Amelie – gnome (인형) cut

Hi, Dad! A new friend? I’ve had him for years. Your mother hated him,
so he lived in the tool shed. There. Let’s reconcile them. There. How about that? Dad, if you found a precious
relic from your childhood… how would you feel? Happy? Sad? Nostalgic? This gnome isn’t a relic. He was a retirement gift
from my old regiment. No, I mean something you hid,
like a secret treasure. I should varnish him
before the autumn. I’ll make some tea.
You want some? Something wrong No, nothing Nothing Your gnome’s gone. Is he back in the toolshed? Moscow
There. See? No explanation. He wants to see the world? I don’t know. I can’t understand it. Mail! ”Angkor Wat Temple” I don’t understand Brilliant! You were perfect. Did it work? It’s getting there. Ask me again anytime. The harm’s done. Harm? Everybody calls me Snow White!

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