Americans on hot and horrible boys in the USA

express it in a respectful way to get more understanding and be just open to whatever it is like alright you’re cool very accepting of people coming visit definitely hey guys and gals on our Stephanies this is Cathy cat today in Tokyo we met some really cool people from the USA and we asked them what you have to do to be popular as a guy in the USA now you might have your own opinions on this but we’re gonna try and learn something from these guys and find out what makes you popular or unpopular as a guy in the USA let’s go a nice furnace in Japan so if a Japanese guy comes to your country and even if he’s handsome if he does that you kind of would make himself a little bit unpopular so what not to do when you come to America [Laughter] don’t believe the many stereotypes that are there you know don’t don’t so quickly believe that they are true give people a chance to like you know explain who they are because everyone has like different stories and everybody comes from different backgrounds so if you listen to what the general consensus is you probably will be unpopular because that’s not how everyone actually thinks and like you know what we actually feel okay so from my experience with Japan they’re two and a half years I think it like Jovi’s people tend to talk on a very surface level sometimes and they will just I kind of agree with things you know they don’t actually agree with it and yeah so like a lot of times in America especially in the United States where you have like this thing we’re like if don’t just a career is where I’m saying like have you have something to say like yes yeah I talked talked to me about it like if you don’t like it you don’t like it that’s fair like but I thinking and Japan is always like oh this one this one’s like like no just be fun be direct oh yeah that one yeah be direct do not do know what your hand does where it’s like this little exactly yeah do not do that we won’t we stick to that you will be very unhappy we were almost almost guaranteed not like you at that point like we because it will feel like you’re being fake service feel for like the truth is more like you know maybe hide the truth to be more polite but in Japan in America be the opposite that’s where like no be direct with me if you don’t like something tell me now do not ever respect you more I feel that you’re being more genuine and more open to being your true self if you are being completely honest and disagreeing with me if you actually disagree with the stereotypes I think I also thought like quit a lot of life’s are very similar here with the schools well in America there’s such a variety there’s so many different lifestyles and especially I mean we’re he’s from New York and I was living in New York I mean New York is everything in one little place it’s so diverse it’s so crazy in that way and like even like just there’s differences between cultures and cultures and cultures or cultural cultures in New York and all those cultures are technically different from the culture that you might know from that country so because it’ll be like you know this American now so I just dopey Americans so just we had different form of Americans and yeah it’s really hard to navigate but that’s what it is yeah so just be respectful of everyone’s thing and diversity you might see some stuff you might not agree with or maybe very different for you but that’s when you ask the questions to understand you know figure out things that you don’t know understand from there and if you disagree express it in a respectful way to get more understanding and be just open to whatever it is these are education is a little bit different in each one like you don’t always have the same different kinds there’s private schools public schools yeah on the other side on the flip side what would guys when they come to Brooklyn what should they not do because it would make them rather unpopular or don’t be too shy you can’t be too shy in New York no one is so maybe don’t be afraid to go all out don’t be shy watch out for other New Yorkers and don’t don’t be offended if another New Yorker is a little bit rude to you because everybody’s in a big hurry and sometimes even though they’re nice that I’ll accidentally be rude to somebody so don’t be offended should the guy not do when he comes to California because it would make him rather on pops it or anything you’d like oh but just be careful under that don’t be like anti so sure I like be very quiet just like be open and a lot of people be like oh you know he’s really cool and like easy to talk to so then more people are gonna want to talk to and just being like nice and like not being by yourself being like closed off that’s basically what if he doesn’t speak as well English and like some of them some Japanese people especially boys are sometimes a bit shy about like well my English mate might not be good enough what would you advise him like to speak anyways try your best yeah well my friend who or the guy who came from Japan to our school he didn’t really know that much English but at my school I guess there were some people who already knew Japanese so he became really close with them and they would almost translate for him so then eventually he kind of started picking up on the language and then he got super popular just trying to speak or like I think you would use he had like almost like a little phone and it would translate everything for him a polka talk or something like that it was really cool but he would just type it in and then it would speak it and translate it and then I guess he picked it up and now he speaks English pretty well so yeah there’s a chance for everyone kill me just do your best try to talk Munich eight yeah that’s exactly right comes over all the way goes to California what he have to do to be popular I do know someone who has come from Japan and he came like as a foreign exchange student and I think just his style or him just being from Japan in general he became so popular in my high school he was invited to every party he is I think you look cool he ended up being cooler than me then but yeah I think just him being himself from Japan everyone was like wow you’re so cool and the way he dressed and his cool hairstyles I think that just I think guys are just more accepting maybe at least in my school maybe he had his own style though that he brought with him yeah he was like I guess like really trendy I mean like he would wear a lot of the cool like almost like how you’re dressed like I feel like you’re just kind of cool he would dress like that like very unique very like almost like got different his style was really loud and instantly all the guys were like yo bro you look cool I don’t know it was interesting but yeah he got really popular just by being himself I guess so he actually had a very flamboyant fashion style and everyone liked it yeah yep that’s exactly right we’re talking about like being fashionable and like him having his own style so who’s like more fashionable at the boys at EC here on the streets and Harajuku or the boy study see in California what’s different shorts and like a t-shirt and then here they’re more like different color like jackets or like different shoes that you’d normally don’t see in California and they’re just like different hair styles and like they have like colorful hair and over there they’re more like beachy I wanna say almost like that beachy style California style Zuri casual and it’s just like easy you’re a skater type of style but here I actually see a lot of guys like in suits and stuff but when I was and we were just gonna be a lot of them were dressed like flamboyant I guess like I said yeah they were rockin all these cool styles but in California talk about t-shirts and shorts and you’re certain you’re let’s do it I guess like alright you’re cool yeah very accepting of people coming visit what a Japanese person if they travel to New York have to do to be popular first of all what would a guy from Japan have to do have to be to be popular in New York go to Brooklyn and say you’re from Tokyo so that ever alone will get you some friends that’s enough yes it’s like Japan real popular in Brooklyn’s that way very popular yeah and I think in my experience that around here they really like Brooklyn too so we have a mutual affection for each other just say hey I’m Japanese I come from Tokyo and you can make friends yes you know New York being the mixing pot that it is I think just you know we really appreciate individuality so I wouldn’t do too much to change who you are and but I’d flex a little bit you know it’s it’s the city especially in Brooklyn so just you don’t have to hold like the person that you are is totally fine to be open about it yeah be yourself if a Japanese boy Oman was supposed to come to your countries would you have to do to be popular I would say maybe be more friendly if you’re here people sometimes are more shy and standoffish and don’t talk to people they don’t know in America I would say you should talk to people you don’t know you should be more happy and yes Miley like hey what’s up it’s fine you could talk and just be I know we just would love to hear from new stuff and the culture yes we might there be more culture it maybe be open and be culture chat with strangers strangers about your country or Vargo attacks you a lot of stupid questions don’t mind that just just be happy and just talk it’s very simple just crack them when they do it but yeah it’s really dumb questions are gonna ask the Japanese person came to your American II just wanted to ask for supper knees questions like random questions fine that’s why I’m more worried about the opposite of that Americans ask the stupid questions that reasonable but well yeah what question would you be worried about there’s so many because there’s a lot a lot of Americans aren’t exposed to Japanese culture and things like that so they would just ask like a random question yeah that one cuz when I first moved here in to Japan they asked me does Japan have air net what because they’re confusing it with China with the sensor simulator and China so they’re confusing it with that one but yeah Americans don’t travel 35% over half have passports and ten but less than 10% have had to travel outside of Canada and Mexico so sometimes yeah so we don’t know that much so just come out talk to us and correct us we’re wrong if they ask some questions that kind of struggle you just smile an answer thing else that the guy would have to bring to the table to be popular when he goes to the States I think he would have to be versed in pop culture especially like music because that is a huge topic that we talk about a lot today so if they knew about current artists and current movies and things of that nature people will it’ll be easier to have conversations and to make friends and to be along you know the popular because they know all the cool hot things that are out now so for example all have you seen that Netflix show that just started exactly you know like season two of Sabrina because that’s out now it’s so good you know things like that if they knew about that and they’re more versed in it then they’re more likely to be amongst the popular cool kids don’t agree with everything have your own opinion that’s a big thing and it was probably a big challenge for many Japanese people because the harmony of the group is very important in Japan so some Japanese people tend to suppress their own emotions feelings thoughts and eye fears in order to look after other people now why in America it’s totally okay to bring in your opinion even if it might slightly offend or someone else but try to be careful with that I assume I also respect everyone’s culture and diversity Japan is so much more culturally diverse than Japan so if you go there be prepared and accept each other’s culture yes be careful also don’t be shy and don’t be offended is another thing that fun we’re interested sometimes people are a little bit more rough than they are here in Japan so be prepared for that and being Japanese might open you a lot of doors so just be open take in the American culture and you know have a good time I hope there’s something else you can add to that so what else should people do or not do when they want to be popular in the USA let us know comments down below I want to know that too so please please please comment also don’t forget leave a big like on the way out and if you new subscriber would be great join the team I catch you soon on – Tiffani’s speak

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  1. When ya come to England don't think we're posh, you'll be in for a big shock haha 😂 be friendly, polite, enthusiastic and open really

  2. インタビュイーに自由に喋らせることが良いですね。質問も的確です。

  3. Be your self. Learn about the area your visiting. Ask for help if lost or confused even with the language barrier, hopefully the person will be understanding, and try his or her best to help. This goes for most places out there, not all just some. My experience with Japanese tourists has been very positive. They're polite, and shy. Shame the language barrier gets in the way. Confused each other's direction when trying to help.

  4. The idea that you have to become popular is such an empty and banal thing to aim for. Let's be honest, popularity in the U.S. and many parts of the world is not based on how kind or cultured you are but instead just appearances: How good looking or rich you are. Why there's so much focus on this channel on trying to become popular? It's an incredibly juvenile goal.

  5. Definitely learn about what area in in the US you are traveling to, America is extremely diverse and you can't please everyone so the most important thing is to be yourself and don't be shy. Be assertive and don't be afraid to communicate with people regardless of the language barrier. Take some things with a grain of salt, or in other words let it roll off of you, don't take things personally just as the couple from brooklyn said. People will respect you more if you are able to speak your mind. When people say speak your mind/be direct but do it respectfully, they mean don't put down someone else's opinions or ideas. For example I usually say "I'm not really into Rap music, I just can't get into it," instead of "I hate Rap, it sucks."

    I'm visiting Tokyo Japan for the first time next week, hope to see you on the streets asking Japanese!

  6. Your headline is misleading. I thought it was going to be about asking Americans about American boys. So I wasn't sure. Watched and thought it was not up to your usual standards of life in Japan.

  7. What makes a guy popular in the US? Ans. – The guy should be from Japan. What makes a guy unpopular in the US? Ans. – The guy is from the middle east. Countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, India etc.

  8. Basically it’s get a job with good pay and you’ll be OK, dress cool in your own way, be outgoing, and just pay it forward so people will see you as a good guy with a lot to offer. People love that stuff in America. In big cities it’s your chance to show a little flex in your strut with cool new clothes with a nice haircut, or shave. In smaller cities or towns it’s more laid back ,but still try to create fun situations with the enthusiasm you give off. Like try and relate to or just notice somebody by noticing something they wouldn’t think someone would relate to ,or notice, but did! (if that makes sense) Popularity either just comes naturally to you, or you just gotta work on it. One, or the other. Be open to new experiences, attitudes, and just be humble. Cathy Cat would be super popular in America I’d think 😉

  9. The dudes at the beginning were like, "Ignore the stereotypes," but the two girls from California are a living stereotype.

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