Airstream Trailers | 14 Serious Things To Consider (before buying)

Hi everybody. Today we are going to talk
about campers specifically the amazing Airstream trailers. As you guys know we
have been camping for a couple of years now. We started out with a super tiny
camper and then we upgraded to a slightly bigger one after we had Max. We
needed space for him and his nursery stuff and all that kind of stuff. So we can
specifically look at 14 things you need to consider before you go out and invest
in an Airstream trailer it’s a special kind of camper trailer and we hope to provide
some good value for you so you can make a better decision after watching this
video. All the content I’m gonna share with you in this video you can also find
on our blog if you go to I’ll put the link below. So the first thing you need to consider is how much can you
actually tow with your vehicle. Maybe you’re using a truck, maybe you have an
operand SUV this is something that tends to trick people a little bit about the
Airstream trailers because they have this aluminum case and the aerodynamic shape
they look lightweight but they’re actually heavier than other types of RVs. We recommend you buy a RV that is only up to 80% of the capacity you can tow
with your vehicle. The reason for this is that you can easily add another 10 to
15% of added weight as soon as you start throwing stuff into the vehicle. People like to bring stuff like bikes barbecue, propane tanks, road safety
equipment, pots and pans, and lots of other stuff and so after you add all
that extra weight you’re probably gone up like 10 to 20 percent and you also
want to be able to drive uphill you need to be able to accelerate after you
attach the RV to your SUV or truck so just make sure you don’t go all the way
up to the limit because that will just give you a very bad driving experience
on the road. The next thing we want you to consider is whether you should rent
an RV before you buy one. Last year Maria and I went up to Oregon to
rent the tiny house for a couple of days just to get a feel for it and see if this is
what’s something we could do. After spending a few nights we we re totally
convinced that this was something for us we could do it long term we can do it
short term. It’s just a very nice thing to know before you go out and invest maybe
fifty thousand dollars in an Airstream trailer. And the next point is
about how big an RV do you need? You need to think ahead three to five years maybe.
When we first bought a tiny camper we didn’t think about that we were going to
have a kid one day so after we had Max we needed to buy a new one. So you need
to consider if you are having a kid one day, maybe you’ll need a bigger kitchen,
maybe you have some allergies, maybe have some special needs. So just make a really
good list of how your life could look like in three to four years from now and
take all these things into consideration and then you need to consider is it
really worth the money? The Airstream trailers are not cheap camping trailers. They are expensive. They have this nice finish and you really pay a lot for the
designs and you need to make sure that this is really what you want. But the
good thing about the Airstream trailers is that they do not depreciate as much in
value as other camper trailers. You can find all vintage Airstream trailers that
have kept the price pretty well According to Dave Ramsey a normal car
will lose up to 60% of its value over the first four years. This is not the
case with the Airstream trailers though They tend to only lose like maybe 30%
of the value and then after four years the curves flattens a lot. So if
you take good care of your Airstream you will have an asset you can actually
sell later and that’s a good thing if you need the money at some point you can always sell the Airstream. There are always a lot of people looking for a nice
vintage Airstream. If you want to make sure you have the highest resale price
on your Airstream you should probably just buy a basic model. What you consider
a very nice upgrade might not be what the next owner consider a nice upgrade
so go for a basic model and then it probably wont’ depreciate as much and now that we talk about vintage trailers you could also consider buying a used trailer
yourself instead of a new one. The old vintage campers are super, super nice and
if you haven’t got the money for new camper we would definitely advise you to
buy a used one. As you guys know we are big fans of being debt-free. That’s some
of the best thing that ever happened to our family. So don’t go into depth over buying an Airstream. They are expensive and you can probably get a much better deal if you buy a model that’s two or three years
old and when you get an Airstream camper you need to be ready to spend some time
on maintenance. It’s not your average RV it needs to be waxed under exterior and
you also need to check the roof once in a while. We’ve heard a lot of stories
about even new Airstreams leaking from the roof and that can really be
frustrating. Our first camper had a leaking roof and we couldn’t figure out
how to fix it and that can be so annoying when you are out camping far
away from families and friends you have nobody to help you and if you can’t fix
a leaking roof yourself that’s gonna be a problem. So before you take your whole
family out into your nice big Airstream make sure the roof is not leaking and if
you buy a used one just make sure it’s waterproof. And now that we’re talking
about leaking roofs and stuff like that let’s talk a bit about the warranty on
the Airstreams. When we started researching this online we found that a
lot of people do not recommend getting the extended warranty from the Airstream
company. The reason is that a lot of the things inside the Airstream is not
covered from the warranty anyway. That’s things like the tires, batteries, kitchen
appliances like refrigerator, the stow, the microwave, the generator, the furnace, and the slide-out mechanisms if there are any of those. So it’s probably not worth
the money just save those money so you have them if any
problem occur. And now let’s talk a little bit about the winter season in an
Airstream. Can you go winter camping with an Airstream trailer? Yes you can.. but as you would expect from a tin can it’s not very good insulated and you would have
to burn through a lot of propane so be prepared for that. You wouldn’t need to
be hooked up and you’ll probably also need to stay away from camping in the
wild especially if you go up north you wouldn’t want to get surprised by a
storm. So the last tip we have is to visit a camper trade fair. We did so a
couple of years ago and it’s just so nice to be able to walk from booth to
booth and see all the different sizes and brands lined up next to each other. We went into one camper after another and found out exactly what we want to get even though we would not on the look out for a new camper we got so much
experience from just seeing all the features and comparing prices and see
what you actually could get inside an RV The Airstream company would probably
have a pretty big booth if you’re going to camping trade fair so you can talk to
the guys, you can get a feel of all the different nine models that would be our
suggestion. If you want to read more about our tips on Airstream trailers go to the
link below where we have done a ton of research and all the things we’ve gone
through and also be pointed out in further detail in this blog post. Thanks

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