Becoming a Disney Travel Specialist With Disney College of Knowledge

Becoming a Disney Travel Specialist all right what’s up everybody Larry
Porter here and we are back once again back with majestic traveller and in
today’s video I want to share with you how to become a Disney Vacation Planner
so make sure you stay tuned you do not want to miss this all right everybody welcome back welcome
back so in today’s video let’s talk about Disney Disney Vacation Planner I’m
inside of my in teletraffic back office now if you’re not familiar with Intelli
travel it is a hosts travel agency now this is what we recommend doing when
you’re trying to go down go down the route of becoming a Disney Vacation
Planner because they have everything you need to become any type of specialists
whatever niche you want to specialize in whether it be cruises vacation packages
or even dear to me you have the training provided for you and they will point you
in the right direction so guys don’t give into this industry waste time
trying to research all this on your own partner with a host travel agency to get
the right tools and resources as well as training that you need alright so if you
notice here I’m inside my intelligible back office now I’m gonna scroll over
here to education go down to partner education and as you see here these are
a lot of trainings and suppliers that we’re affiliated with that you can plug
into and dominate that myth so for example if you’re looking for to become
a Disney vacation planning we got a training on Disney so if you click here
and you see there’s a host of other trainings but for go up here they have a
college of Disney knowledge so you can go and take training and learn
everything you want to know about Disney and dominate that niche okay there’s a
site that you can go to the Disney travel agents comm and you must be
affiliated with a host travel agency or have your own trouble addressing so you
must be a travel agent okay this is for Becoming a Disney Travel Specialist travel agents oh and if you stay with me
to the in this video and I’ll show you how exactly how you can get started and
become a travel agent where you kind of access to all these tools and training
so here you just register here you will create a new account this will plug you
into all the marketing tools specialized training destination information and
more so learn everything you need to know about
Disney okay so that’s that address right here
Disney travel agents now if you go over here our education affiliated
organizations so this is some of the organizations that are affiliated with
so you even come down here to go to the Orlando Travel Academy so if you click
here this will take you to the travel agent University you can register here
and learn more about Disney as well as the Orlando Florida area okay guys so if
you really want to dominate this industry guys you can plug and play so
all the training is laid out for you guys all you gotta do is just plug in
partner with the host agency and get started okay so just because you’re
stated in this video if you want to learn how you can partner with and tell
the travel we have a private Facebook group that reveals all the information
watch a private video as well or you can learn more about this fabulous
opportunity how you can get started within teletraffic and start your Disney
Vacation clamming right away so guys hope you found value from this video i’m
larry porter and just want to share with you what’s on the other side of
intelligence ever all right click that link below get inside a free private
Facebook group to learn more information about intelligible alright thank you and
happy traveling you

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