Aliner Ascape Walkthrough

I’m Chuck Philips and I work for Aliner and we’re down at the Louisville RV show in Kentucky and we’re going to talk about the Ascape today which is our super small lightweight travel trailer This trailer comes in for only 1650 pounds but yet it’s loaded with all kinds of features So you’ve got a solar panel up on the roof, that keeps your battery charged all the time. You’ve got an air conditioner up top, furnace and water heaters included. There’s actually a cassette toilet built into this cabinet here, so you got your nighttime emergency toilet and we put the largest refrigerator we can fit. TV and sound bars also
included so very small lightweight package but it’s got all the features
and benefits that you want in any RV. Yeah we basically have this is a
sectional plywood floor and we went with the plywood because we were trying to stay as weight conscious on this particular product as possible. So we went with the sectional plywood. All the sidewalls are laminated vacuum bonded lamination so you’ve got exterior fiberglass on the sidewall and it’s backed by Azdel which is a lightweight composite material. You got your foam insulation in the centre and then the interior layer is luan. So you’ve got a four layer process for the sidewalls and actually the roof panels are four layers
also but we took the wood out of that construction so you basically have the
same actually the top of the aluminum skin backed by Azdel with foam and
then the interior layer of Azdel as well so. Real quick, back on the floor. The important thing that we did here in this model, is we drop the floor in the back after this there’s a lot of smaller trailers on the market you don’t have the ability to have a full stand-up height But with this drop floor you actually get a six foot four interior. So you got a real nice ability to stand up and I not have to be bent over while you’re changing your clothes. Nice Is it a three season or four season do you get insulated models? It’s basically a three season. The plumbing is below the floor in certain aspects so I’d call it a three season more so then four Again this is the Ascape by Aliner and if you have
any questions or need more information you can go to and you can
see all of our products there.

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