Alto Safari Condo Full Walk-Through | Teardrop Camper Trailer

so we’re still in florida and we’re
visiting Kait’s family her aunt and uncle actually have this
awesome teardrop trailer we saw a bunch of these at the show so we thought we would walk you through this one it’s an Alto by Safari Ccondo and a great
feature about this is this whole top actually lifts up so that when you walk
in you can actually stand in the whole trailer we saw a lot of the more that
wasn’t really possible you kind of had to crouch down but not in this one so let’s go in and take a look I’m inside the Alto this is with the top down I’m 5’11” and I can almost stand straight up not quite but this is perfect if you
want to come in grab something out of the fridge use the bathroom or just have a quick
meal without actually popping the top there’s also enough room let me show
you over here there’s enough room if you want to sleep with the top down but
we’re about to show you how easy it is for the top to come up one incredible
thing about this is you cannot hear a thing so the whole top is up and actually
starts back here and gives you room across the entire roof and then this
piece actually folds up and out to create a much larger room inside so let’s go in and see what it looks
like all popped out now that the trailer is up we have to bring up the cushion in the
back because this whole piece came up and out lift up there you go there is a ton of room in here with all
the windows and everything it actually feels like a tree house it’s amazing how much light this let’s in
I can actually stand almost all the way back to the bed without hitting my head
so let’s see right about there and there’s a ton of room two beds you
can actually put something in the middle to create a larger bed there are curtains that cover all of the
windows in this coach you just unlatch them and then roll them
down there is a curtain that goes across the middle so if you want some sort of
privacy while you’re sleeping someone’s in the bathroom or having
dinner you have that option they did not get
the wet bath option but it is a bathroom a lot of storage in here and small
toilet it does have a black tank this is not a cassette toilet it has aircraft quality latches so just push that in you’re locked open so Safari Condo has actually built in a
lot of storage to the Alto you look under the bed this is all storage there’s also storage on this side and you’ve got your water heater under here water pump so all that stuff is accessible this goes all the way back so it came with these really cool wedges stick them up against the window and now you have a really comfortable place to sit read work and this is a really it’s a very hard foam but it’s perfect for your back I feel like I’m on a very comfortable
couch right now so Kait could be sitting across from me there’s also a way to bring the table
over here so we could sit eat again work do stuff nice little area little lights bedside lights on both sides a little counter and the back window opens for nice
ventilation so there’s a fantastic vent up above simple knob model the galley area is very well set up there’s your sink faucet will pop up there is a gas stove with two burners little cutting board small microwave and then again storage for all of your stuff there’s a small Dometic refrigerator
this runs on propane in the galley is also the controls for the
Domestic AC unit it’s got AC as well as a furnace and a heat pump and from what our family tells us
it works very well in this unit the light switches are actually hidden
behind this little cabinet and then you have a nice
storage area on both sides and they are held in by velcro so this isn’t
going to come flying open while you’re driving down the road they’re also more curtains
here on the side bring those up and over and here is a dining area since you are limited on space they have done something that if I’m sitting here and someone
needs to get in on that side I can simply slide the table over the table also turns if needed but again I mean very comfortable area there’s a nice LED strip light above here I’ve got plenty of headroom and again i have these huge expense of
windows that just let everything in so if you’re in the forest you literally feel like you’re in a tree
house in here this is awesome so we’re really impressed this is a small trailer I believe that weighs in just under
2,000 pounds dry it’s got a max weight of 2,700 pounds so
after your water and that you probably left with about 600 pounds of
cargo capacity which for something this size
is fantastic this is a great option for those looking
to tow behind a Jeep and kind of really get out there and don’t have that
huge towing capacity of a big truck or something so this is a this is a great little
setup we really like it so here’s the info system for
the tanks hold that down it will show you how you doing switch
for the water pump this is the switch to raise and lower
the top similar to Joe my favorite feature
about this trailer that I’ve not seen anything else
is all the amazing windows and the views in here I’m sitting across from Joe and you know
granted were in a neighborhood right now but the windows just makes me feel like
I’m a part of the outside without being in the elements it’s a the little cold in
Florida right now and it’s nice to be in here but still feel
connected to the outside what do you think about downgrading to
this travel trailer? I could I could definitely go for
the camper van or something or one of those supports of those Sportsmobiles we saw
at the RV Super Show I think this would be awesome if we wanted to
take the Jeep and go find some really cool back roads my problem with it is I don’t think I could
live full time in it there’s no full-size shower so there’s a
they have an extension here or a little thing where they can hook it up to the side
and there’s an outdoor shower so that’s nice it’s convenient but it doesn’t really work if you’re
out in the snow or something down it goes so this Alto has an aluminum skin and one very cool feature I found was this
outdoor light now while this is simple most rvs like ours you actually have to
go inside to turn on the light and that doesn’t help me out very much when I’m you know it’s dark I’m fumbling
for my keys I can’t see the keyhole all you have to do is turn that on you
got light simple coming around got a 120 volt outlet two of them
down here on the roof two small flexible solar panels so this is going to charge your
batteries while you drive or you’re just camped and a very nice accessory rail
that goes all the way over we’ve been told you can add things like
an outdoor tent bug screen all sorts of stuff using this 12 volt deep cycle battery 5 gallon propane tank underneath here there’s a spare tire and the rated tongue weight for this
is 300 pounds coming around the side there’s a locked
access panel also locked freshwater tank you have your outdoor shower here and then 30 amp plug before you get too excited about this you should know that there
is a year and a half waiting period right now to get an
Alto by Safari Condo so if you really want one put your order
in now it actually took my family nine months
to get theirs and that was two years ago our favorite thing about this trailer is that no matter where you are
you get a fantastic view again you could be in a forest out
in the desert and it feels like you’re sitting in a
tree house just looking out over the world and my favorite part is that even
if I’m standing using the bathroom I have a wonderful view

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  2. So if you take a dooky in their it's going to stink the whole camper up….LOL…That's almost like a prison toilet

  3. All the new technology and features bring the price up. People who think it’s too pricey need to realize that. If you like that stuff, you have to pay for it.

  4. Way cool, but pricey, technically complicated. The deal killer is the crapper in the middle of the unit, no walls, no curtains, nothing.

  5. The toilet is in the middle of everything and when you use it the door has to be open!? YELLS AT FAMILY* "ALRIGHT EVERYONE ONE….OUTSIDE…. IM PRERRY DOGGIN IT…. Hussle hussle move it!!! "

  6. Cool for the size. Sux towing big stuff on tight, rural roads. This looks perfect for that type of thing

  7. Yikes, what could go wrong with that opening roof? And what would that cost to repair? To make that trailer usable, you have to raise the roof pretty much every time you park. Just like when windshield wipers freeze to a windshield when it's frosty, will this thing work if it's below freezing?

  8. What’s a “ton of room?” The fish eye lens affords a panoramic view, but id likryo see it in actual view as well.

  9. Safari… stell mir grad vor wenn diese Familie die afrikanischen miliz und rebllengruppen kennenlernen LOL sowas wie urlaub ist doch schon längst viel zu gefährlich

  10. I hope this was just a demo & not something you purchased @ 27K
    You could've gotten way more anything for that cost

  11. Guys, I think the price is for the design and the way the electric top pops up. I mean, it's a bit small for the price but I guess the way the design is it's a decent price..? However, I'd buy a used one or just the shell. I'd personally pay maybe 7k for the shell, though. 27k is not cheap for the average person trying to live cheaply… which is kind of the point of people getting in on the tiny home life. I can build my own poo bucket corner and put mats on a block of wood for like $40.

  12. 🚍🚙🇺🇸🚍🚙🇺🇸🚍🚙🇺🇸🚍🚙🇺🇸🚍🚙🇺🇸🚍🚙🇺🇸

  13. $27,000 and you have to wait a whole year to get one? Why is the toilet in the middle of the camper? Buy a used/low mileage regular cargo van like Chevrolet express, GMC Savanna, Ford Transit etc for under $16 k and convert the interior into a livable space. At least you’ll get an engine to go with it and not need to tow it for $27 k. lol

  14. I'm sorry but that is WAY overpriced. I was looking for a camper to use instead of renting during college, renting would be cheaper than buying this

  15. How did you get to see an Alto in Florida? I'm interested in getting an Alto. Any available used around you know of?oh it's your family's.

  16. open top??? what good is it when mosquito attacking you while sleeping? oversize and over price white elephant. i'm doing DIY mini-camper moveable and fit into the garage. go to my youtube video check it out:: part I-II in full progress DIY mini-camper fit in the garage with shower, toilet and indoor kitchen under 1000 lbs and under $1000, not including the jet ski trailer ($150)

  17. Better than an A frame. Just don't forget to move things out of the way when bringing back down the top. ehh.

    Reading comments about pricing in several of the videos.
    I fully agree all campers and trailers are so expensive for what you get. But remember if you aren't building it yourself then you're paying for parts, manufacturer costs like warehouse and liability insurance, operation costs, labor, manufacturer profit, and most of all that to the dealership too.

    The rich buy it. The poor make it. It's simple mathematics.

  18. Way over priced. Too many things and moving parts to break down . A-frame trailers half the price and much easier to maintain.

  19. Have you heard of Taylor Coach? We have a 2011 Taylor Coach..we luv it!!! If you utube 2011 Taylor Coach can see ours! 1480lbs dry/add 520lbs for storage..2000lbs!! We tow with a 4cyl Hyundai suv.

  20. Dont like the toilet at all, and the cost 27k is is for people with money to throw away and dont take the time to look around . IVE seen hell better campers with more options for less money.

  21. Re: the cost. Much better build quality than most RV’s. Well thought out floor plans. Towability. High resale. We’ve owned a [email protected] for 10 years and heard the same about them. We lust after this trailer!

  22. We own a [email protected] and love the cross ventilation of two fully opening large windows. I wonder about what appears to be only one small opening window at the back. We live in the CDN Rockies where nights are cooler and we love to boondock so running AC isn’t an option. What other options are there for ventilation?

  23. Looks good but from a practicality aspect I reckon you’d get proper fucked off with lack of space after the novelty has worn off

  24. Going to the bathroom hunched over? No, thanks. And $28,000 US for a trailer without a full bathroom? Also no thank you. Compared to full-sized trailers this is worth MAYBE $20K US.

  25. That is an amazing little trailer! Love to pick one up for me and the wife to tow behind our Nissan Frontier PU when I decide to call it quits at work. Our Nissan is just waiting to go.Got a great deal on a 10 year old PU with only 37,000 miles on it! I can see us towing one of these down the back roads of America!

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