Bad Travel Day – Autism On An Airplane

Are you ready? (Abbie hums) – [Summer] Are you ready
to go on an airplane? – [Asa] That’s what we’re doin’, okay? Hey, can you tell me go? Go fly? So, what are we doin’, babe? – [Priscilla] Waiting on our cooper. – Go, fly. (upbeat music) What’s up guys, welcome to the vlog. We are out of the house, we are headed back to Florida. It’s gonna be a fantastic trip, I’m thinking positive thoughts. We’ve already had a
couple of meltdowns today, not like century meltdowns,
like anger stuff, biting herself, then she attacked Isaiah. So, she got moved to this seat because she could grab Isaiah from behind. She beat up her brother, but– – Don’t tell them that. – Well, I mean, it’s kinda what happened. – Yeah, okay, she jacked me up, but you don’t have to tell the whole million people that watch this, dad. (chuckling) – Oh, it’s not a million. It’s gonna be 40,000 people
in the first 24-hours, no big deal. So, this could make
for an interesting day. We’re traveling in the middle of the day. Why are we traveling in
the middle of the day? – [Priscilla] So, when you’re
flying back to the east coast, these are your options. – Oh, because the time change.
– Because the time change. – Oh, all right.
– So, it was either do this, or do an overnight one and I was like, yeah that’s not happening. – Right, everybody on–
– Could you imagine? – The plane tryna sleep.
– Right. – Yeah.
– So, I did as much as I could and I was like, well, at
least on our second half is our night time med-time. So, that’ll help. – We had Abbie watching
the video this morning of her flying again, she was into it, I don’t
know if she’s happy about it. I don’t know, definitely
different behavior than we’ve had the rest of the trip, we haven’t had that–
(Abbie vocalizing) That much anger. (background chattering) (air hissing) She okay? – [Summer] Overwhelmed. – [Asa] Oh overwhelmed? Put your backpack on. It’s okay Ab. (air hissing) (upbeat music)
(background chattering) (Abbie vocalizing) It’s okay, kiddo. It’s all right.
– You okay? Good, squeeze your pillow. You ready? (air hissing)
We have chewy– – [Asa] Let’s get her
inside away from the buses. She hates air brakes. Go with mom, hold mom’s hand, okay? (background music drowns out speech) Go hold mom’s hand, let’s get you inside. (upbeat music) (air hissing) – We’re gonna get on the bus, okay? (airplane engine roaring) – [Summer] Nice job, woo! – [Priscilla] You’re doing great. (Abbie vocalizing) Airplane, gets ya every time. (background chattering) Hi.
– Hi. – How are you?
– I’m well, I’m Mike. – Priscilla, and this is Abigail. – Hi, Abigail. – All right, so this is Terrance, he’s gonna be assisting you. I’m gonna meet you– (background noise drowns out speech) – So, I’ll open the lane for you guys, I’ll tell you what to
do once we get there. And you can guys can follow me,
I’ll get everybody situated. – [Asa] Okay, they’ll
take good care of you, Ab. How nice is this, huh Abbie? She’s smiling, that’s good. – [Terrance] Get on in here, (mumbling). Abigail can keep her shoes on. (mumbling) – [Asa] She’s like, that’s
the worst news ever. – She likes taking her shoes off. – [Terrance] Oh for real? (laughing) I mean she can if she wants. – [Asa] Nah, it’s all right. It’s one less thing we have to do. (chill music) (chattering) – [Terrance] You guys done or (mumbles). – I think we’re (mumbles). (speech is drowned out
by chatter and music) – [Terrance] Yep don’t leave anything, make sure you get your camera, everybody got all their tech? Make sure all your electronics back. – [Asa] (chuckles) Yup. I’ll go stand over here. – [Terrance] I think that’s everything. – [Asa] Awesome job guys, thanks so much. We have flown a few times with her and this is the best one yet, so. – Yeah, we try. Yeah I was like we are not
using this right now, so– – Yeah, we’ve been overly
impressed with LA in general. – [Terrance] Yeah, well, I
think we’ve had the PSS program kinda the longest so. – Okay cool.
– There’s a few of us that have been doing this for a while. – [Asa] Gotcha, gotcha. – [Terrance] Yeah we’re
pretty cool with it. – [Asa] Awesome, thanks man
appreciate it, all right. So he said they’ve had the
PSS program the longest. – Oh. – Yeah so they’re the
most experienced with it. – [Priscilla] Well that makes sense then. – [Asa] Yeah, that was awesome. – [Priscilla] Yep, great job LAX. – [Asa] It’s like going to Disney Ab, you get your fast pass, front of the line. – [Priscilla] Oh look, it’s– (Priscilla is drowned out
by background chatter) – [Asa] Oh look at that. – Number 48. – [Asa] We’re right here. Ah, the day is looking up Ab. – [Priscilla] She’s calmed down. – [Asa] Yeah, you were happy. That owl’s been awesome though, we got it from a subscriber, she loves squeezing it. Why are you getting excited? Getting excited as we’re
getting on the plane. Goodness sakes. Thank you. – [Announcer] Flight 1297
to Miami departing at– – [Asa] Let’s go. (crashes)
(baby crying) Last row, nobody behind
us to rock against. Come on, kiddo. Yeah it works. – [Isaiah] Come on kid. – [Asa] That’s you right there. There you go, take that. Come back here for a sec Ab. (baby crying) Come here, follow me. (Abbie hums) (Abbie hums loudly) Is it funny? Is it funny? (chuckling) (Abbie hums) (Abbie begins to yell) (Abbie hums) (mumbling) (Abbie hums) – Look, look, look at the airplane. See it? (Abbie moans) (Abbie hums) (plane hums) – [Asa] It’s not a candy button, doesn’t get you candy. It’s not (mumbles). Abbie we can’t let you go if you’re gonna touch peoples’ heads. ‘Kay, you have to keep
your hands to yourself. (plane hums) That’s Texas. (gasps) – You’re going to Texas now. – [Asa] Isn’t that crazy? You’re gonna be in Texas.
– You just flew from California to Texas? – [Asa] Guess what, we’re
gonna get on another plane and then you can try to
touch somebody else’s head. (chuckling) (plane hums) Doing good. – Sweetie, you’re okay. – [Asa] Just a little bumpy. Y’know it’s up and down, up and down, just put it down. I mean not quickly, but y’know. – Don’t move, I’m afraid
of the landing part. And then we help (mumbles). (Abbie yells) – I know. (Asa sighs) It’s funny that we just talked about, or we just read a comment, somebody said that we need
to discipline Abbie more to stop these behaviors. So that, and I know that
most of you understand but so that everyone understands, if I were to smack her hand ’cause she’s touching somebody’s head or yell at her. – I don’t know that they
mean smack her hand. – Or like, well you know
what I’m saying like no. Y’know like swat it down, or raise my voice or tell
that she’s in time out when she gets home, or, I don’t know. I don’t know what they mean by discipline, what do they mean by discipline Priscilla? Like that would just,
that would make it worse, 10 times worse. – She’d get mad. – She feeds off of that stuff. And then it becomes a game, like, yeah. It’d be terrible. – So it kept tryna touch the person then. – Constantly, constantly. So the only thing we can do is block it, and ignore it so it
becomes boring for her. Hopefully, y’know, so
is it a sensory thing, or is it a behavioral thing? I think it’s a behavioral thing ’cause it gets a reaction outta people, by the person sitting in front of her and out of us, so if we ignore it, hopefully it stops. Problem is we don’t ride on planes enough to change the behavior. – You’d have to ride on a plane every day. – And that’s the only time it happens. Yeah like okay, let’s get the AV therapist and go on a plane ride, and see if we can fix this. – [Summer] How was the yelling? – I, well, you heard her. – Like, once or twice. – [Asa] Oh did you? Oh okay yeah.
– Yeah, I didn’t– – She yelled–
– Hear too much. – [Asa] Probably a dozen times? About a dozen.
– Okay. – [Asa] Yeah, not super loud, we usually stopped it, y’know, early. – The very young French girl next to me, every time, she’s watching Aquaman, every time Abbie yelled, she’d go. – [Asa] Yeah, I know, she was– – It was the funniest thing. – [Asa] I waved to her a couple of times. – Yeah I would just smile
and she would be like, she’d smile back and
turn back to her movie. She was just curious I think. I don’t think there was
anything rude there. – Different culture.
– Yeah. (mid-beat music) – Abbie is done. This has been the
hardest one yet, I think. She’s had the hardest
time out of any flight. (Abbie yells) Any series of flights, so this might be the
hardest flight, we’ll see. Struggling a little bit. (Abbie yells) She doesn’t like Dallas I think, I think that’s what it is. She doesn’t like Texas, I’m sorry Texans. She’s not a fan. (Abbie hums) I know, and there’s lots of staring here. It’s an international airport though, so it’s like people from everywhere, so. You never know what’s going on. – We’re officially those people–
– Lots of people looking. – “I hope they’re not on our flight.” – Yeah, I mean it’s not
like oh, stop staring at us, I mean how can you not look, she’s making a ton of
noise, we get that, totally. But it’s just, it’s tough, huh? We’ll make it through, we
only got a few more hours. Like four. (Abbie yells) – [Priscilla] It’s okay, it’s okay. (Abbie groans)
Honey, take a deep, take a deep breath.
(Abbie groaning) Listen, you’re gonna do
great on the airplane, okay?
(Abbie moaning) Hey, do you wanna get in there and I’ll get you a snack, okay? (Abbie moans) Okay, stand up. Stand up, Ab. (background noise drowns out speech) You have done amazing.
(Abbie moans) Hey, we’re almost there, okay? (Abbie yells) – She’ll be all right.
– She’ll be all right. (Abbie yells) (Abbie moans) (Abbie yells) – [Asa] Hey, it’s okay. It’s okay. – [Priscilla] Do you wanna squeeze? – [Asa] Some deep pressure. All the things. Lots of fidgets. And a weighted blanket.
(Abbie yells) Listen, listen. We’re gonna go, you wanna go? Hey, we’re gonna go on the plane okay? (Abbie vocalizes) – On the plane they got snacks– – [Asa] She you’re not, she’s not defiant of getting on the plane
like that’s not the problem it’s just, she’s just overload, y’know? It’s also that time of the night, so. – [Priscilla] You got it, right? – [Asa] You’re gonna do fine. – Keep your chewing. – [Asa] Good job, you okay? – I’m okay. – It’s hard huh?
– Yeah. – [Asa] It’s one of those situations like, you wish you could just
bail, but you can’t, ’cause we’re in Dallas Texas. (chuckles) I know. She’ll be okay. At least she made herself known before we got on the plane right? (Abbie yells) (Abbie groans) It’s okay. – [Summer] You know what, I think– (Summer is drowned out
by Abbie and distance) (laughing) – Summer’s such a good friend. – Everybody on the plane
knows what to expect. – Every time she does it– (Summer is drowned out by Abbie) (laughing) – [Isaiah] We’ll need an entire row. Row 35 back there making
a lot of noise, dang it. – [Asa] Are you ready, are you good? I got you. – [Summer] Are you okay? Yeah? Okay. – [Asa] Yeah. (air hissing) You wanna talk to him? Okay, here’s your pillow. Here’s your pillow, there you go. (air drowns out Priscilla) – [Priscilla] So, just so everyone knows, we’re not in distress. – [Asa] She was having a
little bit of a hard time a minute ago, but she’s
calmed down a little bit. (speaker is drowned out by air) – [Priscilla] 27. – 27?
– Yeah. – [Asa] Give it a good
squeeze, there you go. – [Priscilla] Hey do you wanna say hi? – [Worker] Do you wanna
say hi to the pilot? – [Asa] She said thank you. (chuckles) – [Worker] Somebody wants to say hi. – She’s like–
– Come meet Abigail. – Say hi?
– Say hi. – [Asa] Here, I’ll hold that. Good job, good wave. – [Isaiah] Don’t get too (mumbles) on the wheel if she yells. (chuckling)
– Okay. – [Priscilla] Thank you. – [Asa] There you go, squeeze. You got it. (plane hums) (Abbie yells) (Abbie sobs) – [Asa] Guess what? You’re going to camp on Sunday. – Monday. – [Asa] Monday, isn’t that great? Oh goodness. We’re very excited about camp. Are you ready to go home? – This is the longest, worst flight ever. – [Asa] Are you ready, hey? Are you ready to go home? Yeah? You wanna go to bed, are you tired? (Abbie sobs) You wanna get in the car? Our car is here. (Abbe vocalizes happily) Isn’t that exciting? – We’re going home.
– I know. Our car. Can you carry your pillow? Can you carry that, you got it? Are you excited to go? (mumbling) (Abbie laughs softly) (Abbie sobs) It was that bad of a flight I cried too. (laughs) Abigail, sweet girl, oh my goodness. That guy right there the one in front with the white shoulder bag, nice guy. Super nice guy. – Yeah. – [Asa] He walked by sand
said, “You guys are awesome.” – Part of me wanted to
leave you on the plane. (laughing) (mumbling) – Aw, she’s having such a hard time. Such a mess. (Abbie hums) I know, hey, we’re just going home. I know nothing I say is
gonna make it better, you just feel like crap, but. We’re going home. That was the longest trip we’ve ever had. – It was not enjoyable. – Yeah, that wasn’t fun. – I’m not gonna be positive about that. – No, I mean it sucked, it sucked. It started off with the yelling, and the meltdowns, and then … Some super excited thrashing in her seat type of behavior. You know, nobody wants to just walk through an airport and
attract everyone’s attention. Nobody wants that. That’s all there is to it. A lot of the people we came
in contact with were amazing, and just amazing humans
and the world’s full of amazing humans. I got something, don’t be
afraid to go out in public and go out and do things
and get on an airplane because you’re worried about what other people are gonna think. I’m not saying it’s
not gonna be stressful, but 99.9% of people– – [Priscilla] I’m sorry. – You’re okay, 99.9% of people are understanding and
friendly and positive. And like every time that you cried, was preceded by somebody
saying something, y’know. – [Isaiah] That guy. – That you got it. – That guy said “You can do it Abbie. “You guys got it. “Just keep walking.” When we were sitting down, and Abbie– – He had heard us say her name, so he said “You got it Abbie.” – I’m appreciative to
those people around us, because nobody, I don’t care, autism or not, nobody
wants their kid to cry or cause ruckus. It’s just as stressful for the parents. – Absolutely, it’s not just like “Oh, she has autism, so
you gotta deal with it.” Like it sucks for everybody. Nobody wants their kid to do that. – It was an awful flight for us because I was stressed the whole time. I was like I don’t wanna be, I don’t wanna have my headphones on and watch this movie like
I’m not involved with her. – Then we tried to give her music and then she would only
listen to it for a minute. But the crying, nothing
was stopping the crying. It was like 45 minutes would you say? – Yeah.
– 45 minutes straight, the crying, except for once in a while she would do this maniacal laugh and then go right back into crying. She’s just tired, she’s
exhausted, she’s overly tired. She’s been up since 5am, so. She got up a couple
hours before we needed to even to leave for our flight. Guys we’re tired, we’re going to bed, we’re gonna go home and just crash. And hopefully we’ll see you tomorrow. Bye. – Bye. (beeps) – [Asa] Are you happy to be home? Goodnight, love you. (kisses) Aw, thanks for the kisses.

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