Best Budget Bluetooth Wireless Headphones 2017

– It’s the most awesome
pair of waterproof, sweat proof, wireless
headphones that don’t fall out. I’m giving them away for free. They’re better than Beats, they hold their own against Bose, and they’re coming right up. (cash register dinging) (gentle instrumental music) Hi, I’m the YouTube
Deal Guy, Matt Granite. And yes, if you’re a
subscriber of this channel, you may notice I need a haircut. Didn’t have time this week. ‘Cause I’ve been hunting down
the biggest deals, as usual. Going live right here on YouTube, and sharing some of the best
freebies you will see anywhere. But don’t worry, I will
get my hair cut, next week. And I will also make sure
that if you are subscribed to this channel, you
have a chance at winning an awesome pair of Bluetooth
wireless headphones that combine noise isolating technology with more accessories than I’ve ever seen in a pair of headphones
that is under 40 bucks, located right under this video screen. Just expand the video description box. Do you guys remember when I did those Bluetooth over the ear headphones that really, really did beat out Beats in all the tests, and Bose? This is the gym sport
ready waterproof sibling of that same headset from the same brand. All right , let’s do the unboxing. Actually, the packaging on
this pair of headphones, really nice, as I butcher it. This always happens. They package it so nicely and I destroy it. But that’s fine. Headphones themselves,
actually very durable. Let’s get these out. You can see right off the bat these have a different shape to them. This is built to stay
within your eardrum itself. And they’re all different tips, which I’m gonna show you in a moment, which make it fantastic for any ear size. I mean, the number of accessories you get on a pair of headphones like this, at under 40 bucks, is amazing. I know it’s not a big deal, and we all have our own charging cords, but the fact that they take the time to give you a braided charge cord here, so it doesn’t tangle,
absolutely phenomenal. This is micro USB so that means if you are an Android user, like me, you can use this with any
charger you already have. You also get these inserts here. Now these are noise isolating inserts, which are very, very difficult to find at a price such as this. Of course, you get the waterproof benefits tied to all of this. But another bag of these
right here, amazing! You got the little carrying case to tune out the world
and turn on your life. And of course, you get
the warranty information, and then the instructions here. This is a very well
packaged pair of headphones. You also get, right
here, the remote control. So, this is great and just a further encouragement
for hands-free operation. This does have noise isolation,
get for a study hall. Great if you’re an adult, great if you wanna listen to your tunes, and also, sport ready. – Hey, Matt. Thanks for giving these earbuds to test. I found I really love them. They’re as good as the
headphones I use for gaming. – [Matt] Waterproof and sweat proof. You get a built in mic
for voice calls on the go. – Hey, guys, it’s intern Daria here. Unlike Matt, I work out once in a while, and these waterproof and
sweat proof headphones have been a game changer. They can’t compete against
all of the other ones that I’ve tried. They have noise canceling TALON
grips instead of ear grips, and they’re absolutely, absolutely great. – Before the giveaway, the big question is how do these stay in? And I’m actually not even
changing the earpiece, I’m just going to use what came with this. I have standard sized ears, much larger size nose. And these, it’s amazing. As I put them in, I can’t even hear, for example, the air
conditioning in this room. I can’t hear any of the
noise from the TV equipment. Unbelievable. But they really stay in. You cannot do this repeatedly with a lot of pair of headphones. This is absolutely awesome. I could do this all day. This is so good. Try doing this with a pair
of Beats, they’re out. Try doing this with many other pairs of headphones, especially you know those ones where they have to clasp on top of your
ear and they’ve got, oh, do I have those somewhere? Where are those? These for example. These are a little bit more cumbersome. You wouldn’t want to necessarily wear these at a gym. Waterproof, sweat proof, amazing! This deal located right
under the video screen, and now for the giveaway. Using Tube Buddy’s random selection tool to find a subscriber who’s commented in the last six months,
the next subscriber gets these for free. Congratulations goes to Dallas. Just email [email protected] to claim your freebee. Yes! Go you! You’ve won. I want to thank everyone for watching. By the way, what else do you
want me to hunt down next? I would love to help
you find your next deal. I love saving you money. I love you for watching. Still in. If you are not yet
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  1. The braided cord, noise inserts, and the many sizes available are best points for me! The ones I have fall out WITHOUT jumping around!

  2. Those are great headphones i have a deferent kind ( from i frogz they came with deferent size tips but i lost them)

  3. Имеет ли этот наушник эффект стетоскопа? может быть, стиль шейного полотна поможет некоторым. Если он имеет длительный режим ожидания, он будет потрясающим

  4. he didn't mention the name of them once!…. the endorsements sound like they were paid to say good stuff about them.

  5. Matt, Great video awsome product, you never seem to surprise me. Please show new cell phones, car gps, and car radars please. UR the man, and with helping others u will be blessed.

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