Amadeus and NDC

For more than 30 years Amadeus has been at the heart of the travel industry. Pioneering. Collaborating. Driving digital transformation. And now leading the way on NDC with our NDC-X program – backed by constant investment and innovation, the talent of our people, smart technology and a global footprint. Alongside United Airlines we pioneered NDC for travel agencies, back in 2014. We were one of the first companies to achieve level 3 certification as an IT provider in 2016. [Graphic: Altea. New Skies] And now, a level 3 certified aggregator. In 2017 we engaged with airlines and travel seller customers around the world to design an NDC strategy that works for all of us. Today we’re working with IATA, multiple airlines & travel sellers [Graphic of airlines and travel sellers] across the globe… and evolving our Travel Platform to be more open, connected, and dynamic. Bringing more capabilities to market, to make NDC a success. It’s a collaborative project based on listening first, responding fast, and staying agile. But our vision hasn’t changed. We’re committed to integrating content from all sources, giving airlines new ways to distribute their content and travel sellers new ways to access it. By helping airlines become digital retailers and travel sellers compare more diverse content – via more channels and devices – we’re making travel better for business and travelers. What will the future bring? It’s up to all of us to answer that question. But we know that by shaping a messaging standard that works for all of us, we can create new foundations today for a vibrant travel industry tomorrow. Learn more about NDC at

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