Amsterdam Rs. 1350 ₹ /Night! India to Amsterdam on a Budget, Traveling Desi’s Amsterdam – Episode 1

I am Traveling Desi And welcome to one of Europe’s most beautiful cities AMSTERDAM! And in this series, I will show you the historic palaces over here bustling streets historic urban centres along with some beautiful canals! and a separate episode on the immensely popular part of this city the worlds largest and legal red light district! which you cannot avoid as it is in the dead centre of the city’s tourist hub! but during day time you cannot say that you’re in the red light district and behind me are the windows where the workers stands and ironically its right next to the church this is the city’s main church, also known as the old church or historic church and it is surrounded by the red light district! its kinda ironic but it is the reality! So first we’ll talk to some people that live outside the infamous red light area! Yeah, I actually live a few blocks away
Oh really! Yeah! I think we can get some good information from these people! Tell me one thing! And with some people who work here in this area behind the windows! Well its true that you can make some good money in a short amount of time its definitely not necessarily easy money its not a job for everyone! And I will also tell you, how can you explore this magical city just like I did, in the least amount of money! While making new friends! Trying the local food over here! and having lots and lots of fun! Welcome to Traveling Desi’s Amsterdam series in which I’ll share all the information with you whether its cheap food cheap accommodation or exploring the city But without any compromise, whether its historic experiences artistic experiences or some weird experiences but guys, after a year and a half, and uploading a little more than 100 videos I am requesting this for the first time in the middle of the video don’t forget to share this video on your social media so that I can show Amsterdam to everyone! And for this entire series and for my small channel and to support upcoming series on this channel don’t forget to hit the subscribe button and the bell icon with that said, lets move toward Amsterdam! As majority viewers will come to Amsterdam from India, so let’s talk about flights first! as Amsterdam is the capital city of Netherlands their national flag carrier and biggest fight operator is KLM! and they operate regular direct flights from New Delhi and Mumbai! a return flight can cost around 35,000 to 45,000. Depending on the season! As fares change every second, its difficult to give you a proper idea, but if you want, you can watch my video on how to book cheapest flight tickets! in which I’ve shared all my tips and tricks using which I always book the cheapest tickets! As these flights are 8 to 9 hours long you’ll be spending the first day recovering from all this! But as soon as you land in Amsterdam you can see lots of blue KLM aircrafts lined up! And you have to take care of one thing at Amsterdam airport! its happened with me before, but it shouldn’t happen with you last time when I was traveling from Canada to India, I had a halt in Amsterdam I got off the flight, connected my phone to the wifi and called my mom she did not pick up and I put my phone in my jackets’ pocket obviously, this pocket just hangs like this! After that, I just walked down to the lounge for 3 to 4 minutes! as it was a 4 hour halt, so I decided to wait in the lounge! and right before reaching the lounge, in those 4 minutes I lost my phone! I went to the airport security, checked everywhere, but did not found it. It was stolen! Please be careful at this airport. I’ve been through this, you shouldn’t! Then the first step is visa check and immigration! for which I’ve already shared the entire detailed process with you in a different series! for which the link is flashing at the screen if you want, you can get all the information regarding a Schengen Visa The best way to get to the city from Amsterdam airport is to take a super fast train for which you can get the tickets at these machines which accept both, cash and card! which costs 5 euros and 50 cents! and this train gets you to the central station in 15 minutes! which is located in the centre of the historic city centre and various tourist spots and from here, boats, buses, trams and metro can get you anywhere in the city! What is that saying, one goes and another one comes! But if you’ve seen my Belgium series you should know, that I went to Amsterdam from Belgium and not from India, that too by bus! I have my bag here with me, an I have to change the setup regularly I have to put the gimbal in the suitcase and put the camera in the camera bag! I also have to fit my day bag in the suitcase, for which I need 30 minutes easily! but everything’s ready now and the bus is about to come and it will take us straight to Amsterdam in around 2 and a half hours I’m going there for the 4th time, but will be shooting a proper video this time! Thats right, I’ve been to Amsterdam before and last time I made a very brief video which has every little detail of all my expenses in Amsterdam if you want, you can go check that video out as well, which has around 1.2 Million views! The link is flashing on the screen right now! For now lets get to the bus in Antwerp, Belgium which you can take from Western Europe in any major city to get to Amsterdam! which is now is the website to book internal tickets anywhere in Europe! And I went to Amsterdam from Antwerp on 26th May with a ticket purchased from this account! A train ticket costs 30 Euros from Antwerp to Amsterdam but a bus ticket costs only 5 Euros! and as I was comfortable with evening departure I booked the euro line bus that took 3 hours which is a cheap but reliable bus company! And now it’ll take around 2 hours 20 minutes to get to Amsterdam and I’ve booked a hostel named Meinenger the one that I stayed in Brussels, they had a branch in Amsterdam as well, I am not staying in the centre this time, its just 2 metro stations away from here! and I can city in the front right now! and by the way this is Antwerp’s central railway station from where a lot of buses depart! And on the way, you’ll see a lot of windmills because these countries depend on renewable energy a lot! And these buses take a few halts to let passengers off and then go ahead you should always keep an eye on your bags over here so that someone does not take it away because a lot of these cases happen here I’ll just check mine for now! You should always get off on such stops and keep an eye on your bags so that someone doesn’t take your bag with them because a lot of robberies happen here, its not like there is no poverty here in Europe. So the journey is very comfortable, and the seats are very good The bus is also ok ok, I mean, its nod bad for 5 Euros! And as I told you in the Schengen visa video when going from Belgium to Netherlands, there is no customs border, or immigration check! and this one visa is valid in all 26 countries! and finally, after three hours, the bus came to its finally destination at the bust sop in south Amsterdam! The best thing about these stops is that they have free wifi so that you can make you public transport navigation for the city and can take some public transport and such bus stops are generally at railway stations there is a railway station right behind me you can get both, sprinter trains which are intercity, as well as metro trains so according to my public transport navigation, I have to take the metro and after three stops, I will be the nearest metro station to my hostel of which the name is, Meininger! So I connected my phone to the wifi and opened google maps and saw two Meininger hostels there but I was tying at the one at Amstel, hostel cum hotel! and I had both options to get there, local metro and intercity sprinter! I decided to take the metro, which also goes ahead to the central station, but I had to get off after 3 stops! Ticket machines are similar at every metro station and if you buy a ticket, it is valid for one hour in one direction! And I cleared everything about the platform number from the Information desk here although you can see it on the tv screens as well, human help is better! and I am at the platform, waiting for the train and I will take the next train, Sprinter runs quite frequently! But this is the metro and not the intercity sprinter and metro is cheaper than the intercity one, as it stops at all stations! and this metro also goes straight to the central station, so if you reach at this bus stop, you can take metro number 54 to central station and get a tram from there to get to your hostel! if you’re staying a little out of the city like me, for a cheaper accommodation like in Amstel in Meininger hostel you can get there in 3 easy stops! And we are at Amstel station now! Now this train is the intercity one, and this is the metro. While entering the platform, you have to checkin with the ticket and checkout while leaving and I have checked out spent 3.5 Euros for 3 stations which means around 70 Rupees per station , a total of 250 rupees. Most stations here have grocery stores and there is one right behind me you can always buy some bread, eggs, veggies etc from here else they have these small restaurants there’s burger king, McDonald’s because it was a little late, I just got a frozen pizza for 4 Euros I am now out of the station and I grabbed a pizza but I have to put the camera inside now as its raining, I’ll just take it out in the hostel now! While checking in I learned that Meininger is basically a hotel in which a few rooms have bunk beds and are made hostel style! hence they have all the services of a hotel! I booked this hostel using the worlds largest hostel booking website i.e. and in Amsterdam, decent hostel prices start at 15 Euros or 1200 rupees a night but as you get close to the centre, the prices will go up! and then I saw Flying Pig Downtown which is a party hostel which has a proper bar and is right in the centre of the historic downtown and I stayed here the last time but as they have a nice and huge bar, there are a lot of parties going on and a lot of youngsters stay here! but in in this trip, I wanted some peace and hence I booked the next in list which was Meininger Amstel which costed 21 Euros or 1700 Rupees per night! And this is a very good hostel, which has both, private rooms as well as dorms! and it is a very clean, modern and travel friendly hostel with attached washrooms in every dorm room and has a proper kitchen in the common area! The hostel has a good kitchen, but I don’t know how to cook but they have a full fledged kitchen with an oven as well I knew that would have an oven, the last Meininger also had one and so I’ve put the frozen pizza inside it’ll be ready in 30 minutes and after that I’ll just go to bed! there is a guy in my room, sleeping right now it was dark so I didn’t shoot any video there! I will show you the room tomorrow! Before I book a hostel, I always compare the prices on the actual hostel website just in case its cheaper there and for the three nights I was supposed to stay there, the hostel website showed a price of 17 Euros per night so I booked my 3 night stay in Amsterdam in a 4 bed dorm for 51 Euros or 4000 Rupees! which was costing 63 Euros on hostelworld! So I saved 12 Euros, which I eventually used to explore a museum! The hostel is actually very good and huge, it also has a very good common area and there are a lot of families here, like one behind me. There’s also a pool table here And this is the breakfast area and it is completely empty right now, and there’s no one here I’ll have my pizza in this corner there’s some light over here as well! Along with my pizza, I’ll do some editing lets see how much will I be able to edit! and the next morning when I woke up, the room looked like this! There was a small table two small beds with individual lockers and a bunk bed! Alright guys, its my first day in Amsterdam and I’ve trimmed my beard little too much I used the wrong comb today by mistake! so this is my room in Amsterdam in Meininger hostel its a little small compared to Meininger Brussels I took this bed last night, it was empty, and there two guys on the bunk bed who checked out today! and the housekeeping will clean it in a while and I think there is a girl on this bed I usually refer to get the corner bed, but it wasn’t available this time maybe when she checks out, I’ll switch my bed as I can get some space to keep my camera bags here! This is my suitcase here ronin is standing here and I plugged in all the electronics to charge on the table last night this is the trimmer with which I used the wrong comb today and thr room you can see is quite good, its like a hotel room and if you are a family of four, you can stay here, and it was unbelievably cheap Last time I was in Amsterdam, I stayed in downtown in flying pig hostel, with in uptown and downtown and its very close to the red light district and all the coffee shops people used to come back at 1:30 or 2 in the night and half of them used to be high! But as weed and other things are legal here so it used to be quite disturbing during the night and hence I got a hostel a little out from the city and its right next to the Amstel station! And from Amstel station, you can take a metro to the central station in just 3 or 4 stops! and from there you can start exploring the city and everything is very close to the centre be it red light district, Dams square etc with all the boat rides in the historic square as well, everything is close! This is pretty much the room! And o the next day, my roommates were 2 British girls, whom I asked about their dating apps! but you’ll see all that and my first day in Amsterdam in the next video in which I’ll show you all those things that you can do in Amsterdam on your first day without any ticket, or should I say free of cost! I hope you liked this video guys and if so, don’t forget to hit the like button and for more such videos and their timely updates don’t forget to hit the subscribe button and the bell icon! and these are the windows that are active during the night and their empty right now because its a Tuesday morning! There is no business right now! and the girls you see behind me are also staying at my hostel I just spoke to them and they are searching for some lockers near central station so that they can leave their stuff, explore the city and then check in in the hostel!

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