Be a Risk Taker – Traveling Mexico with my Subscribers

– [Potato Jet] Aw, man,
I am fricken exhausted. I lost my voice, as you can
probably tell, I’m sunburnt. But I just went through an experience and I just kinda wanna talk about while it’s still fresh in my head. So, a few months back, I announced that I’m inviting a dozen of you subscribers to come with me on a trip. And, I’m not going to lie, it was scary. I have no idea who’s going to show up, are they going to be cool? But day one, which was
kind of a travel day, by the time we got in we were
all exhausted and it was late. It was literally 19
strangers just completely in this new place, in a new country, everything’s kinda familiar, but at the same time so different. So we capped off the night
with a round of tequila and got some rest because our
first activity was to jump. (electronic music) (electronic music) (electronic music) (electronic music) (electronic music) (electronic music) (electronic music) (electronic music) (electronic music) (electronic music) (electronic music) After we explored a couple beaches and got a serious sunburn, I think we were all in pain, but at the same time, relieved. I wasn’t the only one
concerned about this trip. Everybody here took a risk and flew to Mexico with
a bunch of strangers. I mean, that’s crazy. But I think that’s when we all realized this isn’t going to be Fyre Fest 2.0, no one’s going to get their kidney stolen, but we were all there because
we have one thing in common, which is we love to create. But thank God we all took that risk, because we all became friends and realized we’re about to have one of the best weeks of our lives. – Successful beach day?
You guys aren’t too burnt? – Very successful. – Dude, my face kinda hurts. – I came here this burnt. (laughter) – [Potato Jet] I knew I was
with the right people because when we got sunburnt, we didn’t care. When the storm rolled in, we didn’t care. When Konnor lost his glasses, well, I think he cared
about that a little bit, but I think it was
worth it, right, Konnor? (electronic music) (electronic music) (electronic music) (electronic music) (electronic music) (electronic music) (electronic music) (electronic music) And man, our private boat, I can’t even describe how awesome that is. Now I know why rich people and rappers are so obsessed with them. But my favorite part of that whole trip was definitely after that sunset, we had just finished an epic adventure and we were there just chilling with a bunch of new, really cool friends. And I don’t want to be cliche and say it was a magical experience, but fuck man, that was
a magical experience. That’s right, I didn’t even
bleep out that cuss word. I’m probably going to get
demonetized, I have regrets now. But my point is, everybody involved in this trip took a risk, including me, Derar, who did a killer
job organizing all this, and literally everybody that attended. But all the best decisions I’ve
made in my life were risky. Everything from pursuing
a filmmaking career and starting a YouTube channel, which could potentially
be a giant waste of time. I’m not saying go out there
and make some dumb decisions, I think you should really consider and think hard about everything you do. But sometimes, for the best stuff, you have to just kinda take that leap. And there’s no other way around it, you just have to tighten
up your bra strap, like Carrie says, and just fucking do it. Next time you see a good deal on a flight to that place you’ve always
wanted to go to, just book it. You know that business idea you were thinking about starting? Just figure out, what’s step one to get that ball rolling and go do it. A lot of times, shit will not
go your way, you will fail. But I know from experience
that with enough failures, something will come along that far exceeds your expectations. I mean, when I clicked on upload on the first YouTube video, I
got like 2 views after a week. And I would have never expected it to turn into something like this. And speaking of taking risks. – [Off-Screen Male] You’re
serious, that’s a shark bite? – Si, shark bite. – [Off-Screen Female] Are you serious? – Where we are going to go
snorkeling there is many sharks. – From the spot we’re going snorkeling. – Oh, shit. (electronic music) – [Potato Jet] So I
really appreciate everyone for coming into the
shark-infested waters with me, taking this risk and coming
on this trip with me. And it’s just so cool getting to know my subscribers in person, and you guys watch it,
you guys are awesome. The Internet is obviously filled with a lot of weird
people that I don’t really want to be associated with
but from this experience I’m just so happy to know
that you guys are awesome. And thank you, thank you
for being a subscriber. And as for me? This is just the beginning. I had so much fun on this trip, we’re planning on doing more to Thailand, Croatia, Bali,
all these places are happening. So I couldn’t be more
motivated and excited for all the adventures to come. So, yeah. I’ll see you in the next video. Love, Potato Jet. Slash Gene,
if you wanna call me that. You can just call me
Potato Jet, that’s cool.

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  1. I now regret that I thought about it but didn't actually register for it. I definitely want to join the next one. Can we open it to our wife and kid as well? I don't want to leave them behind.

  2. Great video! Very inspirational stuff.

    Weird person you definitely don’t want to be associated with.

  3. Me: “When will I know I’m ready.”
    Gene: “You won’t, It’s a leap of faith.”

    This video makes me wanna go on vacation to Japan (My life dream).

  4. Dude this was epic. Made me feel good watching this. You're an inspiration to so many content creators, you should be super proud of what you've achieved. Give us a heads up when you book an Australia trip coz I'm down! Peace man, keep up the good work.

  5. Hey , living life is about taking risks . I am 51 and believe me I've taken a few . This was a great video may all of you continue to take nice calculated risks and some not so calculated & may you all have the time of your life …

  6. one of the best travel videos I have ever watched also a motivational one… although I was watching your videos regularly but man the truth from your heart, the words make me your fan…and today I finally hit the subsribe button…

  7. Awesome! I sooooo wanted to come! I'm so glad it was a success! Maybe the next one … Thailand, Bali, Coatia, they all sound amazing!

  8. by far the best youtuber out there. props to you for doing this for your subscribers. its been awesome just following the journey. i can only imagine what i was like actually being there. thank you for always putting out great content and thank you for always being real!

  9. I like these different style video with voice overs from your originals. Shows a little different side of you. Shows YOU ARE HUMAN

  10. If you’re ever in NYC and need something to do let me know! I’m down to do ANYTHING… Most things maybe not ALL the things! Love your channel Potato Jet.

  11. After watching this video and listening to you about making decisions, I just uploaded my first video, do check it.

  12. Ok, so far I had never seen an inspirational video (if you could call this that kind of video), but man, this video hyped me a lot!! Thanks for the inspiration and for making awesome content. Ps. Please do more videos like this.

  13. Hey potato jet
    I have question
    Gopro hero 7 black or Dji osmo action
    Which one is best
    Please reply ☺️☺️☺️

  14. Just awesome! Surely a great experience. Really love the video – pretty obvious that it also was a special experience for you

  15. A lot of us live in Mexico. I enjoy your videos but can we avoid playing to the US proganda that it's risky. I know the real story here was about peoole, but the "Mexico is risky" thing is tired crap we here all day every day. Mexico nicer in many ways than the USA and it should be respected.

    Also to visitors; going to resorts is fun but is not experiencing Mexico. Grab a car and go see the real tbung. You will be glad you did. Potato if you ever want to visit Central mexico and make some amazing video hit me up. Peace.

  16. 2:58 omg Potato Jet, naughty naughty. Did YouTube take away your money for this weeks video? Nah, I love this video, very inspiring and wish I could be there with you guys toooooooo! Keep up the great content. Also your my Mums favourite YouTuber!

  17. I love u and your content man!!!i dont even know your name but seriously man,you are amazing!!take love from BANGLADESH!!

  18. To all of you viewers out there, this man is authentic AF! The fact that this video went up when it did means he literally got off the plane with me Saturday night and went home and shot the beginning of and the narration of this video. Meanwhile I got off the plane and slept for 2 days straight. I literally just chose music and am just starting to sort through the footage now. Might be weeks before I finish and the Potato Jet is done with his Mexico video and has already moved on to shooting new videos already. Guess that is how a Pro YouTuber handles his business. Gene, Sam and Kari are some of the best and most real people I’ve met recently and that is saying something because I live in the fakest city in the USA aka Los Angeles haha!

  19. This is the best appreciation video I have ever seen. Thank you for giving us the oppertunity to experience you as a fellow human rather than just a Youtuber that we watch.

  20. Ive legit been tossing in my head about taking a big ol risk and starting being a freelance filmmaker and such a large part of me is saying "no, that cameras are expensive, if it fails ur fucked"… and the you uploaded this and now im saying fuck it, its a job thatll make me happy

  21. Hey man, let me know when you're coming to Croatia. Or Bali. Or Thailand. I will be in each for extended periods in the next year so hit me up. I just thought it was crazy that you listed not one, but all the countries I will be in. Glad you had a great trip, Cheers!

  22. Great stuff bro! Invite me next time! But no more swearing plz. I love your channel cause it's always funny and cool and clean. Sorry to be that boring cranky guy…

  23. Dude. You're the best man. Started following you earlier on and always KNEW you were legitimate and a true hard worker and knew how to just get it done. This was your best video ever. It felt super honest and honestly made me want to just do more. Thanks man.

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