Andrew Zimmern’s Chicken Fried Steak – Travel Channel

Route 66, probably the most
historic road in the world, stretches from Chicago
all the way to California. This season we went
through Oklahoma and I got to stop at Clantons,
world famous for their chicken fried steak. They make 50,000
portions a year. So once I tasted theirs,
I had to make mine. Here’s as close as I got to it. First off, the steak. I have two slices
of sirloin tip. I think this is a really
beefy and intense cut, perfect for what we’re going to do. Break it down with the
flat side of my mallet. Looks like a nice portion. And then I want to take the
sharp little ends of my mallet and go once on each side. That is going to
make it super tender. But it’s also going
to hold all the nooks and crannies of the
chicken fried batter that we’re going
to put around it. Season with salt and pepper. While that rests, I’m
going to season my flour. A little bit of baking
powder, paprika, black pepper, salt, onion powder. And we’re going to whisk
this seasoned flour together. I’m going to add
buttermilk to my eggs. All right, so
here’s the fun part. A light dusting and
cornstarch, the cornstarch absorbs a lot more of the
moisture from the steak when I’m cooking it. Then I go in to the
buttermilk wash and then into the seasoned flour. And I actually want fried pieces
of that thicker batter there. Do you see that sort
of ragged edging, so it looks like chicken skin? That’s what I’m after. And then I put it into the oil. Now if you ask me, those
look chicken fried. And I’m going to dump
the oil into this bowl, reserving a few
tablespoons at the bottom, along with all the little crusty
bits of cooked batter and beef juices and other stuff that
are going to be the foundation for our cream gravy. Then I’m going to add my onion,
thyme sprig, a healthy dose of black pepper, which is the
predominant flavor in this, a little bit of cayenne,
a little bit of nutmeg, and I’m going to
start sauteing this. When my onions
start to get glassy, I’m going to turn this
mixture into a seasoned roux by adding my flour. I’m just going to keep
tossing and letting those cook some more. I just want to make
sure that my flour and fat cooked together
enough, and that way there won’t be any clumps. Little bit of salt. And then I’m going to
start to add my whole milk, about a cup at a time,
whisking as I go. You see how thick
this gets right away? Add our other cup. So I have my homemade
mashed potatoes. I’m just going do
the traditional well. I’m going to take my
chicken fried steak that has been draining,
lean that on the side. There are a lot of people
a lot smarter than I am, my friend Alton Brown being
one of them, who basically says you can’t have
enough cream gravy with your chicken fried steak. And I happen to agree with him. This dish is perfect just the
way it is, an American classic.

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