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Hi I’m Thomas and I’m Sheena and we’re
Chasing a Plate, today we’re in Malacca Malaysia and it’s time for a Malaysian
breakfast, we’ve come to a real local spot to try charcoal cooked roti canai
and also it wouldn’t be a Malaysian breakfast without nasi lemak,
we’re starving, let’s eat! We’ve ordered a spread we’ve got rroti canai, we’ve got
a nasi lemak with chickens rendang and we have a nacho roti which is pretty
out there so the amazing thing about this place which, I can’t remember the
name of the restaurant so as always details down below it’s got quite a long
name, that’s why I can’t remember it, Roti Canai Kayu Arang, that’s wrong again but
details down below in the description box we always lists the places we’re
eating at and don’t forget to subscribe while you’re down there. Now we ordered
the roti canai because it’s cooked over charcoal like Sheena said earlier
well all the roti here is cooked over charcoal which is super unusual normally
it’s cooked on a gas hotplate but here the giant hotplate is
over red-hot charcoal which hopefully will give it a slightly different taste
it’s definitely very crispy but I’m gonna try that
second, first I’m gonna try this roti nacho so what it is is roti or bread
with I can see red cabbage, green, yellow and red peppers I can see chicken mince
which has been cooked in some sort of spice, I can see at least two types of
cheese, seriously crazy and not what I expected to find at a restaurant like
this because we’ve come quite a way out of Malacca City to a little kampung or
village so this is quite an out-of-the-way restaurant but not hard to get to so
it’s definitely worth a visit but let’s try this Mexican nacho roti it’s got mayonnaise too so the
mayonnaise is giving it a real twang then you’ve got the peppers, the mince is
cooked in like a very Mexican tasting spice mix, and the bread because it’s sort
of crispy it’s kind of like nacho chips or corn chips when they’ve gone a little
soggy but they still have a little bit of a crunch. I’m gonna try some more because this
is one of those dishes that you can’t help but giggle when you eat cos it’s
just a bit, a bit crazy It’s really good, like really really good,
I wasn’t expecting it to be that great to be honest but it’s amazing I can’t
for yout to try that one Sheena. let’s try this
this roti canai though because I’m really interested in tasting the
flavour of it when it’s in its basic form like this so that roti is still
cooked over charcoal but because of all the added ingredients with the Mexican
one it just tastes like normal roti so let’s rip some of this plain roti
off what makes it roti canai is it comes with some dal or some curry in
this case just a dal with some sambal but I’m gonna try the bread by itself
just to see if it’s got a flavour, oh that is such good roti, it doesn’t really have any charcoal-y or
barbecu-esque flavours it’s just a beautifully cooked roti and I imagine cos of
the perfect heat they’d get from the charcoals it must be able to just cook
them really well in and controlled. Let’s try it with the dal and a little bit
of sambal that dal is full of flavour, really punchy, the sambal has a tiny spice and that dal is not watery sometimes I find
dal can be much too watery that’s really creamy,
this is really good both of those are amazing that’s a great roti canai
it’s so simple so tasty and they are just going to make
me laugh every time I eat this nacho roti hahaha. It wouldn’t be breakfast
without a nasi lemak we are absolutely addicted to this dis. This one comes with the coconut rice so rice cooked
in coconut milk and pandan leaves there’s a dollop of really dark red
sambal or chilli on the side, there’s some roasted peanuts and some ikan bilis which
are the fried anchovies, there’s slices of cucumber, there’s also some kankung or water spinach or Morning Glory that looks like it’s just been maybe just
boiled and then cooked in like a really light gravy and then there’s a fried egg
on top and I also added some chicken rendang which looks really good too
because the sauce is sort of gonna meld in with sambal and then give
that rice a bit of a kick I’m just gonna get into this, the rice looks really
fluffy and soft I’m just gonna go for sambal, rice and some peanuts maybe a
little bit of egg and see what that tastes like it is such a satisfying dish! I know a
lot of people can’t get used to eating rice in the morning but trust
me once you jump on that bandwagon you will never want to get off it is so
filling, so satisfying and this one is really good.
I’ve got to get into this roti, now with all this filming that we do often we get to eat a lot of cold food so I’m looking forward to seeing how this
roti stacks up against the passing of time because it’s been a while but like
just from picking it up it’s still really crispy I’m just gonna dunk it in
that dal dal all over my face oh my god
that is really really good a lot of the time if you leave roti for ages it gets really dry and hard to eat, not so with this one, it’s still really crispy, soft
and it may be like a little bit cold because we’ve left it sitting there for
so long but it is no less tasty and that dal like Thomas said has got a
lot of flavour. I’m a huge fan! we were just speaking to the Aunty here
at the restaurant and she said we had to try the roti tampal which is an egg roti but the more famous well not more famous but well known egg roti is the roti telur where the eggs are inside the roti, this one, the basically fried eggs are on top of the roti so they’re on the outside and
when you wiggle the plate you can see that the eggs are just cooked so the
yolks are all wobbling about as I wiggle the plate around, this looks so awesome I
can’t wait to rip into it because those yolks are just gonna explode
I reckon I’m gonna stop talking cos this is gonna be some epic slow-mo so let’s
film some slo-moes of ripping into this thing how good did that look? Those two yolks
just exploded like a volcano so awesome so a lot of subscribers have
told us to try this dish so it’s pretty exciting to finally get to try it and we
really love it when we get food advice from all our subscribers
it helps us so much in our food hunting because people like us are giving us
tips and we hunt food we go places for food, we travel for food and
getting advice from other people that go through life like we do, hunting food it’s
invaluable to us so thank you for all the tips to all the subscribers, it’s very
very helpful and this looks like one heck of a tip oh perfectly cooked egg with that
incredible roti underneath, which is I think the best roti I’ve ever had in
Malaysia it is texturally just incredible that’s such a good combination it’s
really simple there’s no spice, no peppers there’s no anything it’s just
roti and egg such good flavours they go so well together and it’s I mean roti is just
bread so it’s like egg on toast but the roti’s got that beautiful
texture that bit of crunch so it’s like egg on toast to a whole other
level that’s really really tasty. I can’t wait
to try it it’s like this beautiful yolky eggy mess, I’m gonna dunk this into
the sambal and dal mixture and give that a go that is heavenly Wow Wow Wow, if you are in
Malacca you have to come here for breakfast that was like the most epic
breakfast ever, it was, like mind-blowing it’s amazing how something ohhh back it
up we’re about to get run over it’s amazing how something that you can
have every day here in Malaysia has such a variance and that was just next-level
roti particularly having it in the canai version so the basic just roti
by itself that really showed the quality of that, totally worth the trip it’s not
far out of Melaka town we just got a Grab car here and it was pretty
inexpensive, do it, directions down below or restaurant name and so you can find
this place too if you’re staying here, travel here ,eat
here, incredible loved it and if you have any suggestions as to different types of
roti that we should be trying let us know in the comments below
we hope we inspired you to eat and explore like a traveller
not a tourist thank you so much for watching and we’ll see you next time,
if you liked this video please give it a thumbs up, jumpa lagi!!

100 Replies to “Amazing MALAYSIAN BREAKFAST- ROTI cooked over CHARCOAL, MELAKA | Food and Travel Channel | Malaysia

  1. Hi guys, this video features the BEST roti we have eaten in Malaysia to date πŸ˜πŸ˜‹πŸ˜† If you have never visited Roti Canai Kayu Arang it’s a must eat on your next trip to Melaka. And a HUGE thanks to everyone who suggested we visit. We loved it so much.This won’t be our last trip to Melaka so keep your suggestions coming- your food tips have been invaluable and it’s awesome to hear from you all. Make sure you’ve subscribed to our channel: so you don’t miss out on more food videos! Thanks for watching, commenting, liking and sharing our content guys. Hope you enjoy this one! Cheers,Thomas & Sheena

  2. Notification Squad here πŸ””

    Charcoal is cheap here, you can buy a box of it for maybe less than RM5 here. A good alternative to the widely used liquified petroleum gas tanks which costs waaaay more (but LPG costs less in Sarawak. We have LPG pipelines so we can cook a lot πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚).
    Anything cooked over charcoal is great for me. So bad the only things cooked over charcoal here in KL that I've found are satay, chicken πŸ” rumps, gizzard, hot πŸ”₯ wings and occasionally, goat 🐐. Back in Sarawak we barbecue a lot and we put almost every food on charcoal including the chicken πŸ” in bamboo (manok pansoh). You have to come to Sarawak for their fresh barbecued meat, notably the Dayak rumah asap. Hoho… I can't wait to come back home end of this month and grill or smoke every single meat πŸ– in out freezer… πŸ˜™

  3. You guys…you should eat roti canai banjir (flood) just flooded the roti with all the dhall…that is how i eat roti canai…hahaha…that awesome both of you…have a safe travelling you much joy watching you both eating…hahaha

  4. I’m just full. Alhamdulillah… our lunch is from Ubon Thai restaurant green and red πŸ› curries with coconut rice, but Still Sheena is again the winner for me bcoz of the Nasi lemak.πŸ‘ πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ½

  5. Wow guys…definitely my thumbs cant be put down anymore everytime u guys upload a new video….d moves Sheena…great….thx for d tips too guys…never knew thrs unsung restaurant serving great roti….gonna try nxt time…cheers guys

  6. Here is a million dollar idea..
    Hotdog. but instead of using bread, use roti canai.
    open up a cart in the middle of NYC. perfect hipster trendy food. boom.

    just like NY raindrop cake. We had that for ages. the mat salleh took it, deconstructed it and becomes "NYC’s hottest new dessert ". lol

    We sold roti canai back in uni in ChCh. the local loved it.

  7. I've never tried Roti Tampal but ooooooh hell that looks damn good. Sunny side up has a new meaning ! And once again.. WHY DO YOU POST IT SO LATE AT NIGHT!?!?! You guys are sadistic .. : P

  8. you guys are making me hungry. welp off to mamak for me! try a roti banjir though next time. just a regular roti drowned with kari or dhal. banjir literally means flood so there you go!

  9. First time see plp eat roti until laugh, how funny is the roti? haha
    Anyway just a reminder, please dun upload video after 9pm, we malaysia just finish our dinner and your video make us wanna go for supper.

  10. Wow!! I've been to Melaka several times but never come across this place. Will definitely go on my nxt trip. Keep on hunting guys!

  11. I'm calling nasi lemak anonymous, you guys are addicted! Lol. Love the look of the charcoal grill, I love it when things are cooked that way as like u say it's a different flavour. Look at the daal! I'm not normally a huge fan but this looks tasty!

  12. OMG!!! That is the most perfect Roti Tampal I ever seen. I do love roti tampal but most restaurants over cooked the egg . Thanks for hunting guys, definitely will give a try the next time I'm in Melaka. 😊

  13. Great breakfast guys, roti tampal, it look awesome, never know it exist, OMG, i missing alot in food haha… love to try one, maybe one day when i come to Melaka…nice video guys…

  14. i've been there many times when i was in Malaysia but never try the Roti tampal. it looks sooo good and mouth watering. definitely will try it later. i really really like your videos. you make it so fun to watch especially for people who are far away from home like me. keep it up guys! i will definitely try all the food in your videos that i never try before once i arrive home next year! i hate it i need to wait another year to have the malaysian goodness and you guys can just live your life eating good food everyday!

  15. Awesome and great video
    . Welcome to malaysia .hope. you enjoy our culture and food. Enjoy it guys…

  16. When Thomas said "karu ayang" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Ayang is what we sometimes use as a pet name for our partners, kind of like honey, babe, my love, etc. So cute! Awesome video as always btw guys. Much love from a Malaysian in Auckland!

  17. 0:49 Thomas : "Roti canai Karu Ayang. ughh. That's wrong again"πŸ˜‚

    "Kayu" = wood
    "Arang" = charcoal

    Nasi lemak with water spinach is so delicious. Rarely can find them nowadays. Btw I love to watch all your videos

  18. hii… good morning thomas and sheena… !!! how are you today??? malacca is raining morning now !!! thanks for this new video..

  19. I know it's all relative but three plates of food plus four drinks for $4.75 makes me smile. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Even if I had never heard of it, I would definitely order roti nachos just out of curiosity. Hilarious. Great breakfast indeed. πŸ‘

  20. Hey guys. I'm back to drop in another suggestion. As you are big fans of roti canai, you might find this documentary interesting. The only downside is that the documentary is in Malay. So perhaps you can get a friend to help translate lol. But in any case, the documentary shows a rather wonderful looking roti canai place in Kedah and perhaps you might want to check it out if you ever travel up north. Here's the link to the documentary

    By the way, as always, your video here is awesome. I really had no idea that there was such a great roti canai place in Melaka. I'm definitely going to drop by that place when I'm in Melaka next time.

  21. It's look so good! I'm hungry now XD I liked your video! I make videos about Italie and France, check them if you have time πŸ˜€

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    Happy hunting and travel safe guys

  23. Dear Sheena & Thomas,
    Please do try the food from Borneo Sarawak. Such as Laksa Sarawak, Mee Kolok or Mee Kering same noodle but two different name. It's the best breakfast menu in Sarawak 😊

  24. Wow! I myself have not even tried yet those roti nachos and roti tampal. Your videos are such an eye opener even for a local like me. This is my first time seeing roti nachos and roti tampal. So interesting the colour and the presentation of roti nachos. It looks like "we are having a Mexican party" and that runny eggs on roti tampal looks super awesome! Yummmeh! In my area where I'm living I don't think we have roti nachos or roti tampal. Definitely going to try those rotis if I'm going to Melaka! Thanks guys! Cheers!

  25. eversince i watched this yesterday… i've been obsessing over that roti tampal n showing the video to my family members to lure them, lol. it just look like… heaven on a plate… uhh… yeah something like that. hahah. i seriously never had that, and now i'm going to stalk roti canai restaurants n stalls nearby to see if i can get my roti tampal too since i don't think i'm going to Malacca any time soon… n i don't know if it's just at places i happen to go to.. but it seemed over the recent years… the quality of mamak's roti canais isn't what they used to be (unless it has always been this way n it's just the evolution of my tastebuds lol) … the rotis now often get too tough n rubbery once it gets cold. malay stalls' roti canai n dhall, even their teh tarik in general though have been surprisingly impressive to me over the recent years. their rotis have more buttery taste n remain soft even when they get cold, n nice creamy dhall. then again, maybe i just got unlucky with the mamaks at my area n got lucky with the malay stalls i went to. either way thank you so much for this mouth watering vid n for introducing me to my new goal… roti tampal. haha… love your videos n appreciate that you guys include great details n infos for each places of your discovery in your descriptions. keep up the great work! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  26. increadible breakfast! Roti canai and nasi lemak always my favourite breakfast! That's why I am mouthwatering when watching this :p

  27. Wow.. That looks delicious. Seriously, I love all of your videos. There's a lot of good recommendations that I enjoy and would like to try. Even me, myself never tried this restaurant before. My relatives at Melaka also never heard about this place. Will make sure to try it by the end of this week. Have a safe journey in Malaysia guys =)

  28. been watching all your vid and i hope you guys take exercise after this haha. roti tampal and nasi lemak are so yummmm!!! you make me hungry again….. and nasi lemak is definitely everyone's favourite πŸ™‚

  29. ah man, u guys were in melaka? thats my place…i would've told you to go to the best satay in the world at the Jiki Food Court (okay i maybe exaggerating but it really is seriously good) and also the insanely good Burger Maut (if u guys love the ramli burger…this one a level higher, google it…it use live fire to cook the patty)

  30. Actually roti canai kayu arang which roti canai is cooked using charcoal is very rare to find anywhere in Malaysia. I think it is only found in Malacca. Not everybody knows how to cook anything using charcoal nowadays. The common cook using charcoals traditionally is satay. The other maybe baking traditional local breads, buns using charcoals.

  31. oh my god..i have try that before…but not in that place of course…
    but still for me..nasi lemak..and roti canai are the best food for breakfast in my opinion…hehehe..better than a five star hotel food…if you agreed with me…hehe

  32. Melaka is the ONLY place/state, they eat Roti Canai with ASAM PEDAS GRAVY. And uhhhh.. it's reaaaaally good!!!! Try them…google😊😊

  33. ROTI refined bread- from India too… PAROTTA.. aka sounds LIKE BAA ROO DAA.. South indian way of spelling… BUN PAROTTA…

  34. Hi Sheena and Thomas
    You know its not easy to get creamy dhall with bitsy sambal in Melaka.Its what we like but most time we get runny dhall. The roti cooked on charcoal should be really tasty and nice.Thank you for one heck of a tip! Heavenly,OMG …jumpa nanti ya! Thank you for sharing.
    Norma Kassim

  35. The simple roti came a long way to what I remembered. Plain w/curry, w/egg & onions or w/sprinkled sugar. The Arabs were more elaborate, w/mince mutton or beef call martabak. Soon we'll be getting pizza style roti or Mexican kesadia.

  36. Hi Chasing Plate, I will be in Malaisia, on April. Where did you sleep during your trip ? In each town ?

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