Bali’s Gates of Heaven, is it REAL? | BrooklynAndBailey & KamriNoel

(screams of excitement) (upbeat music) (upbeat music) – Oh my God! – [Shaun] Get pictures. (slow upbeat music) – Hey guys, it’s the
beginning of our trip. We are taking off, heading
to Bali for sun and sweating. We’re so excited. And Shaun and I, we got
bumped to first class, which is awesome. The kids? (smacks lips) In coach. (upbeat fast paced music) (click)
(bell sound) (upbeat fast paced music) (upbeat fast paced music) (upbeat fast paced music) So you guys, we made it to Bali. – Whoo whoo. – We are currently in line
to have our pictures taken. Gates, and they’re so well known. There’s this huge line we are standing in. Kamri lost her luggage. – Yep. – So, Kamri’s pretty much
wearing everybody else’s stuff. – I’m wearing everybody else’s stuff. (background mumblings) – So here’s the thing guys. This little man that’s sitting right here, there’s no water, you can see. It’s– – [Shaun] Concrete.
– Con-bricks. But the way he holds the
mirror on the camera, it makes it tricky, and
it looks like it’s water – [Shaun] He holds it
right below the lens. – [Kamri] It’s crazy. – So we’ll take a picture and show you guys what it looks like when we have it all done. So you can see, no water right here, no reflection. There’s the trick guys. (background laughter) – [Illusionist] Wait
wait, one more one more. (upbeat fast paced music) (upbeat fast paced music) (native language) (bites food and chews) It’s good! – [Shaun] How was it, it’s Mexican food. – That’s yummy!
– [Kamri] No, it’s yummy. (upbeat fast paced music) Tastes like pineapple. – [Bailey/Brooklyn] That’s so good. – [Mindy] A little bit,
like the softer nutous part. – [Brooklyn/Bailey] That’s really good. Now we’re at the water gardens. So pretty you guys. (upbeat fast paced music) (upbeat fast paced music) (upbeat fast paced music) (water ripples)
(people mumbling) (upbeat fast paced music) (upbeat fast paced music) – So I’m here with my cousins, and there’s other ones over there, (laughs) anyways so we were outside, and we were jumping on the trampoline because I’m here in Utah
alone with my grandparents, for like two weeks. Ope, here’s more cousins,
and (hits head) ope, we decided to make a band. Like a fake band, for
fun, ’cause apparently, Ethan plays the drums and
Cassie plays the piano, oh, and the piano and
the guitar, and sings, so you’ve developed some skills
in the past like two months. I’ve not seen it, whatever. Anyway, so, yeah, that’s today. (upbeat fast paced music) (upbeat fast paced music) – So this animal right
here’s called the luwak, and it’s like a fox, dog-like creature. Now we’re not coffee drinkers, but these little guys will
go forage the little berries on the ground, the coffee berries, and they’ll eat them, and then
they’ll poop out the seeds, and those seeds will sit
out in the sun and dry for about a week or two,
and these workers here will come and gather those up,
clean the poop off of them, roast it, and then grind
it for a poop coffee. It’s a delicacy, it’s very
expensive, and they sell it here. So, I think, how many of you think Starbucks
should give this a try, would you give it a try? Comment down below. So that is an example of
the cat poo right there. – [Mindy] Cat-poo-chino. – [Shaun] Cat-poo-chino. Not Cappuccino, but Cat-poo-chino. (native language) Baby’s learning how to
roast cat poo coffee. (native language) What’s he feel like? – Like cat and a dog, (laughs). – You, say hi! – [Background Female Voice] Can we pet it? ♪ I’m awake now ♪ ♪ Ooh, ooh ooh, ooh ♪ ♪ ♪ I’m on my way now ♪ ♪ Ooh, ooh ooh, ooh ♪ ♪ I’m on my way now ♪ ♪ Hi, Hi, I’m on my way ♪ ♪ Hi, Hi, I’m on my way ♪ ♪ Hi, Hi, I’m on my way ♪ – [Mindy] Put your arms out! – Okay, okay. – [Shaun] Go Kamri! – [Male Voice] Yeah, girl!
– [Mindy] Lean back! – [Shaun] Way! – [Mindy] Now grab the… (upbeat lyrical music) (upbeat lyrical music) (upbeat lyrical music) – Hello you guys, we know we
love our Instagram pictures. – Yes, and, this is one of
my top travel destinations, and I’ve always wanted to swing on the swing above the jungle. – And they have like excursions that take you to a bunch of
instagrammable picture places. One of them was a swing place so we just got done here
at the coffee plantation. – Dad didn’t want to do
it, ’cause he’s a chicken, – [Shaun] I’m not a chicken. – [Bailey] and doesn’t like heights. – Also, got a, it’s like
a coffee plantation, and so they have all sorts of coffee. – They have teas, and coffee– – And hot chocolate, which is a bar alley. – Yeah, we had the hot chocolate. – We tried real hot chocolate with cacao. – It tasted like liquid– – With Cacao. – These are some rice fields that have recently been harvested, so you can’t see the green. – [Kamri] Yep. – They’re planting– (female talks in native language) It’s new rice right now. (upbeat tropical music) Super beautiful. (upbeat tropical music) – One thing that we’ve
learned, quickly, today, is that everything in Bali is, what directions Kam? – Up and down. – Straight up, straight down. Like, a lot. Our legs are definitely gonna
be feeling this tomorrow. – Good morning everyone, we are going ATVing today. It’s rained last night, so
it should be nice and wet. – [Twins] Muddy. – [Shaun] Muddy (laughs) – Oh yeah. – We’re looking forward to it. (loud, upbeat high energy music) (loud, upbeat high energy music) (loud, upbeat high energy music) (engine revving) (loud, upbeat high energy music) – [Shaun] Go Bailey! Hit it hard, hit it hard, hit it hard! (upbeat high energy music)
(engine revving) – [Mindy] This is the craziest
ATVing I’ve ever done! We are like
(engine noise) in the water, in the jungle,
up hills, down rocks. (loud, upbeat high energy music) (engine noise) (loud, upbeat high energy music) (loud, upbeat high energy music) – [Shaun] Hey, how is it? – Good! (loud, upbeat high energy music) (engine noise) (yelps) (Mindy yelps) (Mindy laughs) – So we’re paused for a
minute to get some water. But I just found out I had
popped the tire on my ATV, so (pops mouth) played too hard. Go big or go home. (engine sound) (loud, upbeat high energy music) – [Mindy] ‘Kay take your boots off. (water splashes onto ground) (female groans) (water splashes onto ground) – [Kamri] Yep. This is the Airbnb itself. Okay, see right here. So, we have a koi pond on this side, and that side, and then a pool down the middle. – Beautiful Airbnb. – [Mindy] Hi Bailey. – Hey. – The girls are staying up there. Shaun and I are staying down here. (water sounds) Then over here, more grounds. (water sounds) And there’s a little archer
station back in the corner. This is our room. When we first arrived it had cute towels and flowers on the bed. Now it’s just a mess
’cause we’ve been using it. If you come out here,
there’s a sitting area. This is our bathroom. Check this out. It’s all carved out of
the mountain, all of this, and it’s semi-outdoor. So we have this giant tub. That’s our shower. And you can see this little doorway. You come over here,
there’s another staircase that’s also all carved
out of the mountain, and that goes upstairs to
Brooklyn and Bailey’s room. The seating area, and then there’s another bathroom. It’s also semi-carved out of the mountain, the big tub. And then this leads to the pool. Okay, here’s another secret passageway. (background conversations) Arthur’s showing us. Look, you guys. – [Girl In Blue Shorts] This is cool. – [Mindy] Oh, we’re at
the top of the stairs. This is the half we didn’t stay in. And it ends up in their sitting area. – [Little Boy] This is the
bookcase, couldn’t find it. – [Little Boy’s Father] So here… – [Mindy] That is so cool! – [Little Boy] Whoa. – [Mindy] And then,
there’s a secret bookcase. Where does this lead? – To the secret– – [Mindy] Whoa. This look comes like this. Oh, this is the other half of outside! – [Little Boy] Yeah. – [Kamri] That’s cool. [Mindy] So there’s all kinds
of tricky things around here. (upbeat high energy music) (upbeat high energy music) (upbeat high energy music) (upbeat high energy music) (upbeat high energy music) (upbeat high energy music) – We’re going whitewater
rafting here in Bali. Don’t know how rapids the river will be, but, it should be fun. (tropical gentle music) (water traveling quickly) (everyone yells in excitement) (everyone yells in excitement) (Shaun laughs) (loud water noise) – [Female voice] Wooh! (loud water noise) (upbeat high energy music) (upbeat high energy music) (family communicates with each other) – [Shaun] Oh my gosh, look at that. (loud water sound) (tropical music) (tons of water hits girl) (water fall sounds) – We are about to walk
into the Monkey Forest, which we’ve heard really
awesome things about, but we’ve heard over and over and over, how careful you have
to be with your stuff, because the monkeys will snatch it. – They will take anything. – So we have no jewelry, no phone. – We left all of our
jewelry, all of our phones, except mine, in the car, so that there was nothing to snatch. Hoping that… – [Bailey/Brooklyn] The monkeys
will have nothing to take. – [Mindy] That wouldn’t be a problem. Never touch, grab, or disturb them. (tropical music) (tropical music) (tropical music) Hello. Ooohh (laughs). (laughter) Ooohh! (Girls make scared sounds) (branches and leaves shake) (gentle upbeat music) (gentle upbeat music) (gentle upbeat music) – [Female] Sits. – [Shaun] This is the Brooklyn and Bailey monkeys right here. That’s Brooklyn and Bailey. We’ve named them. – [Family] Oooh. – [Shaun] Hello, sweetie. (gentle upbeat music) (gentle upbeat music) (gentle upbeat music) (gentle upbeat music) – [Shaun] It’s what you guys used to do. – [Brooklyn] Oh my god! – [Shaun] Get pictures! – Is he gone? – [Brooklyn] Yeah.
– [Shaun] Yeah, he’s gone. – [Brooklyn] He scratched you. – [Shaun] Yeah, you got bit. – [Brooklyn] No, you got scratched. – [Bailey] No, it was a bite. – [Shaun] It was a bite, I saw it. – [Bailey] It was a bite. – [Shaun] You got bit. (high energy music) (upbeat music) (upbeat high energy music) (upbeat high energy music) (upbeat high energy music) (upbeat high energy music) (upbeat high energy music) – [Shaun] What do you have? Looks good! – Got my (slurs words). – Get ready for the party to start! (upbeat high energy music) (audience claps and cheers) (upbeat tropical music) – So all I ask, is that you
trash the heck out of it. – [Audience] Hell yeah! (audience cheers) (native music) (upbeat high energy music) (upbeat high energy music) (upbeat high energy music) (upbeat high energy music) (upbeat high energy music) (upbeat high energy music) (laughter) – You used globs. – [Older Female Voice]
Only that part left! – Here we go!
(camera shutter) – [Sana] Thank you. – Warping, it’s warping! – [Shaun] All right, look,
I got mine in my hand. – [Sana] All right, so– – [Participants] Three, two, one. (participants cheer) Go go go go! (participants cheer) (participants cheer) (participants cheering and laughing) (participants cheer and laugh) (upbeat high energy music) (upbeat high energy music) (upbeat high energy music) (upbeat high energy music) (upbeat high energy music) (upbeat high energy music) (upbeat high energy music) (upbeat high energy music) (upbeat high energy music) (upbeat high energy music) (happy upbeat music) (happy upbeat music) (happy upbeat music) (happy upbeat music) (happy upbeat music) (happy upbeat music) (audience cheers and claps) (audience cheers and claps) (happy upbeat music) (happy upbeat music) (happy upbeat music) (happy upbeat music) (happy upbeat music) (happy upbeat music)

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  2. Kamri was somehow unlucky during the journey to Bali — forgetting her passport and then losing her luggage. But I'm so glad she has an awesome family like you guys 😊

    That was so fun to watch, and now I dream of going on that swing too 👍

  3. Congratulations Sana and Salim! That looked like an awesome trip! I want to come to Bali someday too! Hope you guys had fun!


  5. obviously rylan went to stay with cousins and didn’t go, and the littles didn’t go anywhere. is there like a reason why they didn’t come to bali for the wedding?

  6. Hope you enjoy your time during in Indonesia (Bali). I am fr Indonesia (jakarta), watched your vlog since years ago.

  7. Welcome to Indonesia!! Hope u guys enjoy ur holiday in Indonesia 💚. Btw, its Indonesian fruit its called "Salak" 1:40

  8. Omg you guys go to Bali😲that's my country omg how awesome is that,i live in Jakarta not in Bali but i've been in Bali before,you guys should come over to Jakarta it's only 2 hours flight from Bali to Jakarta,but from America to Jakarta(Indonesia) is about 22 hours😀

    Love you guys😘🥰

  9. Hi CHH i know you probably wont even read this but if u do please reply im from Indoesia and i recently went to Bali i would like to recomend you 2 things while you are in Bali you can get your hair done in these really cool traditional braids you can usually get them done in your hotel , by the beach or in your nearest salon they are really cute you should get them and the second thing is you should get these traditional treats they are called Pia legong its like a pastry with diffrent fillings ike cheese chocolate and others if you want to get it from the original store you have to go early in the morning but you can also get them at the airports but for a higher price i believe im sorry for the bad grammar and punctuation i love you guys!! 😊🙂😊🙂

  10. O my god you guys went to a traditional Indian🇮🇳🇮🇳 wedding
    By the way everyone looked so beautiful in traditional dress ❤❤❤❤

  11. They don't drink tea or coffee bc of their religion bc of the caffeine right? But what about ginger or mint tea or any other tea that doesnt have caffeine?

  12. Hi, I'm the one who captioned this video on Rev, and I just have to say, your videos make me so jealous! I wish I could go on vacation in Bali 🙂

  13. Y'all were looking BEAUTIFUL in traditional dresses!!
    Congrats to Sana and Salim hope you have an amazing life ahead!!

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