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[music playing] Hey, everyone. I’m Gunnarolla, and I’m here
in Aurora, Illinois to take you through a carnival of carnage. It’s one of America’s
scariest attractions, Basements of the Dead. If I can make it
out of here alive, you’ll get a sneak
peek behind the screams and we’ll see who’s
pulling the strings. I’m gonna need a barf bag. Up is down, left is right,
the dead are undead, and paranormal is
the new normal. Welcome to the dank, dark
underbelly of the Midwest– Basement of the Dead [laughter] [cough] [spooky noises] All right. Let’s do this. We can do this. Not gonna be scared. [loud noises] [heartbeat] This is too– [laughter] What the [beep]? [scream] Oh my god. What the heck is this? [scream] [laughter] Oh my god. Oh my god. Why is there no way out of here? [laughter] Oh my god. [scream] [laughter] What was that? Oh god! That’s disgusting. [scream] [electrical noises] What the hell? What the [beep]? [breathing] [growls] [scream] [scream] [scream] Oh my god. Oh god. Oh god. [scream] [scary noises] What the F-[beep] is this? God. [screech] [scary music] [giggling] [scream] Oh my god. Oh my god. [electrical noises] Whew. [scream] Oh no. Oh my god. [laughter] Ah! Ah! Ah! [noises] [evil laughter] Alrighty. I survived. Barely. That was truly traumatizing. We’re going to
check in with Jason. He’s the owner of
this wild space. How did you get
into this business? Well, it’s a family affair. Like the Addams family? A little bit. Kind of how it started. We started as home haunters. Just doing the yard up
and everything else. And then we had
enough people tell us that you should been
doing this professionally. So the room that we’re in
right now, this actually was– this actually was
one of my favorites. And it’s one of the most unique
things I’ve ever experienced. My daughter had
a little music box that had a ballerina that spun. And I happened to be
putting some of her jewelry and I opened it up and
it started spinning. And I’m like, man, that would
be really unique to make a room that literally
was spinning and had psychotic ballerinas
spinning through the room. It’s because the way
we design it to spin, it’s like you’re in
here and you’re walking and you can’t go any where. So it’s almost
like you’re having that nightmare where
you’re trying to get away from the monster, but– Yeah, you’re trapped. In quicksand. Literally it is kind of
like just a nightmare. One, two, three. There we go,
reliving my nightmares. That’s so cool. And you can just
keep walking forever and not be able to get out. And when the strobe’s going,
you don’t know what’s happening. Most people can’t figure
out what’s happening. Behind the scenes. There’s nothing better
than real sound, if you will. When we want to scare
people, we actually– You’re clanging things– Yeah, we make things bang. [banging] [scream] We’re in a morgue. You don’t know where
it’s coming from. You’re going to get to
scared somewhere in here. There’s just nothing better
than just dark, loud, scary. [banging] The stuff that people can
create in their own minds is always scarier than
what I can show them, you know what I mean? So a lot of times, we
will put you just in dark and throw noises at
you and you’re creating a monster in your own head. And it’s just more terrifying. So the majority
of this experience, you’re wandering
around the dark. But there is one section
pretty unique, shattered 3D. Very different.
Let’s take a look at that. – Yep.
– Let’s go. Every corner you turn– all right, so meant
to shatter 3D. This room looks very
different right now than what it does when it’s activated. So can you tell me,
what is this experience? This is a 3D,
black-lit haunted house. As a haunt, we used to
have a lot of lights because that’s
traditionally what you do in a black-lit haunted house. So what we did is we
said, you know what? We’re gonna turn
the lights off, and we’re just going to give people
a UV flashlight to go through. People feel like it’s safe
because they got a flashlight, and actually, no, it’s
the opposite, because we see you with the light. You don’t see us. And we are literally just
watching you come through and we are just setting
up scares after scares. Oh my god! Ah! So Basement of the Dead, if you
had to explain to somebody in like, one sentence why
they need to come here? In the light or in the
dark, no matter what, we’re just going to scare
the hell out of you. [laughter] Just am. Well, you did. Thank you so much for having us. Hey, thank you for coming out. I really do appreciate it. And we had so much
fun scaring you. That’s so much fun. [laughter] Can’t get enough
behind the screams? Stay tuned for more videos where
I take you to some of America’s scariest attractions.

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