Airstream Travel Trailers: Creating Quality

The number one thing that has come to represent
the Airstream brand over the decades is quality, and that quality starts here in Jackson Center
with the craftsmen and women that build the product with care and attention to detail
and an obsessive focus on quality and perfection. They take their job seriously, they take their
responsibility to the brand seriously, and they take their responsibility
to the customer seriously, and that drives their actions every day. It begins with aluminum – a key
piece of what make Airstreams different from anything else. An average of 1,200 sq. ft. of treated
aluminum is used on every trailer, bent and cut to shape. Then come the rivets – an average of 3,000
are used to build each trailer, attached in a coordinated dance by two riveters: one outside
and one inside the trailer. When all the pieces are riveted and sealed
together, it creates a lightweight self-supporting structure, much like an airplane fuselage. We build the entire structure and then attach
it to the chassis as one piece. Only then do we start building the interior,
which all has to fit through the front door. We’re the only ones to build our trailers
this way because any other way would compromise the integrity of the structure, the aerodynamics,
the low center of gravity, and the overall longevity of the trailer. All together, it takes around 350 to build
an Airstream trailer. To put that in context, it takes
about 50 hours to build a typical white box travel trailer. So ours aren’t the fastest way or the easiest
way, but it’s always the right way. That kind of dedication is where quality really
starts and ends, and that’s a big part of the reason our trailers are still on the road
long after the typical 15-year lifespan of a recreational vehicle. An Airstream Travel Trailer is passed down
from generation to generation. It’s a thing of beauty and has been an icon
on the road for more than 80 years. Each time we start the process of building
a new Airstream Travel Trailer, we know we’re creating more than just a beautiful piece
of industrial art. We’re creating a way of life – a vehicle
to fulfill the wanderlust that lives inside of us, a way to see the world
and find our place in it – and that’s a responsibility
we don’t take lightly.

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