American Traveling to Cuba?

What’s going on guys. It’s Jon coming to you from New York City. And I have just reserved my trip to Cuba. And I need your help. Alright guys let’s try this. I’ve never made a video before where I just made an announcement about something. I’ve got no travel tips. This isn’t a vlog. Just information today. I’m going to be going to Cuba for two weeks. Between about Christmas and the first week in January and I have never been more excited for a trip. There’s so much mystery surrounding Cuba. Especially from the perspective of an American. Traveling their in the past was pretty difficult with all the things you had to do. President Obama though if you weren’t aware this year has made traveling to Cuba a lot easier for an American citizen. You don’t have to go to an embassy anymore. You just have to fill out one piece of paper and they have direct flights starting this month from New York City to Havana. I’m going to be flying Delta and it’s just never been easier for an American to go there. And the reasons i’m going ..are many. I’ve always had an interest in Cuban culture, Cuban food, i’m studying Spanish. I’m going to look to use a lot of that Spanish when i’m in Cuba. Also I think that Cuba is such a mystery for so many people especially from the United States. That I couldn’t think of a better place to spend a couple of weeks trying to really document what it’s like to live there, to travel there. And i’m going to try to do all of those things . But what I’m asking you guys out there, especially the Americans. Is what are you curious about? What sorts of things do you think that I should explore, that I should try to discover? Because I’ve already got my own ideas. But you know I want to hear from you guys. Or if you visited Cuba in the past. What some of your favorite things. What were things that you would have avoided if you could do it all over? Certainly leave all those sorts of things, in the comments below. I’m going to be talking more about this trip as it gets closer. And the vlogs from Cuba will be coming out in early January. In the meantime I’m going to continue to make some videos about New York City. And some other travel tips vids as they come along. I’m almost at 500 subscribers. I want to thank everybody out there that has subscribed already, it really does mean a lot. Without you guys what would be the point of making these videos? If you haven’t subscribed already I encourage you to do so to follow the adventure in Cuba and other places. As time goes on. Be a part of where you go. Until next time, thanks for watching.

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  1. Not American, (Australia represent!) but still would love to know how you get around and how much things cost! Prices of hotels or guest houses and the best areas to stay in ! We are planning a trip in early march so this is perfect timing !

  2. We met some cubans in Belgrade and they were awesome. They had so much pride for thier country. Cuba is for sure on my bucket list.
    Super excited for your cuban adventure. -Ash

  3. I would love to travel to Cuba! Such an interesting destination. Looking forward to your Cuba videos!


  4. Cuba is on the table for me right now (as far as where I am going this month), but not sure yet. I am not sure if you have already heard, but there are two currencies circulating in Cuba the CUC and the Peso (moneda nacional). It's my understanding everyone uses CUC. Also, I've been told to avoid using US Dollars because it gets taxed an additional percentage; if anything use euros because of the better exchange rate.

  5. And here I thought spending christmas in Italy is cool (that's what we're doing this year) but Cuba seems even better! From what I have seen other vloggers say the internet is not great but it is definitely worth going so I'm excited to see what you will discover 🙂

  6. Really curious to see your vlogs from Cuba brother.The architecture there is really amazing, very ancient and colonial.Also all the cars are super old.You'll have a blast!

  7. Just came across your channel man.. I'm excited to see some of Cuba!! I've got plans to head over that way next year just as well, it just looks so amazing and interesting 🙂

  8. Make sure to like and subscribe. Here is the Cuba Playlist of all of my vlogs:

  9. Were you questioned by US Customs on your way back to the states? Did they ask for any sort of proof about about your reason for being in Cuba?

  10. OK I'm going to Cuba to see a doctor when the immigration office ask me why am I going to Cuba what should I say

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