Astronauts Answer Questions You’ve Always Wanted to Know

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today we’re going to be looking at astronauts answering questions you’ve
always wanted to know ever wondered what it’s like in outer space
well astronauts online have actually answered questions you’ve always
wondered about going into outer space for example do astronauts have to wear
diapers can they vote can they keep their spacesuits all of these questions
and more will be answered by real-life astronauts in this video but before we
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we have do you need passports now that is an interesting question do astronauts
need a passport well the answer is yes when astronauts leave Earth they do have
to have a passport with them but it’s not because there’s some kind of
immigration check in outer space although it would be awesome to get your
passport checked by an alien that is not what happens so if you don’t need a
passport to travel into outer space why do astronauts take them when they leave
earth well this question was answered by a 30-year old NASA veteran named Clayton
C Anderson Clayton revealed it’s not about where they go but
actually where they land when they return to earth if you’re a NASA
astronaut and you take off in a rocket chances are it’s not landing back in the
USA in fact usually NASA Rockets land in the waters of Kazakhstan they then have
to go through customs in Kazakhstan or any other country they may land in and
then get back to America so well you don’t need a passport to go into outer
space you do need it to get back into your home country after you land next up
is what do you drink ever wondered what astronauts drink well the answer may
surprise you unless your name is Bear Grylls
astronauts can’t drink fruit juice and coffee on board they also have some tea
and even some milk sometimes but you’re probably thinking don’t they run out of
water at some point well that brings us onto the crux of this question do
astronauts drink their own pee well surprisingly astronauts do actually do
this now don’t get me wrong they’re not doing
it bear grylls star instead they use state-of-the-art technology to make
their pee and to clean water they have a multi-million dollar that collects up
their urine this system then concentrates that liquid that liquid is
then processed and purified and put out of a portable water dispenser the system
nASA uses can recycle six thousand liters of pee per year and if you think
you’re always going to be drinking your own then think again sometimes NASA
astronauts actually have to use Russian urine when they’re up in space that’s
because at the USA in Russia have the world’s biggest space programs but the
one differences Russians refuse to drink recycled urine while Americans do next
up is can you folks have you ever wanted to get political while in outer space
well now you can according to astronauts of course whenever an election comes
around everyone in the country is entitled to a votes even if they’re not
in the country for example if you happen to be abroad you can still vote and the
same goes for if you’re not even on the planet NASA astronaut shane Kimbrough
revealed exactly how this is done one year before the launch astronauts have
to select which elections they want to participate in while in space they’ll
then be provided with a postcard which is a voter registration and absentee
ballot requests and hilariously they’re made to put their address as low-earth
orbit so it’s kind of like how you’d fight if you out of the country but
instead they’re out of this world literally amazingly voting from space
isn’t even a new thing it’s been around since 1997 so in about a year when 2020
rolls around then you can know that people up above you are voting next up
we have can you keep your suits let’s be honest there is nothing cooler than a
space suit I’m sure as kids lots of us wanted to be astronauts and a big reason
is clumping around in that big white suit you look like some kind of amazing
Star Wars hero so you’re probably wondering a when an astronaut lands back
on earth do they get to keep their space suit I mean they could wear on special
occasions like well sadly that’s not the case and
astronauts are not allowed to keep their spacesuits you may think this is unfair
seeing as they risk their lives going into space in that suit but it’ll make
sense when I reveal that a spacesuit costs twelve million dollars yep that’s
right if you thought a Gucci or Prada handbag or dress cost a lot then these
suits cost much more the suit waves around 50 pounds also every space suit
is made individually as it’s such a niche market NASA must pay for all of
the engineering designing welding and sewing and they have to keep these
people employed 24/7 in case anything ever breaks
so despite space suits being made specifically for the astronaut who’s
going to be wearing it they do not get to keep it after the mission and to be
honest I’d doubt they’d want to can you imagine the insurance and a twelve
million dollar spacesuit next up we have do you wear diapers yep I went there
let’s actually ask astronauts the number one question on everyone’s mind now you
may think this sounds like something from a cartoon but according to our
noughts yes they do wear diapers so you’re probably wondering at why that is
well it’s all down to the spacesuits it ain’t exactly easy to get out of a space
suit and into a space toilet although being an astronaut is very interesting a
lot of their job is waiting around before their rocket launches they have
to sit in the spacecraft for about four hours well launch prepares they then
have to do a six hour meeting where they cannot use the bathroom and they have to
stay in one spot and they also have to wait awhile when their rocket goes into
space and they dock to the space station so that’s many many hours of waiting
around where they cannot move or go to the bathroom also when they go out on
spacewalks they have to wear diapers there too these space walks can
sometimes take anywhere from eight to ten hours so as a precautionary measure
they do wear a diaper just in case next up is can you crime space let’s say an
astronaut here’s some bad news from outer space well maybe they look down at
the beauty of the world and shed a tear is that possible
can you crime space well the answer is yes astronauts can crime space
however it will be very different to the tears we may shared on earth you see
without gravity water develops a very very different property according to
astronauts tears are like glue in space instead of rolling off you they stick to
your skin so if you did start crying in space then your eyes would not deplete
this water instead your eyes would simply swell up with water which would
not be a good look I don’t know if any astronauts have cried in space but if
they have they’d have got a very weird experience next up is can you drink
there’s nothing better than after a hard day’s work kicking back where they bid
but what about after a long day of zero gravity and space walking let’s be
honest we’ve all wondered can astronauts boost it up in space
well according to British astronaut Tim Peake drinking is allowed cheering
training on earth but when they’re in outer space there’s way too much that
could go wrong if they drink too much that’s why drinking in outer space is
prohibited after all pressing the wrong dial could be absolutely terrible
we’re as compared to an earth the worst thing that can happen if you drink too
much is you buy a bunch of junk purchases and Amazon and finally on our
list of questions for astronauts we have can you whistle in space everyone loves
to whistle while they work and astronauts are no exception but can you
physically whistle a while in outer space
well while astronauts are on board their ships or in the international space
station they can whistle but the thing they can’t do is whistle in a space suit
inside the space suit your breathing 100% oxygen this means they’ll be at a
much lower pressure which will make it very hard to whistle so guys I’m sure
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