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After three incredible weeks in Japan
exploring and eating so much amazing food sadly it’s our very last day and we
thought we’d celebrate our last day with a mini ramen crawl so that’s ramen for
breakfast, lunch and dinner First stop ramen at Yashichi We’re starting our Osaka ramen crawl at Yashichi to try their chicken broth shoyu flavoured ramen, oh my god it looks so good. That broth is so infused with chicken
flavor so these guys add extra cartilage and extra chicken skin to their broth
and they just simmer it for hours and hours and that chicken flavor is just so strong so the ramen comes with the noodles obviously, a slice of cha shu which is pork thats been simmered in a mirin and soy. There’s diced onion, spring onion and half a soft-boiled egg which has the perfect
yolk I’m going to get in and try the noodles they’re quite thick, they look so bouncy the perfect texture, still a little bit chewy
and that quite thick, milky broth just coats them this is the perfect start to our ramen crawl in Osaka. I’m gonna go straight in and try the broth, it’s formed a bit of a skin on top like a gravy would Oh my god, I just dribbled because this is so good. Think of the best roast chicken you’ve ever had, think of the next best roast
chicken you’ve ever had and the next best one put them all together so you’ve got all
the different flavors and oh my gosh it’s so rich, it’s got a perfect
saltiness this is the best breakfast I could ever, ever dream of having. I think
we need to stop filming and just get into this because we can’t let this go
to waste they say you have seven minutes before
your ramen’s kind of past its best our clock is ticking way too fast so this is the chicken broth ramen but it’s been flavoured with shoyu which is soy sauce and like
Thomas says it is insane. Yashichi is often voted as the best ramen in Osaka and I can totally see why it is just wild. We got the tip to come here from mate BKK Fatty, check out his channel up there we’ll link it
up above and while you’re there subscribe to us if you’re enjoying our
content. This is how I felt about that ramen in a dance. That was so good. Ramen for lunch time Mitsukabozu for their miso ramen I have ordered the Osaka style miso ramen, the broth is a lot lighter than the first one that we had, it looks
really stunning. Mmmm that miso flavour is so strong, so miso is fermented bean paste and you can really taste it in that broth so
my ramen has got pieces of cha shu which is sliced pork belly, tendrils of
spring onion, some sprouts, the noodles and I’ve also been given a little bit more
miso if I want to make it a bit stronger, some peas which I’m just going to add and I think this is seaweed so I’m going to add that too. I’ve got to try some of these noodles Mmm again, perfect bite, there’s so much chew in the noodles. I love a firm noodle and that broth is so light but so packed with flavour. It is stunning. I’ve gone with a Kyoto style white miso broth I’m going to go
straight in and try the broth it looks so thick oh wow. If you’ve ever had a miso soup very very common at a Japanese restaurant this is
like a really punchy miso soup it’s got strangely a little bit of spiciness
going on in there, just coats your mouth wow that is so deep and rich in its
flavor. I’m going to have to get some noodles because they’re just coated
in that broth there’s also spring onions in here, pork
or cha shu, I got a egg with mine because I have to always have an egg with ramen
it’s not ramen for me without the egg, let’s try these noodles
and remember you can slurp oh my god they’re like silky smooth,
coated thick thick coating from that broth. Wow.
it also came with these balls on a stick, I don’t know what they are, oh one just fell off but I’ll try this one, maybe it’s pork? I think it’s pork, it tastes kind of
gingery yea it must be pork, that’s a nice little
addition, I’ve never seen that in a ramen before. There’s also some
bamboo one big piece hiding under here, actually it might be a mushroom gonna
try it. Mmm it’s a mushroom so a bit of funghi in there. This is an absolute joy. Remember as Thomas said, it is almost
mandatory to slurp your ramen so it cools down the ramen, it enhances the
flavor of the broth and it shows your appreciation. And you just feel so good
slurping because it is so delicious my bowl is just layer upon layer of
freshness even though miso ramen originated in Hokkaido where they needed
a heavier broth because it was cold in that region this, it tastes like spring to me
because I’ve just found some lemon rind so it’s adding that citrus tang to the
broth, I’ve got the fresh peas, I’ve got spring onion which is just so crisp and tender. I
am a loving this miso style. we both loved our miso ramen it was so
fresh, so light, full of flavor Osaka’s ramen game is epic so we are
kicking goals today. The name of that restaurant is a little bit
muddled so we’ll pop details below. We couldn’t finish our Osaka ramen crawl
with anything other than a bowl of tonkotsu ramen we’re at Muteppou to try their crazy thick tonkotsu ramen and holy moly, the broth is so thick it’s like a gravy. It is nuts, I can’t wait to try it. It is. It’s like a gravy. So tonkotsu ramen is
where the broth is made out of pork bones that have been boiled for hours and hours. This is just killer it is honestly I can’t tell you, there’s actually
bits of meat in the broth these noodles are crazy thick they’re just coated in the broth remember to slurp because that cools the noodles, enhances the flavour. I can’t tell you how crazy good
this broth is. I’ve added loads of spring onion because you can choose the level of
spring onion you want I ordered heaps. I’ve added an egg, you can choose the al dente-ness
of the noodles, so I ordered hard noodles because I don’t want it to sit in the broth too long and get soft. Holy moly this is nuts. I’ve ordered exactly the same dish as Sheena,
one thing she didn’t intention is that you can also choose how thick you want your broth. There were three steps we went for the richest and thickest broth. So I’m
just going to try the broth because oh it’s so thick. It’s really sweet
it’s not as rich as I was anticipating actually it’s really sweet
hmm it’s totally like a gravy like Sheena said but less
fatty and oily tasting, it’s super interesting I think what we’re finding when we have
this style of ramen is we have to add things to bring it up to the flavor that we
really want to get and I think there’s some ginger and some pickled vege with some chilli and stuff here on the table there’s sesame seeds,
I’m going to add some condiments and then wolf this bowl back. I’ve added a whole lot of this pickled
vegetable which has chlili through it
and it’s really ramped up the spice levels of the tonkotsu ramne which I love. I’ve
also added pickled ginger which really gives it a bit of a tang and just
cuts through the thickness of the broth this is one delicious and it’s going to be a
really satisfying bowl of tonkotsu ramen And we are totally ramen-ed out. What a day! We’re going to rank them I think Well, I’m going to. Do you want to rank em? Yep. Okay for me very simple, number one, number two number three in the order we had them
number one and number two clearly out front, clearly. Number three was caught in
the race tying its shoelaces you know, chatting with the crowd just came up the
rear didn’t really care about the win not so good still great yep but those
first two blew my mind. They were life-changing like that first bowl at Yashichi
especially, I’m going to be dreaming about that bowl of ramen for the next
God knows how long. That’s the sort of dish that we and we’ve done this we would
travel from anywhere in the world to a country or a city for some food and we
have done it and we would do it again for that particular bowl of ramen
because- unbelievably good. Incredible- what a way to start the day and we are
now chock-a-block having finished the day of ramen so I think we need to head home to bed. Collapse Coma out. I have my hands on my tummy right
now I feel like my tummy is about four inches further out than it was this
morning. I’ve got the food sweats going on. What a day remember all details below for those restaurants so you can try
them if you want to, so worth it thank you so much for watching we hope we’ve inspired you to eat and explore like a traveler, not a tourist. Sayonara!

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  1. Just finished watching all of your videos from Osaka. Looks like a Great city with great food. What in your opinion is the best foodie destination in Japan − Tokyo or Osaka? ( I am planning a trip to Japan in December and it’s difficult to decide where to go…) 🙂

  2. Do you know Muteppou have a branch here in Sydney named Gumshara Ramen? It is so good and addictive! Not everyone's favourite like durian but has cult followers.

  3. Just finished watching the Japan series….FANTASTIC….with great explanations-descriptions of the taste…, thanks again Thomas, Sheena….!

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