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hi I’m Thomas and I’m Sheena and we’re
Chasing a Plate, tonight we’re in Melaka Malaysia and we’re about to try a
classic Malay dish, a dish that a lot of our subscribers have told us that we
must eat when we’re in Melaka and that’s asam pedas, this spicy tangy
stew looks absolutely mouth watering we can’t wait to get in. Let’s eat! The asam pedas has arrived and it looks delicious, super vibrant and really intense so we
have come to this asam pedas clay pot restaurant
we weren’t offered a menu when we sat down but we sort of knew what we wanted
to try so we’ve ordered an asam pedas pari which is stingray and then asam pedas tetel which is like beef but it’s got beef tendon and beef fat and I think it might be beef shin, tetel? Please correct me if I’m wrong. And also to eat the asam pedas with we’ve got white rice, there’s some cabbage there’s some I think maybe samba belacan which is like a fermented shrimp chilli condiment and
then there’s half a salted egg- it looks so good. Down to the nuts and bolts of the
dish so it’s basically a sour and spicy stew the sourness comes from asam which is tamarind and what’s in this pot is the protein that you choose and then there’s also some okra which is otherwise known as ladyfinger I think here? And that’s pretty much it and it’s just swimming in this beautiful
gravy which is relatively thin it’s not overly thick I’ve just gotta get in and try
this. I’m gonna give the white rice, the gravy and also a piece of the beef a go Mmm mm mmm I can’t believe we’ve waited so long to eat
this. That is so good it is very light it’s not creamy at all, there’s just a really clear sour flavour but it’s got a beautiful chilli spice so the pedas, pedas means chilli hot
and then that meat! There’s a bit of chew as it’s the tendon, it’s sort of
crunchy, it’s got a lot of flavour that broth is just really really zingy, tangy,
good spice like not overly spicy doesn’t knock your socks off. That’s real good I’m gonna try it with everything so I’ve got the meat the cabbage a bit of the
sambal belacan put that on there argh I’ve got tendon stuck in my throat
and then I’m gonna grab a bit of this salted egg which looks a little bit
grainy it’s really um looks really good jut a little bit of that otherwise it
might not be way too salty oh my gosh it’s like the perfect mouthful that salted egg is sort of grainy from that yolk but it has so much flavour and it’s so
intense so just get a little bit at a time as it’s really salty. Salted eggs are
actually soaked in a brine or salt solution for about three weeks and then
cooked for a very short amount of time and they’re just delicious. That cabbage just adds a bit of crunch and that sambal belacan more spice. That is so good. I’m gonna try the stingray or the pari I’ll just grab these pieces are huge so I’m just gonna grab the whole piece out of that
sauce which like Sheena said is really really runny it’s quite interesting how
liquidy it was I was expecting a much thicker sauce one that would really coat
everything but it’s not like that at all it’s like it looks like spicy brown
water it’s that runny. I first tried stingray in KL grilled stingray and fell in love with
it as a protein so I’m really looking forward to trying this it’s a really
interesting meat if you show this Sheena like it just peels away from
this really interesting bone structure see I’ve had to do nothing to pull that
off that’s now all meat that I can break up, on the other side is quite a thick
skin, quite a leathery skin and then that’s all bones those funny lines
which we have heard from subscribers that you can eat so I’ll give those a
go afterwards. I’m gonna break up some stingray I’ve got to get some of that sauce
get that all over there there’s quite a layer of chilli and sort of oil
on top but not, not in a gross way just in a good way I’m actually gonna
try some of the sauce wow it’s so punchy
it’s like a two-minute noodle broth because it’s so runny and watery but
it’s like a really really epic two-minute noodle broth better than any
two minute noodle you’re ever gonna find or cup noodle it’s got so much flavour
it is really spicy but it’s not overtaking it’s actually died away in my
mouth really quickly. I’m gonna do just the rice, that sauce and some stingray to
start us off that sauce is insane it’s just gone
through the rice and given it the most amazing flavour, the stingrays it’s not
the softest meat this one’s not as soft as the last stingray I had it’s actually it’s a
little bit more chewy it’s got real bite mmm I think not that I’ve had stingray
much but I think that’s been slightly overcooked but not by a long way it’s
perfectly edible let’s try I’ll do the the salted egg, the cabbage
and the belacan, the chilli here and some rice and some stingray- bit of
everything I’ve really got no rice here hang on…. rice Perfect! Really salty from the egg I got
really good crunch from the cabbage that’s a totally different type of chilli
belacan and then you’ve got that sauce, the okra which is a vegetable you often seen in Indian cooking which Sheena spoke about, that flavour really comes through for me even though
I haven’t eaten any of it yet but it is a very strong distinct flavour and I’m
getting that in the sauce this is a really awesome meal it’s not like overly
dynamic it doesn’t change much but adding these little side things like
this crunch is really just gonna bring it all together. I’m just gonna try the
sauce in this beef one that’s exactly the same sauce in both, they have a bit
of an underlying difference from the different meats being in there, oooo
they’re spicy they just caught my throat then but like
I said before it dies away it’s pretty cool this is an awesome meal I’m looking forward to just diving in, mixing everything up then breaking up all this cabbage, this egg and having these really rounded mouthfuls I really love it on first
opinions really good. I’m really enjoying this meal we also hear that asam pedas is an Indonesian dish it’s a dish of the Minangkabau people who live
in West Sumatra. I’m loving trying another Malay dish if you have any other ideas,
suggestions, advice for other Malay food that we should try whilst we’re here in
Malaysia, we’re here for another three months at least so let us know in the comments below and whilst you’re down there we’d love you to
subscribe. I’m gonna have to try these bones that we’ve been told you can eat
I’ve just ripped off a whole lot from that big piece that I showed you before I’ve broken some down so it is just a little bit, let’s try it with some rice
and some sauce Yea, you can eat the bones it actually just
disappeared it was like a almost like a carrot not in taste but in texture, just
broke up and disappeared it doesn’t really have any taste but yeah
stingray bones are good I think there’s some bits you can’t eat there’s a big bone
on the end here there’s no way you’d be able to eat that but all those little long ones that
are in the middle, totally edible that’s pretty good this is an awesome meal,
it’s very local which I love there’s no tourists here at all you’re sitting
outside it’s a really fun way to dine and something totally different, great meal. That was sangat sedap like super
delicious. Super delicious, but we feel like we need something sweet and it just so happens
that the… Jonker Street. Jonker Street, no what’s the name for night market? Pasar Malam. Pasar Malam! So pasar malam is a night market it just so happens that tonight is the
night market it runs Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays so we’re gonna head over to
Jonker Street which is like the main sort of tourist strip in town find the
market and find some sweets let’s go the market is raging it’s so busy
there’s so many people around heaps of stalls but not many food stalls
it’s mainly like stuff- fidget spinners, phone covers, fake tattoos
things like that nothing in the food line but we have seen some good-looking
sweets and we’re honing in on something just over here so let’s go do some
shopping we found some sweets
we’ve left the busyness of the market to give these a try. These are really
interesting. They are dodol. So dodol is a like a soft toffee that’s made out of
coconut milk, rice flour and also jaggery which is type of sugar and we got the
packet which had all three flavors so gula melaka, durian and pandan you can
actually buy them in a block, sorry about the noise this crazy lit up neon bike has just gone past. Look at that! Unreal. Doesn’t really add to the UNESCO World Heritage feel of the place which
is more like what’s behind us beautiful buildings but you know it’s all part of
the atmosphere. Anyway back to the dodol, we’ve had this once before but we just had the gula melaka
the plain version and we’ve never filmed it so we wanted to try the flavors I’ve
got the durian one here and I have the pandan. Mmm it doesn’t really smell like
durian at all it’s got a faint durian smell but it smells more sugary than anything. Mmm this smells like pandan. if you’ve watched our videos before you’ll know that I am obsessed with pandan it is a leaf
and it is used to flavor a lot of the desserts here in Southeast Asia and it’s
a must eat look how gooey it is it’s sooo sticky. Oh YUM it may not have the
scent but it’s really got the taste of durian. That’s really good I’m gonna have it all. It’s like a creamy toffee, soft, sticky actually kinda has…sorry it’s very sticky
it kind of has the texture of a real creamy durian so with this flavour
it works really well, really well. The pandan is really good too. Mmm YUM
I think we’ll easily work our way through that entire bag of treats, it’s even stuck
to my lips they’re sticking together that’s crazy it’s like glue. It’s so cool to be able to try these new things we’re gonna be filming a lot
of food videos in Melaka we’re gonna be eating up a storm so make sure you check out the playlist which we’ll link down below we hope we inspired you to eat and
explore like a traveler not a tourist if you enjoyed this video please give it
a thumbs up and we’ll see you next time jumpa lagi!

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  1. Hi guys, we finally got around to trying asam pedas 😍 Thanks to all our subscribers who have been recommending Melaka eating spots to us. Your suggestions have been ace! This won’t be our last trip so keep your suggestions coming and if we don’t make it to those eateries this time we’ll be sure to visit them on our next trip. Make sure you’ve subscribed to our channel: so you don’t miss out on more food videos- plenty more to come. Thanks for watching, commenting, liking and sharing our content guys. We both really appreciate your support. Hope you enjoy this one! Cheers,Thomas & Sheena

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  8. Wow !!! Delicious asam pedas. Thomas, you should have putting more asam pedas sauce into the rice until the plate become "banjir" or "flooded". Then you slurp(eat) it with the rice. That's the way the Malaysian eating asam pedas.

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