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All right, again it’s Chuck Phillips with Aliner we’re down at the Louisville RV show. Today we’re taking a look at the Aliner, it’s a new Aliner with the titanium package on so it’s an optional package that you can buy and this is based off one of our middle price point units so the Ranger 12 is kind of what this is based off of so we took a middle price point and made it look pretty aggressive and really cool. So the features on this that are different than a regular Ranger, we’ve got four heavy-duty stabilizer jacks, we’ve got 15 inch tires and wheels with a black sport rims. We added a LED porch light instead of the regular 12-volt porch light. Got the light up grab handles get in and out of the unit nicely. We added a bunch of diamond plate even on the baggage doors, diamond black, diamond plate on the front. and change the trim on this particularly
Aliner to a black anodized aluminum. So overall all that stuff added up with the
graphics package just gives it a really nice sporty look and pretty much you take this unit anywhere it’s got quite a bit of increased ground clearance. On the inside it’s basically a four sleeper. You’ve got a rear sofa that makes a double bed in the back, you’ve got a 46-inch dinette up front so you could sleep three to four in here comfortably. You’ve got a sink, stove and refrigerator, furnace, water heater and air conditioning so you’ve got all the systems in this folding camper that you have in a traditional travel trailer. As far as construction is concerned we use a 5/8 inch structure board for the floor. The nice thing about that flooring is it’s actually got a water-resistant resin that’s mixed with the wood strands and then there’s actually a water layer a water barrier laminated to the bottom so your floor is never exposed any water or road debris while heading down the road. Again on these side walls are vacuum bonded lamination you basically have your fiberglass laminated to a layer of foam insulation and then an interior layer luan below the hinge because we like to screw our cabinetry into the wood, we feel like it gives a better hold and then above the hinge we take
that inner layer and change it to the Azdel composite. The way this camper folds you’re actually physically lifting and moving the sidewalls the A walls in the roof panel. So we want to make those as light as possible. And now we’ll give you a quick demonstration on how the a liner goes up and down. Step 1: Just to make sure everything in
here is below the hinge line on either side and then on your side walls you have two latches. You just lean in to compress the weather strips that are behind the wall. Flip down the rear latches first, once you take the second
latch out of this wall it releases and just pull it to the counter top, take the last latch out of the wall, unlatch the top half of the door, step out and close both halves of the door, give a little pull on the rear roof panel, we’ve got one latch on each side and
you’re ready to head down the road. My god that’s great! Isn’t it awesome? That is incredible! So as far as setup’s concern on this unit
it’s actually a lot easier than most people would imagine you basically have road latches on each side and when you release those latches, the roof is spring-loaded, so it starts to put itself up a little bit before you do anything. You take the front roof panel push it, up until it locks in there the
channel up there, swing the door open, swing the front wall up and then the rear, you’re basically set up and ready to go and that’s it! If you need more information go to and you can see all the models on our website.

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  1. Very nice but try lifting the walls on a double dormer Expedition model. You need three men and a small boy to lift the roofs. Very disappointed…..

  2. Would be great if a person could get one with no sink, stove or frig. I would prefer to have portable stove of my choice and a solor frig and freezer .

  3. Stop with the god awful techno crap music please people who want to go camping not have their brains explode with crap music ….slow it down!

  4. Just bought a 2018 Expedition with wet bath and hard dormers.   I do like the look of the Titanium.   15" black wheels look good.

  5. After a late night pilates session me and my chums were discussing things. Still working class inside Close to Nirvana.

  6. I like my '13 Aliner Ranger 12 but… some of the hinge screws on the cabinet doors pulled out of the particle board so I replaced them all with small through bolts. I also had to add locking mechanisms on the cabinets to keep the cabinet doors from shaking open while on the road. I also had to replace the air conditioner and the water pump after only two seasons. Otherwise, I've gotten good use from the Aliner on my summer trips out to the Colorado back country. It's handled some rough and rocky forest service roads but it you take it easy and slow it holds up fairly well. And on the highway, it pulls very well.

  7. I have watched many aliner videos and this guy makes it look easy. He is an extremely good salesman and a professional because he shows how effortless this really is!

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