Argentina Food Guide Compilation

#eatArgentina So I think it is time to get ourselves a Choripán
for lunch. El chori era tuyo? Si. Gracias. Tada. Come here. Para llevar. No necesito un plato, pero gacias. Okay, ready. So they have lots of different toppings but
the right way to do this is with Chimichurri. So we’re going to put lots of that. Let’s add it on the bread to make it a little
less messy. Pica. Si. Mi gusta picante. Si. Ah, bueno. Maybe a little bit on the meat. They’re warning me that it is spicy. This is good. Yeah. All set. So we just got ourselves the quintessential
Argentine street food snack. Have a look at this – the Choripan. Yeah, this is the best street food you’re
going to find in Buenos Aires. Yeah, so choripan gets its name because you
basically have chorizo which is a sausage and then you have pan which is your bread. So put the two words together and you’ve got
Choripán. Haha! And we put lots of chimichurri on ours because
we like things spicy. So I’m just going to dig right in because
this looks so so good. Yeah, we were thinking of getting two but
then we saw someone else order. We saw the size of the choripan and we’re
like you know what we’re just going to start with one. Yum. Look at that. Look at all of that sausage. Mmmm. That is so good. Wow. I’m really enjoying this right here. And you know what. You can grab this from a little street food
cart. You don’t even have to go to a restaurant. Like we’re just walking along a park. We saw a whole row of those carts, went up
there, they cook it right in front of us. And two minutes later it was ready. I’m going to let you try some Sam. So Sam this is your first time trying choripan
on this particular trip. Yeah, I think I had it like a long time ago. Maybe five or six years ago but it has been
such a long time that I honestly kind of forget what it tastes like. So this is an exciting moment. Dig right in. Mmmm. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Wow. How is that? Yeah, like you said that is a really good
quality sausage. A really good Choripán. Yeah. And sorry I should say chorizo. A really good chorizo. And what really makes this good as well is
that the quality of bread is high. Yeah, it is fresh bread. Yeah, and just before they served it they
put the bread on the grill just to kind of soften it up a bit. Give it a bit more you know a smokey flavor
as well. A bit more of a smokey flavor. Exactly. Yeah. And what do you think of all of the Chimichurri
because people were looking at us like woah that is spicy. I think they were doing that because they
thought we were you know foreigners and oh man they’re making a mistake but we like our
food spicy so the chimmichurri gives it an extra kick and I recommend you definitely
put on some Chimichurri. Maybe not as much as us but definitely try
it. Final thoughts then. What did you think of your choripan? I thought it was amazing. And that is by far the cheapest meal we’ve
had in Buenos Aires since we’ve been here. That came in total for the one massive Choripan. That came to 25 Pesos. So you think about that. That is like that is just a couple bucks and
you’re having yourself one of the best kinds of street food you can get in the city. So if you’re looking to pickup choripan where
can you find it in Buenos Aires? Okay, so there are stands scattered across
the city in different neighborhoods but today we are Avenida de Los Italianos which is kind
of like Puerto Madero just before you hit the Ecological Reserve. So lots of stands in the area and you can
find a lot more than just Choripan. Lots of different types of street food while
you’re out here. So we highly recommend it. Check it out. Havanna! So today we’re going to Havanna to try Alfajores. This is like the it name in Argentina when
you’re looking to try alfajores. And the ones we’re going to be eating are
quite different from the ones we’ve tried elsewhere in South America. So let’s just stop talking about it and go
in and try them. We’re hungry people. Come along. Check this out. It was actually a little bit embarrassing
ordering this because the waitress was looking at me like, really? You want to try all of them? There is six of them. So we kind of look like little pigs. Well, we are. If we’re doing a taste test we have to try
every single variety. And they have six at this cafe. So we had to do it. Had to be done. But, anyways, um, what is an alfajor? I guess that is the big question. So it is basically like two crumbly cookies
that are smooshed together, usually with dulce de leche or some kind of different filling. And then they can covered in like icing sugar
or chocolate or meringue. So it is a really nice treat. You can have it for breakfast, in my opinion,
I would totally eat these for breakfast. Or as a little snack. It is actually a really popular snack with
kids. This is what they take to school. So an interesting fun fact. Argentine’s consume the most alfajores per
capita and total of anywhere else in the world. It is our favorite. They’re considered to be the most popular
snack among school children and also adults. So you get hooked early on and it is a lifelong
fun addiction. So why did we choose Havanna to go get our
Alfajores? Because this is the most established name
in the whole country. The company was founded in 1948 in a nearby
city called Mar Del Plata. And as I was saying earlier these are my favorite
brand of alfajores. This is what I think of when I remember sweet
snacks of my childhood. It is your Dad’s favorite brand too. Yeah. So, let’s get started. Let’s start opening them. Let’s try them. Come on. Okay, so we are going to start with the classic. This one is filed with dulce de leche and
then bathed in chocolate. Tada. Look at thing of beauty. Thing of beauty. And we’re going to cut them in half because
it is our intention to share. And also to show you what is inside. Let’s see that. So there you go. Two cookies with dulce de leche in the middle
and chocolate on the exterior. Let’s just dig right in. Mmmmm. Oh, yeah. This is what I’ve been waiting for. A real authentic alfajor. And there is yet another flavor to sample. Yes. So what is this one, Sam? I think this one may be the dark chocolate
one. Yeah. That’s really good. So is it bitter? Like is it bitter dark chocolate? It is surprisingly got a decent amount of
sugar added. I mean, I still prefer the milk chocolate
but this is a really good one. Maybe for those who are looking for something
a little bit more healthy. Hahaha. Yeah, you can lie to yourself. Yeah. Okay, next up this one is dulce de leche and
it is covered with meringue. This is my favorite. Like this is the one I order anytime I’m in
the Havanna coffee shop. Look at that. Thing of beauty. Mmmm. The meringue is just perfect. I forgot to cut this one in half. Sorry, Sam! That is evil. That was intentional. Look at that. Alright, and I have a
feeling that this one is the chocolate lovers. I think it has a chocolate cream in the middle. So let’s cut that one in half. I’ll actually remember to do that this time. And yes it is just pure chocolate. I’m getting it all over my hands. It is kind of warm in here so the chocolate
keeps melting on our fingers before we can even eat it. Yeah, that is nice and chocolate-y. So if you’re not a huge fan of jam or dulce
de leche this is the one for you. This is for chocolate lovers. Alright, next up this one is filled with jam. And oh my goodness this is also meringue. This makes me very happy. It is your lucky day. Lucky girl. Okay, so I’ll cut it in half Oh, wow. That looks like a jam. Have a look in there. So, yeah, that is a dark jam. Let’s see. Mmmmm. Okay. This is called membrillo and it is a quince
jam which isn’t really very popular fruit in North America but you’ll find it everywhere
here in Argentina. They use it a lot in pastries. And it is really nice. It is a dark reddish color. It’s good. Does it have a strong flavor? It is a like a little bit tart but they obviously
add a lot of sugar in. So, I like it. And last but not least. Oh, look. I don’t know if this one is meringue or if
it is white chocolate. Oh, it is white chocolate. So this one is the one that has nuts. This has Brazil and walnuts. Oh, look at that. I think it has dulce de leche inside. This one may be my favorite. Is it dulce de leche or is it a nut cream? It’s dulce de leche. Is it? The face says it all. Of course it is dulce de leche. This is my favorite one. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Favorite of the bunch. Whenever you add a high quality nuts like
that and then you have white chocolate and dulce de leche. That is just the all-time winning combo. This one was made just for me I think. So that was a lot of sugar consumption so
early in the day. Yeah, I think I’m going to be on a sugar high
for pretty much the rest of the day unless I crash. Okay, so let’s talk about price point and
how much did these cost individually. So these are really affordable. You’re basically looking at 19 Pesos. Actually that was the price for every single
one of them. So that is roughly about a $1.25 to $1.30
US. So really cheap. You can come in here and if you want to be
greedy as us order all six and you can get them for under 10 bucks. Yeah, they are actually the most expensive
alfajores you can get in the whole city. Like are much cheaper brands if you’re looking
for something a bit more affordable. That is true but you won’t find too many that
better quality than these ones. Yeah. Dun dun dun dah dah That was a long wait but we’ve got ourselves
some ice cream. Well, was that worth the wait? Yes, it sure was. So this video is about ice cream because Buenos
Aires has some of the best ice cream we have ever tried. And our favorite place to go to is Freddo. We found this place towards the start of our
visit and we’ve been coming like every other day. Hahaha. Shoosh. Don’t tell anyone. Um, but yeah, so we ended up getting some
ice cream this afternoon. And what you see here is a quarter of a kilo. So this is 250 grams of ice cream and you
get to choose three flavors. So this one here is Forest berries. Look at that. Mmmm. And that is actually my favorite flavor at
Freddo. I order it every time I come here. And it is like really thick and creamy and
it has a rich vanilla flavor but it also has chunks of real fruit. And I couldn’t tell you what the forest berries
are. I don’t know if it is blackberries or blueberries. It could be anything. But it is delicious. As for the flavors, I’m having raspberry,
and this is like a raspberry sorbet so it is a little bit watery instead of being like
creamy. So I kind of like it because it is refreshing. And on this side for my third flavor I chose
strawberry. Some might say that is a little boring but
whatever. I like strawberry. That’s almost vanilla. Hahaha. Mmmm. Yeah. But my favorite has got to be this one on
the side. Forest berry for the win. And all of Sam’s flavors have dulce de leche
because he just loves that schizz. I’m addicted. What can I say. I eat way too much dulce de leche. Yeah, I think I’m going to by the time I go
back to Canada I’m going to be experiencing withdrawal symptoms so. Okay, so there is three different kinds. So first let’s go for the classic dulce de
leche. That is just pure dulce de leche. Mmmmm. Oh, that is amazing. So rich, so creamy, sweet and a little bit
salty too. Yeah. Oh, yeah. It’s kind of cool that they add a little bit
of salt because sometimes that helps the sweetness come through. Yeah, I know. I agree. When you have that contrast. Oh, this one is really thick. This is the brownie one? This is dulce de leche with chunks of brownie. Dulce de leche con brownie. That is like major chunks. Mmmmm. Wow. Those are real chunks of brownie. Okay, and let’s go in for the third bite. Now this is the one I’m curious to try because
I’ve never tried this. I really like both of these flavors. This is coconut and dulce de leche. Oh, that’s good. Wow, I’ve never had those flavors together
before. I don’t think I’ve ever add had coconut ice
cream before. What? You’re missing out. Is it creamy? Yeah, it is one of the creamy. I’d say it is creamier than vanilla ice cream
like. And the flavor, oh. Oh, yeah. Well, we sure had no trouble finishing that
off. Yeah, when it comes to ice cream there is
not going to be any left on the table that is for sure. Yeah, and now the big question is what makes
Argentinian ice cream so delicious? And the truth is we don’t know. It is like really special. It is a secret. There must be some secret recipes over here. It is just extra creamy. Yeah, I think it is the quality of ingredients. I think it is the cream that they use, I think
it is the attention to detail. I find that the flavors are really creamy
and rich but there is not an over amount of sugar. It tastes natural. Like, exactly. They’ve just really got the formula down. And it just it really is world class ice cream
and gelato. It is the best. You’ve got to try it. I think it is better than the stuff we’ve
tried in Italy. Like that is incredible. Woah. Now that is putting it out there. Okay, and let’s talk about price point. We had a quarter of a kilo. Those cups were 250 grams and that was 85
Pesos each. Yeah, so you’re looking at like close to maybe
$6 US dollars. So not cheap but you’re coming here to pay
for quality. This place is like the best of the best. Yeah, you could get cheaper ice cream but
this is really good. Yeah, but why would you want to do that. Yeah, splurge a little. Exactly, go here and get three different kinds. #eatArgentina Alright, so for today’s meal we’re eating
at a place called Cumaná in Buenos Aires. And this restaurant specializes in Northern
Argentine food. So these are dishes that you might find in
the region of Salta or Jujuy. And the truth is that when we were traveling
in Northern Argentina we didn’t actually eat a lot of Northern Argentine food aside from
empanadas. So it’ll be interesting to finally sample
those dishes in the capital. So the food came rather quickly. It is already at the table. And since it is a bit of a cooler day outside
we decided to both order stews. I’m having one that is called Locro. And it kind of comes in this metal bowl that
is really hot and I already made the mistake of touching it. So that won’t happen again. But here you can see it is like really thick. You can see the chunks of corn in there. Wow. You have some spring onions, a little bit
of spice. That looks so good. Yeah, you’ll have to stir it around. Yeah, let’s mix it all in. That’s probably how you’re supposed to eat
it anyway. I’d say. So let’s mix it all in. And look at that. So it has different cuts of meat as well. I believe this one has pork and beef. So it is very very hearty and as you can see
it is still steaming. Like this is piping hot. So maybe I’ll give it a few minutes to cool
down. Blow on it. Time to dig in. So look at that. There is even sausage in the stew. I had totally missed that when I was mixing
it earlier. So let’s get a bit of everything. We’ve got corn, we’ve got sausage. Mmm. Wow. Pleasantly surprised. Mmmm. It is very rich and thick. It is like a nice stew. It is the type of dish you’d want to have
on a winter’s day. And it is also a little bit spicy. I’m not entirely sure what that red sauce
was. But it is giving a little bit of a kick which
is nice. So yeah, I’m happy with my dish. First time trying locro and I think it is
a success. Okay, so Sam you’re having something called
Carbonada Criolla which is also stew. Yes, and mine appears to be piping hot as
well. It kind of has the texture and appearance
of a chili. It look a bit like chili. And mine has got carrots and it has got corn. It has got beef. Let’s try that. A little bit of everything. Yours seems to have more vegetables than mine. Oh, that is delicious. I’m honestly usually not the biggest fan of
stews but this is like almost as thick as a chillie. Yeah. Yeah. It is really good and it is quite sweet too. Yeah, and it is really the perfect weather
to be having this. It is. It is a little bit rainy these past few days. And I like that it has got a generous amount
of meat. And you taste the corn and the carrots a lot. And there is also potato in there as well
too. So yeah, this is the perfect dish for us to
be having on a cold day in Buenos Aires. And the icing on the cake is that they brought
us homemade bread. So check that out. Have a bite of that. And it is like a nice thick slice. And it is a heavier bread. It is really nice. That is come in good with the stew. That’s good homemade bread. And pretty much every meal you’ve been having
here in Argentina has been paired with wine. Well, it is just so cheap and so good. I mean the quality of Argentine wine is fantastic. And their national grape, the one that they’re
most famous for, is producing a Malbec wine. And this is a 2013 Lopez. And this is I can’t remember exactly what
the price was but it was really cheap. So, you know what I’m just going to indulge
while I’m in Buenos Aires. You’re turning into quite the wine connoisseur. That’s good stuff. So everyone watching our videos has already
seen us try savory empanadas but today we’re having sweet ones for dessert. Yeah, and I don’t know how I have any room
considering how hearty that stew was. I am full from all of that wine too. We are going to try some special ones. These are very unique. This one has dulce de leche. That amazing milk caramel cream. Oh, look at how thick it is. Look how thick that is. I can’t wait to try a bite of that. Oh, it is going to be so good. Anything with dulce de leche is good. I didn’t even realize you can have this in
empanada form. I thought it was just for cakes. We’ve tried a few sweet ones but never with
this before. Oh, that smile says it all. That is just too good. We should have ordered like five of those. I’m full but that is just so amazing. Call the waiter over. Yep. Alright, and we’re supposed to get you filming
the other one but you’re just so excited to try the dulce de leche one. That we need to see your reaction. Mmmm. That is good. It is like as not as creamy. I guess it has been cooking for a lot longer
so it is thicker. And they’ve also drizzled a bit of syrup on
top. That is a really nice combination. Okay, but let’s move on to the next one. Now this one is really special. This is called Cayote. And it is a fruit that you find in Northern
Argentina. I’ve never seen it before. But I asked the waiter to kind of try and
compare it to something and he said it is kind of like a watermelon. Except it is white and that then when you
boil it you kind of get these fibers. And you just cook it with sugar and it turns
into this like really sweet jam. And they use it as a filling for empanadas. So, it is called Cayote. My first time trying this. Sam tried Cayote ice cream when we were traveling
in Salta. Yeah, it is very sweet. Mmmmm. Wow. How is that? Honestly, that is really good. I almost feel like I’m having apple pie. To me it tastes a lot like a sweet apple filing. And the crust kind of reminds me of a pie. Apple pie guys. That is the best way I can describe it. So Sam seems pretty pleased with the price. Would that be accurate? Yes, that was a fantastic price. 282 Pesos, so that is less than 20 US dollars
and for that amount of money we got two massive stews, we got the soda siffon, I get a generous
bottle of wine and we got two dessert empanadas. And I have to say that the quality here was
fantastic. Even the bread that was served prior to our
meal was a really good homemade quality bread. This is one of my new favorite restaurants
in all of Buenos Aires. And if you’d like to come here you know the
exact Address. It is. And if you’d like to come here it is at the
intersection of Avenida Santa Fe and Rodriguez Pena on the north side. Yeah, so hunt it down and definitely come
and have a lunch here. So we are on a bit of a pizza mission this
afternoon. Sam had a very disappointing meal in Boca
and he’s been sulking ever since. So pizza will cheer him up. We’re back in our neighborhood. We’re staying in Recoleta and there is a pizza
place that was recommended to us by our Airbnb host. So we are here and it is called El Cuartito
and we’ve ordered five different slices of pizza. This should be good. Are you happy, Sam? Yes. So you know this place is going to be good
because it has been approved by an Italian. Correct. Yes, our Airbnb host, one of her friends from
Naples, Italy came here. And that place is known for pizza. And she said this was the best pizza she has
ever had, so I have super high expectations. And I always love getting recommendations
from locals. We often find that the best restaurants, the
best food we ever had is from those kinds of recommendations. So this is exciting. Oh, yes. Pizza time. Very exciting. Pizza time. And those are five sexy delectable slices
of pizza. Will this make up for today’s lunch? I think it might. Woo hoo. So Sam is going for the Fugazetta. This thing looks like a thing of beauty. It’s got mozzarella, double cream cheese and
onions. Oh, I’ve never had pizza with cream cheese
before. So let’s dig right in there. That looks so cheesy. That is like the cheesiest pizza I’ve ever
seen. I know, I know. Look at the look on his face. Look at those eyes. That is insanely good. Insanely good. That is just like cheese explosion. That is for any kind of cheese lover this
is like the best moment of his or her life. So I’m pretty excited for this one. Look at that thick tomato sauce. Thick thick tomato sauce and anchovies on
top. This is going to be good my friends. The anchovies fell off. Ah! There we go. Any anchovy lovers out there? Mmmmm. Anchovies are always super salty so it has
a real salty kick to it. And of course a bit of
a fishy flavor. Haha. That’s good. I know anchovies are not a favorite with everyone
but I do enjoy it on pizza. So time for slice number three. Yes, and this one over here is a vegetarian
pizza. Yeah. And apparently it comes with an alfredo sauce
so I’m really looking forward to that. Yeah, this is a bit unusual. No tomato sauce on this one. Just a cream based sauce. It looks like there is tonnes of spinach. Maybe a bit of onions oozing out. Popeye. Mmmm. That is really unique. It is very different to not have a tomato
sauce or even more of a cheesy sauce. This tastes a bit more like a lasagna. It does. Exactly. It tastes like a bit of a creamy lasagna. Oh, let’s get a closer look at that. Cheesy. Okay, slice number four. This one is called Napolitana and it has tomato
sauce but it also has slices of fresh tomato on top. And two different kinds of cheese. Provincial and Parmesan. Not too shabby. Not too shabby at all. Mmmm. How might that be? That’s good. I was expecting to like this one and I’m a
fan. It may be my favorite so far. I really like the fresh tomatoes. They’re just so juicy. It makes the pizza extra special. Oh, yeah. Okay and the last one. And this lonely little last pizza slice. Actually it is anything but little. This one has ham, pepper and loads of mozzarella. So let’s give that a try. Dig right in. Oh yeah, big slice. He eats like a caveman. This one is one of my favorites. Like this is a winning combo. Oh yeah. That mozzarella is awesome. It is just so much piled on. So fresh, so tasty. And the ham is really tasty as well too. And I like the look of the pepper. Like in North America they usually give you
those thin slivers. But here it is like a big slice. Just slap it right on. Slap it right on. Oh yeah. So this might seem a little piggy but yet
another slice arrived. It is piggy. It is piggy. Slice number six. You know what. This pizza is so good that I couldn’t walk
out of here having just had five slices shared between two people. So we have ordered a 6th one. We’re getting one more Napoletana. Napoletana. Napolitana. So I guess it is official. This was our favorite out of the five slices
we tried? Yeah, it was. It’s a classic flavor. What I mean they’re all so good though. I mean like you could have given me any extra
slice of any of those ones that we ordered and I would have been happy. Big bite. Fresh out of the oven. Final thoughts. Final thoughts. The pizza was amazing. The place is backed and it is at a great price.You
can get each slice for $2 Canadian dollars which is a really good deal and those are
like really thick slices with lots of cheese. So I would highly recommend it. Come, check it out. El Cuartito. This may be the best pizza in Buenos Aires. I think so. Cafe Tortoni first opened its doors in 1858,
and it was named after a Parisian cafe by the same name. The place gained great notoriety in the mid-1920s
when it was frequented by a mix of writers, painters, musicians, poets, journalists, philosophers,
inventors, and other creative minds. Today it’s a must-visit cafe for visitors
passing through Buenos Aires. Where are we? Well for today’s meal we are at Café Tortoni. Which is one of the oldest and most famous
cafeterias in the whole city. I think locals would probably tell you this
is very touristy, because it is only tourists with their cameras sitting in here, but regardless
it is a place I think you should visit. Like the architecture is really cool. The furniture is kind of like frozen in time. And also they make a pretty good hot chocolate. That’s what I’ve got right here. I ordered chocolate con churros. Let me use this other hand. Let me use my strong hand…hahaha That is a big thing of coffee. Is that cream beside it too? Yeah and I got frothy milk on the side. But look at how thick that is. There is like some chocolate chunks in there. Do it from higher up. There we go. Okay, I should probably stop there. And I ordered that with churros. Which is kind of like a long strip of dough
that has been deep-fried. Yeah, it is kind of like a deep-fried Spanish
doughnut. Yeah, and it has granulated sugar sprinkled
on top. And they’ve put a lot in here. And of course, you have to dip it in the chocolate. It has to be done. It is the only way to go. That is my lunch today guys. Hot chocolate. Healthy. Mmmmm. That is good. I almost wish you could use this as a straw
to drink the hot chocolate. But this is actually one of their specialties
here. They have two specialties of the house. One is called leche merangada which we’ve
ordered. But this is really good. I can see why it is one of the suggested dishes. So yeah, look at that. Look at how is soaks up the chocolate. It is like a sponge inside. Like a thick sponge. Mmmm. And what do you have over there? And I’ve gone for the tostada. And that is basically a sandwich that has
tomato, ham and cheese. And it is like a grilled cheese sandwich. Yeah, but this is premium because of the ham. Yeah, so it is usually just ham and cheese
but this one is called tostada Tortoni just because they’ve added the tomato. So that is there special. The tomato gives it little bit of an extra
kick and more juiciness. Juicy. You’ve got crumbs all over your face. We like our juicy food. Yeah, and actually while you were filming
your surroundings I got hungry. Hey, cheater. Cheater. I started eating without you. So we also ordered something called leche
merengada because it is one of their other specialties here. But from the description I thought it was
going to be milk that tastes like meringue. But that looks like ice cream. Yeah, it does. It looks like there is cinnamon sprinkled
over it. Ooh. So it should taste like meringue unless they’ve
mixed up our order. And we wouldn’t know. Yeah, it is kind of like ice cream. Is it meringue flavored ice cream? Yeah, it is. Okay, and the cool thing is that there is
so much cinnamon put on top. And I mean I love cinnamon. I can smell it from here. From across the table. And that came with a little wafer. I’m going to get another bite with my spoon. So yeah it is a pretty cool place to stop
for a little snack. I can see why that is the house specialty. I’m guessing that is homemade. Definitely tastes homemade. Okay, so we’ve polished everything off. Yes, except for the milk because we don’t
want to dilute our chocolate. And here is the bill. It came to 299 and that included the chocolate
churros, the balon which is the beer, the merengada which is the ice cream and tostada
tortoni which of course was the sandwich. So that is a little bit pricey. Touristy prices here. But you know what still not that bad. That is like $20 US dollars for four items
on the menu. Yeah, and you’re paying for the ambiance. Yes, you are. De las Salteñas la mejor! The best in Salta. Yum, yum! So it is our last day in Salta and we couldn’t
leave the city without having empanadas. We did a little bit of research on Google
and we found a place called La Criollita. Apparently, they have the best empanadas in
the whole city so that is what we’re going to be ordering today. Okay, so the specialty here are called empanadas
Salteñas. Yes, and those are made with chopped beef
but what are we having? But we also saw two others that caught our
eye. One is with pollo which is chicken and the
other one is with queso which is cheese. So we’re going to try 3. Three, a little bit of everything. We even ordered a tamale too. Yes, yum yum. And just as we’re getting ready to vlog our
meal the power goes out in the restaurant. So this is going to be low quality filming. We’re not sure what we’re going to do. Maybe we’ll wait for the power to come on
or maybe we’ll just film it guerrilla style. Fingers crossed. Okay, so we can still kind of see in the dark. So here are the three empanadas. They have arrived. And this one is made with beef. This is a traditional one. Empanadas Salteña. This one is made with cheese. And this round one over here is made with
chicken. So we’ll be sampling those in the dark. In the dark. In the dark all spooky and scary. In the dark. So this one here is the empanadas Salteñas. This is the beef one. Um, and this is going to be a proper taste
test because I can’t really see that well in here. So, I have to figure out what the ingredients
are. Yep. Just for our viewers to understand we have
the exposure compensation lightened by two degrees so it is a lot lighter on the screen
that you’re seeing than it actually is for us trying this. I’ve got the spicy one. It does have a bit of a kick. Okay, so what kind of sets this one apart
from other beef empanadas is that the beef is chopped. So you get like these bigger chunks of meat. It is not ground beef like in the other ones. And this one also has potatoes and spring
onions in it. Oh la lah! Oh, it is so hot. Is it tasty? Is it tasty? Potato and egg. Really tasty but this is like fresh out of
the oven. Piping hot. Want to try some? Yes, I do. Okay, so Sam is adding some spice to this
already spicy empanada. Because apparently it wasn’t spicy enough. Just kidding. How is that? That is really really good. I think what sets this empanada apart is just
number one if you look here you can see just how stuffed it is. Like, you can kind of see. I’ll explain. We’ll trust you. We’ll take your word for it. So it is stuffed with ingredients and the
quality of meat is really high. And you’re right, it is spicy. Like I’m feeling it burn even though I had
a bite about ten seconds ago. It gets a thumbs up. Big thumbs up. Okay, so next up we have the cheese one. Con queso. Right? Yeah. That’s like a mozzarella cheese. Oooh. Is it a generous amount of cheese? Mmm hmmm. You can’t really see the strings forming but
it is super cheesy in there. Yeah. I wish you could capture this. Look at all of that cheese oozing out. Out of focus. That’s okay. Tasty. I’m used to having empanadas with ham and
cheese. I’ve never had one which is just strictly
cheese before but it’s a nice little snack. And last but not least we have the chicken. And this one is in a different shape. It’s more like round. It’s like a pie. Yeah, it’s like a little pie. Chicken pot pie. Wow! I can see why this place is considered one
of the best if not the best in town. Like they have thick chunks of meat in their
empanadas. So my first bite into the side which typically
you wouldn’t think would have a lot of ingredients included a really big tender piece of chicken. This is awesome. I think we’re going to be ordering more of
these before we go home. So one of the things that really surprised
me about the empanadas here in Salta is that they’re quite small. They’re almost like a little snack or a little
appetizer that you’d have before the meal. But the ones that we generally make at home
and I’m guessing we use in Argentine recipe in my house are usually a little bigger and
they’re quite plump. And they’re not as big as the ones we had
in Chile. Those are like massive that look like envelopes. But yeah these are like little treats. I feel like I need to eat five or six of these
to actually get full. It’s like they should have an ‘itas’ added
to the end. Itas, Empanaditas. That means they are little. Alright, so this isn’t quite the meal we were
expecting to have. Sitting here in the dark in the back of a
restaurant. But let’s do price point because we are done
with our food. Yes, so the good thing if you do come here
these are not expensive at all. They’re roughly 1 US dollar – 12 to 13 pesos. And I highly recommend coming with a friend
and ordering a whole bunch. Yes, you need at least five. At least five per person. At least, five. Maybe more like ten if you’re a hungry giant
like me. Yeah, because we got three and a tamale and
we’re still kind of hungry. We’re going to order more. Let’s go for dessert. #eatArgentina So we’ve ventured away from our neighborhood
for today’s food video. We are currently in Palermo. And we’re eating at a place called Don Julio. This is a parrilla which means they focus
on grilled meats. And it is a bit more upscale than the one
we normally go to over in Recoleta. So it should be an interesting experience. See if you like it Sam. Good? Esta bien. So let’s just take a minute to talk about
the tablecloth. Yeah, so the first thing we noticed was just
how like thick and durable. Like this is leather cowhide. Also, it is cool just the way that the sauces
are presented here. We’ve got chimmichurri, we have the salsa
and then over here the butter. And show us that steak knife. Oh, yeah, this thing. This thing is incredible. This is actually heavy. I’ve never had any kind of knife that has
felt as solid in my hands. Yeah, you can buy them at the restaurant but
they’re like 800 Pesos. It feels more like a dagger. It is a weapon. It is a weapon. So we’ve got some bread fresh out of the oven. Look at that. I wonder if they make it here themselves because
this thing is like piping hot. Ooh. A nice way to start the meal. I just blew crumbs across the table. Alright, so time to put the knife to good
use. I’m cutting in to the bife de lomo. And this is our tenderloin which is nice and
juicy. They way I like it. Mmmmm. Oh, wow. Honestly, that just melts in your mouth. That is probably the most tender tenderloin
we’ve had to date in Argentina. I’d have to say. But let’s add some chimichurri. Don’t forget the chimmichurri. Can’t forget that. Let’s see. Oh, lots of chimichurri there. That’s going to be nice and garlic-y. Flavorful. Mmmmm. Look at that piece of meat. I love how easy that knife just penetrates
the meat. It is just so tender. It is like cutting through butter. It is like cutting through butter with that
knife. Oh yeah. That’s a nice piece of meat. Yeah, I can totally see why it is so highly
rated. Now we know why it is popular. So this is our first time having grilled veggies
with steak. What do you think? Yeah, I think I may even prefer it to salad. It is just juicier and I don’t know it just
brings out the flavors more when they’re grilled. Especially the zucchini. It’s awesome stuff. Alright, so we just finished up that meal. How are you feeling? Yeah, it was really good quality steak that
is for sure. The portion was quite a bit smaller than what
we had at Parrilla Pena though. And to be perfectly honest I prefer the taste
at Parrilla Pena as well too. Okay, and what about the price? The price was over 700 Pesos. So this was not a cheap meal. I think we were looking at something over
50 US dollars total for the meal. But you know we are in a fancier neighborhood. Yeah. And this place is really popular with tourists. Yes. So we kind of have that coming. It is a very touristy restaurant. Yeah. But I prefer the neighborhood feel of say
a local parrilla compared to somewhere like this. This was a cool experience because this was
kind of our first time at a more upscale kind of grill. Fancy spot. But I definitely prefer Parrilla Pena. That is still my all-time favorite spot to
get a good steak in Buenos Aires. #eatArgentina So it is five PM here in Buenos Aires which
means it is tea time or as we call it here it is Merienda time. So, we’re at a little place called La Biela. This is a really famous cafe across from the
Recoleta Cemetery. We’ve got a table, we’ve ordered our food. And a special surprise should be coming. I’m not going to tell you what Merienda consists
of until it gets here. So apparently this place used to be a really
popular hangout with race car drivers and celebrities who are into racing back in the
30’s. So you can kind of get a feel for that in
the decor. They have a lot of dated cars and tools on
the walls. And you can even see that on the napkin. They’ve got like a little race car. Look at that fancy napkin. Some tools. La Biela. Fancy. And apparently La Biela is the name of a tool
that you use to work on cars. So, yeah that is where it comes from. So would you say you’ve gotten used to the
Argentinian eating schedule? Yeah, I mean it is completely different from
what we’re used to back home. Back home in Canada five o’clock would be
dinner. Maybe five thirty would be dinner. But here that is strictly teatime. Tea and sweets. Just a light snack to carry over to 10 pm. Dinner doesn’t even really get started until
10, 11 maybe even 12 here. So, yeah. It is tea time. Food dance. The food has arrived. Anyways, there is like waiters starring at
me. The food is here which is super exciting for
us. So have a look over here. Um, this meal that we ordered it comes with
two croissants. So we’ll be sharing those. These are called medialunas. And they are sweet buttery media lunas. I love these. And it also comes with a tostado jamon y queso. Which is a grilled ham and cheese sandwich. Yeah, those are really good. We’ve been having a lot of those in Buenos
Aires. Yeah, so super thin, lightly toasted. They are kind of your staple snack sandwich
in Argentina, aren’t they? So let’s start with this. Something savory first and then we’ll move
on to the desserts. Oh yeah. That’s good. Just a very thin layer of ham and cheese. Super light. Like I could probably eat ten of these I mean
they are so thin and light. But yeah, good stuff. So I guess technically we should be calling
this coffee time not tea time. Because neither of us is having tea. Well, in Argentina – especially in Buenos
Aires – coffee seems to be a bit more popular than tea. Yeah, and I love the coffee here. What is so cool about the coffee is that it
always comes in these really big cups. Like you get a generous portion. It is not like one of those little dinky little
servings that you sometimes get in other countries. They give you a nice generous portion of coffee. So it is time to actually try that. It is actually heavy in my hands. Oh man, good stuff. You know what, neither of us were really coffee
drinkers until I think the past year maybe year and a half. And now we actually come to appreciate good
quality coffee. It is funny. And next up we have this sweet medialuna. Let me just break it in half so you can have
a look in there. Look at how fluffy that is. Mmmm. So good. So sweet. It has like a light coating, a light glaze
on top which is just perfect. Very buttery, fluffy, light. I love these. Again, I could probably have like five, six
or seven of these no problem. And our order came with three different slices
of pastries, cakes, pies, whatever you want to call it. Sweet treats. So why don’t we explain what there is. So this one here has chocolate and I think
kind of a cracker filling with dulce de leche. You want to hold it up and show us. Yeah, sure. It is a really thick bar. Check that out. Fancy. So we’ll put that down for a moment. Okay. And over here we’ve got it appears to be like
kind of a slice of apple pie. But what is cool about this pie is that it
has like a white glaze. A glaze over top of it. Some extra sugar in there. No complaints about that. And last but not least we have this. So that is called Pionono. It is a mini pionono. And it is kind of like a little roll with
dulce de leche in the middle. Yeah, and anything with dulce de leche is
a hit with us. Okay, enough yackity yack yack already. Let’s try something. So I’ve got a piece of apple pie. Oh yeah. I want to try some of that. It looks good with the extra glaze on top. That is some good stuff. Yes, the extra glaze is what really makes
it unique. And also the quality of the apples. These are really high quality apples. And it is also quite sweet as well. There is quite a bit of sugar so we will be
on a sugar high this afternoon. Alright, now let’s move on to this chocolate
bar over here. I’m curious about that. I’m just going to pick it up. Yeah, just take a big bite. Just pick it up, take a bite. I’m going to try to get lots of dulce de leche
here. Mmmm. That is the definition of decadent. Yeah? Yeah. You know what, I don’t know what we’re going
to do when we leave Argentina. Like when we can’t get dulce de leche desserts
anymore. I’m going to be very deprived and very sad
boy. We’ll have to stuff jars in our suitcases. That is what we’ll do. Okay, and now last but not least where is
that pionono? Let’s get a bite. Wow, you’re really making me go on a roll
here. No, help? I’ve had the croissants and I had the sandwich. Show us how it is done. Alright. Mmmmm. Let’s get a look at that. Come show us. There you go. I was too busy biting into it. Yeah, let us appreciate the beauty. Anyway, again, dulce de leche layer upon layer. Swirling layers. It is good. It is time to go now. Say bye Sam. Bye buddy. It has been a good experience. You do need to clean your teeth though. Yeah, he does. But anyways, let’s talk about the price of
that meal. Yeah, so it was just over 200 Pesos. So you’re looking at roughly 13-14 US dollars. Fantastic value. All of the things we had were really high
quality including the sandwich, the croissants, the cakes and all of the pastries. And good quality coffee on top that too. Everything was good. Everything was good. Come here. #eatArgentina So this afternoon we’re going to be making
a dessert video. We are going to be trying something called
Queso y Dulce or Postre Vigilante. I’m going to show you the ingredients right
now. It is probably going to look a little bit
gross but trust me this is delicious. Yeah, okay. So basically we’re going to be having fresh
cheese which is really creamy. It comes sealed in this plastic bag and we’re
also going to be trying it with these three desserts. So this right here is called dulce de batata
and it is a sweet made out of sweet potato. This one is called dulce de membrillo and
it is made out of quince. And this one is dulce de zapallo which I’ve
never seen before. But it is made out of pumpkin. So basically we’re going to be slicing a piece
off of these three sweets, as well as cheese and you just eat it together. So that was a little bit messier than I care
to admit. I think it is because we bought the product
in these you know vacuum sealed packages so it makes it a little bit hard to get them
out. But you can also buy it in tins. Actually when I was younger my family used
to buy the five kilo tins of dulce de batata. Woah. So if you like that stuff you can buy it in
large quantities. I bet those didn’t last very long in your
house. No, they didn’t. But have a look. This is the presentation. Not too shabby. But of course if you ask for this dessert
at a restaurant the portion would be a lot larger. Like this is a smaller size. It’s a sampler portion. Sampler plate. But let’s dig in. So I’m going to start off with my favorite
which is dulce de batata. This one is sweet potato one. So we’ve arranged this so we each get a bite
of the three. Of all three of them. Sam’s afraid I’m going to eat his. He’s like trying to move them away. These are mine. I know how you roll, so. Mmmmmm. Oh, yeah. Mmmmmm. You know the cheese we got is really fresh
and it almost has like a hint of saltiness in the background so it is a really nice combination. It really helps the sweetness of the sweet
potato come through. So yeah the sweet potato one gets the thumbs
up from me. I love it. Let’s move on to the next one. This one is dulce de membrillo which is the
quince jam. It is a darker color. Mmmmm. This one is not as sweet. It is a little bit more tart. It also has a bit of a stronger flavor. So, I do like it but sweet potato stills gets
the vote from me. And now the one that you’ve never tried before. In fact, neither of us has tried it before. This one is pumpkin. All about the pumpkin. And yeah, we just saw it at a supermarket
so we figured why not. So it is similar in color to the one that
is made with sweet potato. Similar consistency. Mmmmm. Wow. This one is the sweetest of the three. Seriously. I wouldn’t expect that from pumpkin. Like you can’t even tell it is pumpkin. So has it dethroned the sweet potato. Maybe. I mean the sweet potato is an old favorite. It can’t really be dethroned that quickly. Um, but yeah, that is really really good. Really tasty. So it is time to try your three. Here they are. Yeah, it was a kind of hard to wait while
you were gobbling your three down but you know I somehow managed. I’m still here. I haven’t wasted away just yet. Okay, so yeah I’ll do it in the same order. So, sweet potato first. Yeah. Eating with his hands. Forget cutlery. Who needs it. Who needs it. Yeah, you’re right the saltiness of the cheese
really compliments the sweet of the potato. Yeah. And for those who haven’t tried this type
of sweets here in Argentina. They’re a bit gelatin like. Like they have obviously the taste of the
flavor. Like the sweet potato or the pumpkin or the
quince jam. But the consistency of it is kind of in gelatin
form. Yeah, okay. Alright, so next up this is the membrillo. And before I bite into this I have to say
this one is my favorite out of these two. I love. Well anyways, I’ll take a bite. I’m going to explain. Mmmmm. Mmmmm. He says. That is just so tart. And it just has just enough sugar that it
is not overwhelming but it is kind of the borderline. And number three, on to the mystery one. The one that neither of us has tried before. I kind of wonder if it is a new product or
if maybe we’ve only just come across it. Yeah, that is sweeter. Yeah. I don’t think it is a strong of a flavor as
the other two though. Yeah, it is hard to tell it is pumpkin. So, if I had to rank them I would go quince
jam membrillo and then I would do sweet potato and then a close third is the pumpkin one. So, yeah, they’re all good. If you’re in Argentina you definitely have
to try them. Yeah, and this is like the cheapest dessert
you can get. It is considered the trucker’s dessert. Something you get at a truck-stop. It seriously is. And to mention about the cheese it sort of
reminds me something sort of in between a mozzarella and a cream cheese. But it is a little bit closer to the mozzarella
on the spectrum. You can imagine it is closer to a mozzarella
but it has a bit of a cream cheese consistency too. So not that you’ve polished everything off
your plate tell us about the price. So you can basically pick these up at any
store really. Any kind of convenience store, any kind of
grocery store. You’re going to find the dulce, the basically
the sweet of the fruit, you’re going to find these on the shelf. And we got ours for like 18 Pesos which is
just like a dollar twenty five US. A dollar thirty US. And the cheese, and like going back to that,
those are huge boxes. Like 500 grams worth. That is half a kilo. Half a kilo. And you’re going to get a big brick of the
cheese, a big block of the cheese and it is probably going to set you back anywhere between
let’s say 60 to 70 Pesos. So under five dollars. More like about 4.25. So it is the kind of meal that if you’re with
a group of friends all four or five of you can have dessert with just one pack of the
fruit and one pack of the cheese. #eatArgentina So this afternoon we are doing an Argentine
snacks taste test. So at the very end of our stay in Buenos Aires
Sam and I hit up a convenience store and we tried to pick up candies, chocolate bars,
cookies and just typical snacks that you can pickup for just a few dollars. So we actually meant to film that video while
we were still in Argentina but unfortunately I completely lost my voice. I couldn’t even speak. So we had to pack all of those snacks into
our suitcase and bring them over to Peru. So they got a little bit smooshed but they
should still taste the same. So today we’re going to be filming that video. Sampling some Argentine snacks. Okay, so first up I’m trying something called
Tita. And it would appear this is a sweet cookie
with a lemon flavor. Maybe chocolate over top. Let’s find out. Oh man. Open that Tita up. Okay. So this is what it looks like. You do get some chocolate there. Let’s bite in. Mmmmm. So it is two cookies layered together. It almost has like a lemon flavored icing
in the middle. And then chocolate all over the exterior of
it. You like it? It is pretty nice. I do like it. This would be nice with a cup of tea. Smack! So the first one that I’m trying is called
Smack. And I have no idea what this is. The cool thing about this taste test is the
only things that I’ve actually tried are the alfajores. So all of this is completely new for me. So opening this up. It has like it feels light in the hand. I’m guessing it is probably a wafer. A chocolate wafer. Well, actually a wafer that has been covered
in chocolate. So let’s try that. This is what it looks like. Mmmmm. Yeah, let’s have a look inside. That is exactly what it is. The layers. Mmmmm. Wow. That’s good. Normally when you have a wafer or a bar it
is about, I don’t know, I’d say about a quarter or half as thick as this. So this is really thick. So you get a nice big amount in your mouth. And I think this might be like a chocolate
mouse on the outside. It is quite decadent and rich. I’m going to have another bite. Okay so this one here is called Rhodesia. And let’s see. Very colorful packaging. It sounds like wafer cookies. Also lemon flavored. Oh. I wonder if it will be similar to Tita. You’re going to be able to compare and contrast. Yeah. Well, first thing I’m noticing is the size. This is much larger than the Tita. It is also covered in chocolate. But yeah, it is a different type of cookie. This is going to be a wafer. Mmmmm. It is very crumbly inside your mouth. It also has a, I wouldn’t call it an icing,
it is almost like a thick cream that tastes a bit like lemon. It is good. So let’s give this a shot. Hahaha. He’s funny. He’s so funny. So this is a Shot chocolate bar. And I can tell you that it is a chocolate
bar. It just has that feel in the hand. It feels like a thick chocolate bar. Wow. Really thick. And you can see that there is some kind of
a nut inside of it. So let’s try that. Wow. Those are peanuts. Mmmmmm. Let’s have a look inside the chocolate bar. Oh, it is so yummy. It is so nice to have a chocolate bar that
is filled with tonnes of nuts. Really really tasty. Yeah, and you’re a fan of snickers. That has lots of peanuts so those should keep
you happy. It is. So now this one is one that I’m very familiar
with. I used to love Bon O Bon when I was a kid. It was my favorite candy. So let’s open it. So you ate that growing up in the mountainside
by Cordoba. So there we go. That is what it looks like. Ooh, it is like a round little ball. Round little chocolate ball. Bite into it. And look at that. You’ve got like this buttery peanut filling. And that is surrounded by a little wafer. That looks so good. And then a layer of chocolate all around. Oh, that looks good. Mmmmm. I can see why you liked it. So you got to try a Bon O Bon so it is only
fair that I get to try one too right. So they come in a number of different flavors. Um, because this is white I’m assuming. Maybe it is white chocolate. So let’s open that up. So you can see that it this is the shape. Oh, wow. Let’s have a look inside. Wow. I’m guessing that is kind of like a nut filling
mouse. That is really really sweet. Wow. I’m really starting to feel a sugar high now. So next up we’ve got something called Bonafide
Rama. Rama means branch and this almost looks like
it is going to resemble a tree trunk or even a tree branch. So let’s dig in. I’m expecting white chocolate. Oh, wow. So it comes in a little container. Look at this. Are those little individuals. And like you get a whole bunch of them. Woah. Fancy. I’ve never had this. Fancy. So let’s see. Mmmmm. Wow. It is like almost like chocolate shavings. It is like these layers of chocolate that
have been shaped into little tree branches. It is kind of an unusual shape. It is kind of cool. And yeah, white chocolate. It is good. Alright next one is Mantecol I believe. And I have no idea what this is. I really don’t. This one feels a lot heavier in the hand then
the last one so I’m guessing it is a bit thicker. Oh, okay. So this one sort of didn’t survive the plane
ride. It cracked. It didn’t melt. It cracked though. It is actually the perfect bite. Mmmmm. Oh, wow. I would have to guess that is peanut. Oh, it is. You really notice it after you’ve been chewing
it for a while. So it is like a peanut. It is not like a chocolate bar. It is thick but it there is no chocolate over
top of it. Like fudge. Peanut fudge. It is a bit more like fudge but it is not
quite as dense as a fudge so this is like in its own category but itself. It is pretty good. I like it instantly because I’m a big fan
of anything with peanuts. In Canada I eat a lot of peanut butter so. Mmmm. This is good. Alright, so this one is called Dos Corazones. That means two hearts. It says chocolate con poesia. Chocolate with poetry. Oooh. Wow. That is the romantic one huh? Little chocolate bite with a milk filling. Let’s see. I’m almost expecting a poem in here. Seriously. Maybe there is. Oh my gosh. What? No way. It does have a poem. It does have a poem. Read it. It says: Un poema de amor
tengo para voz guardado una caricia, un beso
y este corazon apasionado. So it says a poem of love I have for you,
a caress, a kiss in this passionate heart. That doesn’t really rhyme when you try and
translate everything. Wow. It came with a poem. So that is the go to chocolate if you’re on
a date or something? Yeah. And look, let me show you this. It is going to start melting in my fingers. Oh, look at the little love hearts. Oh. Love hearts. Mmmmmm. It has like a creamy filling inside. Maybe like nugget or something? So next up I’m trying something that I think
is called Vauquita. So vauquita would mean little cows so that
is some kind of variation for the product. So this appears to be like some kind of tablet. Maybe something like fudge. And it is made with dulce de leche. Well, not maybe it has to be for sure because
that is what it says on the package. So let’s see if we can get a closer look at
that. Mmmmmm. It almost looks like a brownie on camera. It is so sweet. You can taste the dulce de leche but it is
almost a little bit, a little bit sour. More so than. Yeah. Yeah. It is really good. It is really decadent. This one is a bit more like fudge. Wow. Yeah, I like it. So this one is called Bocadito Chipi. Totally new for me. Again, no idea what this is. It is tiny. It is a little square chocolate. Oh, look at that. Oh, is it white and dark. Yeah, so you’ve got a layer of white chocolate
on top, milk chocolate on the bottom and it looks like it may have little bits of peanuts. Peanuts maybe? Or torrone? Maybe turrone. What is this? Does it say? Peanuts. Toasted peanuts. Mmmmm. That is kind of nice. If you can’t decide between milk chocolate
or white chocolate this one gives you both. Alright so next up we have mentitas and these
are little chocolate peppermint patties. And I’m going to be honest with you I’ve had
a few of these since I’ve been here. When I went to this little bakery called La
Pasta Frola to get our alfajores, our artesanal alfajores I saw these little mints. And I thought oh I’ve got to get a few of
these. And he’s been addicted ever since. These are awesome. So let’s try it here. Mmmmm. Wow. So, if you’ve ever had After Eight or York
Peppermint patties or Junior Mints then you know what these taste like. These are just your classic chocolate mint
and it is very refreshing and very minty. And very chocolate-y. So I love it. So this one here is Bocadito Bonafide and
it is a wafer cookie filled with dulce de leche. Covered in chocolate. Let’s see. Wow. I’m starting to get full this. This is too much chocolate. Oh man. It is already gooey in the package. That one didn’t fair as well did it? Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Okay, this is messy. Oh wow is that like a jam? No, it is filled with dulce de leche but it
is kind of liquid-y. So it has dripped all over my face and all
over my hands. It is good. It is just messy. Don’t look at me. So now it is time for me to try my Alfajor
and this is my favorite dessert slash snack in Argentina. We’ve been eating Alfajores like there is
no tomorrow. But mostly from Havanna and from another place
so this is a brand I haven’t tried yet. But I am excited about it. And when it comes out it kind of looks like,
if you’re from Canada or the US, it kind of looks like a wagon wheel. It has that same type of shape. And this one surprisingly didn’t get too smushed
in the airplane. There is another one that totally got crushed
which we’re not even going to put in this video because it would look awful. But we are going to try this one here. Mmmmm. Oh wow. Let’s have a look inside. Yeah, look at all of the dulce de leche. Oh. And that is a crumbly cookie. Yes, this is really really tasty. Wow. You know what, this might be my last alfajor
for months if not years because we are now gone from Argentina and I’m going to savor
this one. And last but not least we’re doing one more
alfajor This one is the Terrabus brand. And it says three layers of cake. It says torta so I have a feeling this should
be a softer alfajor instead of cookies I’m expecting like more moist layers. This is going to be a big one. That does look big. Oh, I think it is the biggest one yet. I’m full. Woah! Man. Gigantic! There we have it. A triple one. And look if you take a closer look you can
actually see the dulce de leche in there. Do you see that? Yeah, you can. Look at that. Man, oh man. Seriously decadent. Alright, let’s do this. Mmmmm. That is all chocolate. Chocolate filling, with dulce de leche layers
in between, and then it is all bathed in chocolate again. So much chocolate. Oh my gosh. And you’re so full. I’m done. It is good but I’m done. That was enough snacks guys. Out! So that concludes our Argentine food taste
test. We are stuffed, we’re on a sugar high. So now it is over to you. Have you tried any foods from Argentina before? Any kinds of snacks, chocolates. Anything like that? So if you’re looking to pick any of these
up they’re really cheap. I think everything single one of these costs
less than a dollar so you can load up on these if you’re in Buenos Aires or another city
in Argentina. And please do let us know if you’re tried
them before or if any of them look good or which ones you’d like to try yourself. And remember to eat in moderation. Yes, because we need a siesta now. Don’t do what we did. So for today’s lunch we are eating at El Palacio
de la Papa Frita. That is the French Fry Palace. And actually here they specialize in potatoes. Fried potatoes. And they have so many different varieties. So what we’ve done is order a basket, as a
bit of a sampler, showcasing the best of the best. And I think that is coming. The potatoes have arrived. Yes, do you want to tell us how found this
place? Yeah, um, one of the great things about our
YouTube channel is the community we have around it. We so appreciate everyone who watches our
videos and even more so for people who leave comments. And they give helpful tips of restaurants
and place to go to. So this was a recommendation from a recent
comment and we realized hey this is not too far from our place. We were kind of craving. Let’s check it out. Let’s eat some potatoes. We’re kind of craving potatoes so here we
are. So enough yackity yack yack. Let’s actually try these. Okay, so the most famous potato that they
have here is called papa souffle. And as you can see it is like blown-up like
a little bubble. And they’re kind of secretive about how these
are made. I’ve heard a few different theories. Some people say it is because they soak the
potatoes in cold water and then fry them. Other people have told me that they use really
high heat when they’re cooking them and that results in like a little bubble potato. Um, so yeah, I don’t actually know the truth. So if you know the truth leave us a little
comment. Um, but actually I remember trying these potatoes
when I first moved to Argentina. When I was six years old. And I love these. I just thought it was the coolest thing ever. Bubble potatoes, so it is nice to be having
them again. And yeah, it is just air inside but you want
to be careful when you bite into it because like there is so much steam that comes out. I don’t know if you can see that but it is
still steaming. Okay, and the one have right there is called
Rejilla which means fence. It can mean a few different things but let’s
go with fence. Yes, it does look like a fence. Criss-crossed. Yeah, it is criss-crossed. Nice texture there. Yeah, it looks like a crinkle chip here. So, let’s try it. It is really crunchy. Yeah. Wow. Is it almost like a chip? Yeah, it is almost more like a potato chip
than it is a french fry. Yeah, than it is a french fry. I like it. Nice and salty. Okay, so this is a more familiar potato. This one is called Papa Baston. Which means like a stick or a cane. And it just looks like a regular french fry. Maybe a little bit thicker. So yeah, that tastes like a regular potato
or regular french fry. Mmm, so yeah good. Not as exciting as the souffle but not bad. Alright, and the last one for me to try here
is the Noisette. It just looks like a tiny little ball. A little marble. A little marble. There you go. Mmmmm. That’s good. That, I mean it is almost a bit like a like
a mashed potato really. Because you have the, you just have the coating
and you’re mostly tasting the inside of the potato. I think it is supposed to be French style. Noisette. Cute little petite Noisette. So that concludes the four main types of potato
you can get at this restaurant. They have a few others. They have mashed potato and things like that
but that is not so exciting. Yeah, um, and we got it with a side because
we didn’t want to be having just potatoes. Yeah, so what is this? This here is the Chorizo. That is basically a gigantic sausage. Look at how big that is. And I’m really enjoying this. I took a bite of mine so far and like that
is is very lean meat. It doesn’t have chunks of fat and sometimes
you get Chorizo with these nasty chewy balls. Wow, they really know how to do their sausages
here in Argentina. They just put the sausages from like Canada
or the US in shame. North American hotdogs. It puts them to shame. And you’re eating it the proper Argentine
way with Chimichurri. You can’t have meat without Chimichurri. And this is made with garlic and a few different
mystery spices. I don’t even know exactly. And olive oil base I believe. But it is so good. It gives it a bit of extra flavor. Mmmm. It is nice and garlic-y. You’re going to want to keep your distance
after this. Feeling satisfied after all of those potatoes? Oh man, once again we were defeated by this
meal. We couldn’t quite finish it. The portion was that huge. We ate about half. Gigantic. Okay, let’s talk about price point then. So in total that meal came to 200 Pesos. So the chorizo sausage were 50 each and the
fries were 90. So actually, so sorry that is 190 then. Yeah, not bad. So really good value. I mean that is like $13 US dollars and we
were stuffed. The two of us couldn’t even finish that. So, I can’t recommend this place more highly. Like this was an awesome suggestion from a
YouTube viewer and definitely if you have a chance to come here do it. Eat some potatoes. Come get stuffed and then go for a nice long
walk afterwards.

11 Replies to “Argentina Food Guide Compilation

  1. wow the Argentine economy has collapsed and the peso is 3x less then before the collapse. yet the prices are not that cheap.

  2. I love your job, eating, eating and more eating, when you are not eating, you are sleeping or traveling, all that i love….

  3. I must ask, how are you received in South America being a red head? I am from Texas but of Scot descent so when I speak Spanish I get odd looks. Do you find you are stared at in South America?

  4. Next time you guys come to Argentina, you should have to try some of these:

    Desserts: Arroz con Leche and add a bit of dulce de leche. Budin de pan and Tarrantella.

    Foods: Matambre a la pizza – Tortilla Española – Chivito Asado Roasted Goat and Cordero Patagonico lamb

    icecreams: Flan con Dulce de Leche – Ferrero Rocher – Marroc

    Extra Bonus: In Buenos Aires or in Cordoba provnce…
    Look for a store called "Lacteos El Puente" they own a corporate website where you can reach a nearby shop address.
    Then ask for and get a bit of PostreBombon …it is da lit…superb. 100% guaranted
    They sell 1/4 kg units, and cost just 1 US dollar.
    Its such a kind of sweet potatoe dessert or quincy dessert, but it contains Solid and tender Dulce de Leche with a softy chocolate flavored mixed. You wont get that in restaurants. or supermarkets, Only at EL PUENTE.

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