and that’s world nomads now our third and last option is safety wings safety safety safety safety that’s a safety safety with no safety wing now this is probably the most affordable travel insurance that is out there in the market they can cover you for $37 every four weeks if you’re traveling outside of the US and if you want to include the US as one of your stops it will be like around $68 no it’s pretty good they can cover any emergency medical emergencies dentists well they cover natural disasters a bunch of things I am a natural disaster no they covered me to look at that’s all the only bad thing is that doesn’t include the gear that you travel with so that’s the downsize it’s all right before all that you get for it and at the price that’s pretty good though that’s really good it’s really good now my favorite part of our safety wing is that they’re actually working on a global travel insurance for full time travelers yeah I need that so that’s one of the reasons why we partner with them and if you’re looking for a travel insurance we have our affiliate link down below now bonus of course we have a bonus for you guys can’t leave what out of bonus anyway our bonus is also another affiliate link that we have with a company called compensator now compensators like compensate and air and you put it together and it just compensator compensation you can see there hope I’m saying it right anyway guys compensator is not a health insurance but it is an option to get you money back in case your flight is cancelled you’re denied boarding not boarding you’re denied boarding you miss a connection flight or your flight is delayed yeah and they can get you up to $600 per person yeah the most important thing guys is that you don’t have to pay for anything in advance it happens you’re in the airport you may supply because there is a lake connection then you just file the application and wait for your money to get to you yeah that’s pretty awesome that’s good and maybe it’ll work for you you don’t have to worry about anything so definitely check out the link below for it in case you find yourself in one of these situations so guys that’s going to do it for us yes those are all our tips for travel insurance make sure you ain’t sure yourself yeah definitely de minimis get some travel insurance ASAP so give this video like guys if you like travel outside the US if you like saving money if you like being covered medically get covered extreme sports covered swimming with sharks covered that subscribe the travel more and it’s always women to live the life you want love the life you live and travel [Music]

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  1. Great bonus tip as well on the Airplane ticket insurance. Because flight cancellations and changes are common. When we travel we typically don't get any extra insurance when we are traveling the lower 48. It was great to see the RV park in the background of your video as well, and looking forward to more of your adventures!! Have a great week and lots of love to you guys!! <3

  2. Love your merch!!! Where do you get some!? New friends & subscribed!! Yay! Can’t wait to travel more w you guys 😍

  3. compensair sounds really great! I've never heard of it before but I'm definitely gonna need to check that out!

  4. Super useful guys, we always have travel insurance when abroad! Cannot believe or understand why people don’t take it out! Just always important to shop around and check out reviews! Thanks both, regards, Simon and Elaine 😎👍💕


  6. Awesome video and great tips! I have traveled outside the U.S. several times and never purchased insurance. Definitely something to think about for future trips!

  7. Never Heard about Safety Wings before. Like the name this sounds really Good! Pretty cheap for travel insurance too. Thanks guys 💕 Btw love your shirts so cute

  8. You two know your stuff. Thanks for your information and tips for travelers. Nice video share. Subbed-25, see you next.

  9. Nice T-shirts guys 👍🏻👍🏻
    Great travel tips as always guys.
    It’s something that we rarely get as we don’t normally travel for a long period of time.
    But when we think about it, yes absolutely it’s important. Thanks for the reminder and sharing this 👍🏻👍🏻

  10. Great tip guys i usually dont get travel insurance when travelling but maybe next time i will and use one of this tips hehe.👍👍

  11. Great topic! I usually just go for what's the cheapest but don't even consider what they cover most of the time so this was really interesting. Great advice!

    You have a great channel guys btw! We hit the sub button 😀

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