Aprender ingles – Series comedia – 01×09 (subtitulos-Ingles-Español)

you so mrs. Beatty we should talk about your safari trip to Botswana I’m so excited my first time in Africa you’re going to be flying in to Johannesburg South Africa would you like a window or an aisle a window I want to see everything in Johannesburg you should take a taxi or a limo to your hotel the next day you could fly or you could take a train to Francis town in Botswana is it an express train yes I’ll take the train I’d like to see the country great then after you see Francis town you can take a small plane or a bus to the Okavango Delta how small is the airplane it’s pretty small I’ll take the bus is it an express bus I think so when you get to Gemara you’re going to be taking a boat to your hotel a boat the hotel is on an island when you get to the island a man with a donkey can take your luggage to the hotel a donkey there are no cars on the island is it an express donkey I think it’s probably a local donkey of course if you don’t want the donkey you could take a small plane it goes straight to the hotel I think I should take the donkey donkeys never have mechanical problems right right you you or South Africa hello mrs. Beatty why hello Paul where are you traveling to now mrs. Beatty is going on a safari in the Okavango Delta in Botswana nice are you flying in are you taking the train bus boat donkey position I’m going to be taking the donkey I did that once myself you did was it very exciting oh it was on the way there the plane had mechanical problems that sounds scary we got in late and I missed the train to Francis town so I decided to take a bus but I got on the local bus by mistake I don’t like local office then the bus had an accident so I rented a car but it broke down oh dear I got the Gemara two days late then I got seasick on the boat for the other oh my did you have any problems with the donkey I got bumped from the dung you mean they over booked the donkey no I mean the donkey bumped me off the road to the hotel oh yeah oh but it was a very exciting trip you’ll love ask so any questions mrs. Beatty just one how much is a ticket to Paris do you fly frequently yes I fly maybe twice a month do you fly frequently I do yes I travel a lot with my job so I’m always on an airplane what kind of a seat to request when you fly I always want to sit at the aisle so I can stretch my legs I prefer to sit in the back of the plane you know a window seat I always get a window seat what I like to sleep and I need something to lean up against so have you had any problems with traveling in terms of delayed flights missing flights anything like yes I have I’ve missed a flight flights have been canceled they’ve been delayed I’ve had to either go home or if it’s in a city that or I’m not from I’ve had to get a hotel so could you tell me your worst airplane travel nightmare yes when I had to fly from Austria to America I got stuck in London Airport and had to wait 10 hours for a flight that got postponed first cancelled and postponed and all the stores were closed all we could do was just sleep on benches and in the front of floor and try to find food that was not very good so it was not a good experience yeah that sounds awful yes it was awful

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  1. hay alguna por aqui que quiera aprender ingles I quiera hablar conmigo en ingles para paracticar I que tenga el nivel uno mas o menos

  2. MUY BUEN VÍDEO ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

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