Amazing Malaysian SEAFOOD FEAST in BORNEO | Food and Travel Channel | Sarawak, Malaysia

we’re in Kuching with Sarawak Tourism,
Sarawak is a state on Malaysian Borneo and today we’re gonna be eating a
seafood feast on the top of a carpark building plus we’re gonna be having a
food unique to Sarawak. I’m Thomas and I’m Sheena and we’re Chasing a Plate, we
hope you’re hungry, let’s eat! we’re eating at Top Spot tonight in Kuching which is a food centre that’s located on the top of a giant carpark building
and we have heard that this is the place to come for a seafood feast,
there are loads of different eateries here and they all have fresh seafood on
ice, there is so much to choose from there’s fresh fish, there’s bamboo cockles,
there’s squid, there’s stingray, there’s giant prawns basically choose what you like
the look of and then the style of cooking that you’re after, we can’t wait to try all of this food we have a gigantic seafood feast, let me
talk you through what we’ve got on our table we are starting with a soup which
is quite sticky and thick and it’s got sea cucumber and egg in it, we’ve got
a steamed manjung which is a type of fish we’ve got fried squid or sotong we’ve
got prawns which have been cooked with spring onion and ginger and garlic and
the smell wafting up from that plate is incredible, we’ve got a sweet leaf
that’s been cooked with some egg and last but not least we have got a plate of midin
which are jungle ferns and they are native to Sarawak we are super excited
to try everything that’s on the table this is midin and it is so beautiful
it’s been cooked with sambal belacan which is a fermented shrimp and chilli
condiment and then the fern itself is called a fiddlehead fern because
you can see the tendril there looks like the top of a fiddle and there are apparently over a thousand varieties of fern in Sarawak but you can
only eat eight or nine of the varieties, crazy, you would really want to get your
foraging right let’s give this a go that’s everything I love in a
vegetable, it’s really crunchy and tastes just so full of flavour, it’s not chewy at
all it’s just been cooked to perfection this is one dish that you have to eat
when you’re in Sarawak, it’s time to dive into this fish next because steamed
fish is best eaten as soon as possible I actually told you incorrectly
what the fish was I said it was manjung but it is actually jenahak which
is golden snapper and it’s just been butterflied as you can see and then it’s
been steamed with some ginger, there’s spring onions,
there’s carrot, I think maybe a little bit of coriander and then it’s just bathing
in this sweet soy sauce with a bit of oil let’s just dive into it, oh I barely
prodded it and it totally just fell apart it is so tender and I can just
lift that meat up, look at that, I’m gonna put that in
my bowl and eat it with a little bit of the ginger as well as that will make for
a really tasty mouthful hopefully okay, let’s go oh lost the piece of fish, mmmm it’s just been steamed to the point where it’s just right, it’s been whisked off the heat, it’s just melt in your mouth
I love steamed fish because the flavours of the seafood or the fish can really
shine it’s not overwhelmed by other flavours it’s really simple the ginger’s
quite strong and the fish is just super sweet, that’s just going to go so
well with this white rice that midin which I tried again in that
mouthful, this spread is really good so far I’ve managed to grab this giant piece of
sea cucumber so you can see it gets cut really thin and it’s just sort of curled
up here so let’s try just the sea cucumber portion got a really good texture, it’s got a tiny
bit of chew but it’s quite slippery tastewise, a little bit like the ocean
but really it just has the overall flavour of the soup actually like the sea
cucumber flavour oh now it’s going really bitter
oh yeah it’s gone really bitter now that the soup has all come off it oh
that’s really interesting oh it’s made my tongue go all tingly too, it’s really cool, hang on let’s just try I’ve got more sea cucumber but more soup this time yeah this is really good, this is really
good it’s gonna like balance out all these other stronger flavours like the
chili and garlic and stuff yum I’ve got to bite into these juicy looking prawns, so they’ve been cooked with rock salt, spring onion, there’s garlic and they smell so heavenly they almost smell like garlic butter and then there’s this light batter, they’re still in their shell, I’m just gonna rip that shell off, comes off pretty easy, oh no, oh yea okay so that, that was the shell, I thought
that was the batter but the shell it actually really thin and then there’s that
light crust over it so I’m gonna pull that apart and give that a bite so garlicky, really juicy and plump and
it’s still got a little bit of chew that’s just such a great flavour
combination garlic, spring onion just really punchy flavours, that’s a great bite I’ve gotta talk more about these jungle ferns or midin they are
really, really tasty and these have to be hand harvested in the jungle, like foraged, so they’re pretty special these look at this giant mouthful they’ve
got so much crunch, they’ve got that life of a green, that lively
flavour, the crunch, burst with juice sweetness, it’s got that sambal
belacan on it so it’s got a little spice, they are absolutely awesome this spread is absolutely awesome too,
we’re enjoying every dish so much there’s so much food so let’s dive in and just
clean this all up it’s not gonna be hard that was an awesome meal the hustle and bustle here is incredible there’s so many people all locals which
is great at the seafood stands there’s just everyone’s diving in grabbing what they
want, seafood’s flying in all directions and it was awesome such a good meal,
absolutely awesome food loved it it was so so good, thank you to Sarawak
Tourism for making this experience possible we are loving our time in
Kuching, Sarawak, remember to give this video a huge thumbs up if you enjoyed it, hit
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we hope we inspired you to eat and explore like a traveler, not a tourist, jumpa lagi, jumpa lagi!

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  1. Hi guys, this is our last video in our Kuching series. Thanks to Sarawak Tourism for sponsoring our trip to Kuching! We can’t wait to return to Sarawak next year to discover more of its amazing cuisine- we barely scratched the surface! Make sure you’ve subscribed to our channel: so you don’t miss out on more food videos. Next up- content from Perlis! We both really appreciate your support- thanks for watching, commenting, sharing and liking guys. YOU ROCK! Cheers,Thomas & Sheena

  2. Im sarawakian. But live in KL. After being exposed to spicy food in peninsular. i find sarawak food bit dull due to less spicy. So if u fan of hot and spicy dish , Sarawak dish a bit boring for u. and most my family still scared of my cooking because i usually add so much chili 😛

  3. Oh my… What a spread!… Just the two of u? U guys r indeed champions…. 'Seafood flying in all direction'..? .. Hahaha

  4. I’m early today. 👏👏👏. And oooh 😮 seafoods all for me. 😂😋😋😋😋😍🦀😍❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. Dammit, I love seafood. I wish I was there right now. Kuching is quite ok but Sabah is the heaven for seafood in Malaysia.
    Nice vid as always.

  6. This is one of the top reason I chose to stay in Sarawak even though I've got better job offered in Peninsular. I can't move on with the foods in Sarawak plus how cheap you can get them! Love your video!

  7. Is that sea cucumber 'gamat'? In Kedah, people dry gamat and take its oil to create ointment, to heal cuts and wounds, etc.

  8. OMG…Its look amazing and delicious..i already try once the jungle plant with sambal belacan…its bigger than from semenanjung..and im addicted..miss that giant jungle plant or pucuk paku in bahasa

  9. Notification squad here… I'm glad you tried midin. It is almost not available here in the peninsula. I crave midin 😛
    I haven't visited Kuching for more than 8 years now. looks like there's a lot of new things for me to see there. See, how big Sarawak is. 125000 square kilometers full of exotic flavours. I can't wait to see you exploring the flavours of all of the 12 divisions. So many plates to chase ha? 😀

  10. Found a 50% less picey Sushi at the market, eating it while watching your stunning meal and feel really happy 😀 Seafood is still my favourite "meat" and it's just a pleasure to explore those dishes with you, and the jungle fern triggered my attention because of the swirls, it looks soo funny! Never seen this dish before, another dish on my bucket list 😀 thank you so so much for sharing and thank you for that happy-time, where I eat and watch your video, now I feel so relaxed. Have a wonderful time ^^/

  11. The curly green fern is called 'pucuk paku'.. also available in west malaysia at the typical food stalls and restaurants.. when cooked as masak lemak, its a heavenly taste !

  12. I've been to sarawak few years ago…midin and sea cucumber soup i missed the most..and one more thing..the peaceful and harmony between each other races..

  13. Try eating the shrimp whole, shell and tail and all! (If they aren't the massive kinds). That kind of deep fried battered shrimp is meant to be eaten whole so that you don't lose the batter and you get the texture and flavour of the shell too. Sounds like an amazing meal!

  14. its been a while since i felt so hungry watching a video, the fern, the fish , the sotong everything looked sooo amazing, i wish to try such variety of choice in one restaurant, can i know how much they cost for each food? Well, cant wait for more vids!!

  15. I'm 1st …. Nah…I'm # I don't know what…but doesn't matter 😀 Both of Chasing a Plate duo…I love the Midin..thanks to you…in sambal belacan loved it more…you know what ASPARAGUS belacan is crunchy and nice too…The fish should also be good by steaming it with lime-fusion ingredients – "Ikan steam limau"…The soup looks soupy and thick, but still runny…I bet they use some corn starch as soup thickener…The prawns and squids…I'm putting my RM2 to bet that you love both so much…in whatever ways it is cooked…Nice place to end the Sarawak sojourn this time…the bustling place that just what both of you like it to be…for Jom Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan…

  16. +Chasing a Seafood Plate  Malay Words of the Day/Malay 101:   Seafood 🍤 – Makanan Laut 1) Sea Cucumber – Mentimun laut/Gamat (Cucumber 🥒 the vege is Timun). 2) Ray like Stingray – Pari. Or ikan Pari. Or some regions called it Tuka, esp the stingray that is lethal that could even kill people with it stings. 3) Shark 🦈 like Shark Fin Soup, or Jaws – Jerung. Ikan Jerung. 4) Whale 🐳 – Paus. Ikan Paus. 5) Eel, Unagi in Japan – Belut (Go and find restaurant that serves Belut delicacies). 😀 🍽  6) Prawn 🦐 and Squid 🦑 – You already ate it a lot. Udang and Sotong. 7) Crab 🦀 – Ketam. 8) Fish roes – Telur ikan (Telur – Egg).  9) Red Snapper – Ikan Merah. 10) Grouper – Ikan Kerapu. RM100 of seafood, por favor!!!

  17. hiii.. SELAMAT PAGI ..!! THOMAS AND SHEENA… !!!! selamat pagi !! thanks this video sarawak seafood todays.. i love it….!!! good editing… thomas..!! what breakfast guys today ??? now in kl or not ???

  18. I did a quick search for Top Spot and I see stall #25 is easily the most recommended…which of course is Bukit Mata. 👍 So, you tease me with the squid but you didn't sample it on film. 😂

  19. Look at these two Kiwis eating koru ferns in Sarawak! I love midin stir-fried in belacan! It baffles me that New Zealand has ferns everywhere, like a national emblem, yet no edible variety here. If you like midin, you should also try a few other yummy vegetables like kangkung (water spinach) cooked in belacan, pucuk raja (Chinese call it tee-wang-miaw) and bitter gourd cooked in salted duck egg. Yummy! If you guys eat seafood in Kuching, you should try 2 things: 1) “Umai” – which is Sarawak-style ceviche, usually they use raw mackerels cooked in acid from lime juice. 2) “O-chien” – Kuching Chinese-style oyster or mussels omelette dipped in super-salty (be careful!) soya sauce. While in Sarawak, make sure also that you try an Iban dish – “Pansoh”, which is chicken or pork cooked bamboo.

  20. Very good video, I was eating at that rooftop restaurant 11 months ago, shame you didn’t try some of the shellfish especially the razor clams….
    Look forward to your next food venture 🙂

  21. Try Lim Hock Ann Seafood next. I suggest you order Crab Meat Soup. Glad you finally try midin. I like Midin Goreng Belacan the best.

  22. For those 5 thumbs down 👎 people…If you did it without purpose then you can continue doing so if you feel happy doing it…but if you did it with purpose then please share what your grouses are here…so that they could try to improve it or "annihilate" what could be "annihilated" according to your displeasure…thanks

  23. that sea cucumber soup and midin belacan is a must dish to try when u go to Top Spot. anywhere,thank u for coming to Sarawak..

  24. i just ate here with family last monday.this is the place where i will go everytime i go to kuching.have u guys try mom’s laksa or mee sapi haji salleh at kuching?there are good food for breakfast…u should try it…

  25. Awesome! I knew you guys would feast at Topspot. I suddenly felt hungry while watching you guys eat all the yummy food!
    That sea cucumber soup (chinese style dish) is a favourite in Sarawak. You can even find this soup on the menu of a wedding banquet also where more ingredients is added eg. crab meat, sharkfin, etc. Most local (me too) will add some dark vinegar and white pepper to taste. Sorry, if I over commenting here. I'm glad you both enjoy your stay in Kuching.

  26. A reminder for those who wish to visit Malaysia, you can always ask for ‘kurang manis’ (less sugar)while ordering a drink, as the drink in msia is always tend to be on the sweeter side 🙂

  27. Hye Thomas & Sheena, if both of you thinking about coming to Kuala Terengganu, let me know, i can introduce you to the best food around here..

  28. This is a place we would love to eat one day. The concept is great and it looks so charming to eat your seafood dish surrounded by locals and other seafood lovers. Love this video!

  29. Saya senang melihat video mu
    Kamu orangnya lucu bicaranya menarik membuat penonton menjadi lapar lihat kamu makan
    Salam kenal ya dari Viva di jerman

  30. Very good food nice place for food and lots of nice food very good healthy food thank you for sharing good healthy food love all the food you both eat please Sheena don.t make funny face too much thank you good video.

  31. Em…em…em…Shenna selalu makan sedap lihat kamu makan saya jadi ikut lapar makanan malaysia hampir mirip makanan Indonesia ya Shenna selamat makan ya sampai jumpa lagi salam dari Indonesia

  32. Yes, Top Spot is my fav spot for seafood. Love this vid! Wishing you to come back to Kuching again for more food adventures.

  33. Sheena n thomas,pls stop refering to sabah n sarawak as states of malaysia.they r countries that joined malaya n singapore to form the country of malaysia.

  34. My fav place whenever I'm in Kuching.. superb superb good food . U guys make me miss Kuching so much. Thank you for your great vlog

  35. acually you can try just eat the prawns with the skin of, there's where all the favour come from, i always eat prawns with skin xD

  36. Wait. You guys didn't try Umai? It's a Melanau tribe's dish.
    There's Fish Umai, Squid Umai, Shrimp Umai, Jellyfish Umai, Seaweed Umai. I think there's other Umai too, but I haven't see/try them yet.
    Basically it's like Sashimi, the fish meat(or other seafood) cooked by the lime/lemon juice's acid.

  37. Is the crab there nice? Ahhaha im going there in November!! I want to know if the seafood there is nice hehheheh and what is your fav seafood there?

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