Amanda & Jennifer’s Mosie Baby Conception Journey

Harper can you say Mosie Baby? good
girl! can you say Mosie Baby? nice job! took some time took some planning took a
lot of thinking. First it took a lot of debating between who was gonna carry the
baby first. Based on our finances and our living situation and things we decided
that Jennifer would be the first candidate. We started off by going to a
fertility doctor and just from the initial consultation we were like this
is not for us. We financially can’t afford it, I don’t want to have to wait a
year and a half. I wish we’d have known from the beginning that we could we
could have done it ourselves. So on choosing a sperm donor when we first
went to the initial consultation with the doctor we asked about you know using
an anonymous donor versus known donor and with a known donor we would have to wait
six months for it to be quarantined and go through all these tests to make sure
you know motility and stuff like that and we weren’t willing to wait six
months. And we thought if we use a known donor at home it’d be more intimate for
us. I came across mosie baby when you know we were trying the medicine syringes and
we were trying the soft cups and I was getting frustrated so I literally went
on Google and searched you know Conception device, conception
syringe. I remember we like played with it to see
like what’s so special about this thing but you saw the little gasket in
the tip of it like go all the way to the end and we were like oh ,none of it’s gonna get
wasted and caught like in the other ones. It was more comfortable to use it
was more intimate for both of us – we didn’t have to go through the doctor, we
were able to do it with each other. It was definitely important for us that
we were able to conceive at home versus having to use a doctor. We wanted to be
like to have that closeness and to know that it was me that got her pregnant not
whoever the doctor might have been. I don’t think that we’re like the modern
family, obviously. This is normal we’re just a regular family like anybody else.
We’re a regular family with jobs and bills and heartache and stress and kids
and it’s responsibilities just like everybody else. That’s definitely taught me that love is
unconditional and I think on top of love being unconditional it doesn’t matter
it’s the hard times that you may go through as long as you have each other
on the end it’s it’s gonna be okay. This is what makes us proud
right here, what makes everything worth it. Just seeing her
happy and knowing that we’re able to do it and we’re able to do it on our own

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