Airstream Spotlight | 2017 Basecamp® Travel Trailer

Hey, guys. I’m Layla, and I’m here at an exclusive dealer event for a sneak
peek at the new Airstream Basecamp® Travel Trailer. The definition of get-up-and-go, the new Basecamp
is ready for anything and tough enough to go off-road or off-grid. The compact lightweight design means the Basecamp
is ultra-towable even with an SUV. Its aggressive departure angle allows you
to tackle more terrain with confidence, and the large wheels and tires help you handle
any type of road with Airstream-grade towability. Inside, the Basecamp has everything you need
to rest up from a long day of adventure and prepare for the next one. A smart, efficient kitchen, clean streamlined
bathroom with shower, and seating that converts into a bed – every square inch
of this space was designed to work hard so you can play hard. Basecamp’s modular benches can seat
up to five people comfortably with adjustable tables in the center. Fold one bench down for a single bed or both
for a bed that spans the entire space. In the front of the trailer, panoramic windows
let you look out at the world you’re exploring, and in the back the 26″ x 46″ rear hatch
makes it easy to load larger gear like bikes and kayaks – straight into the trailer. An attachable screen lets you enjoy the outdoors
and fresh air without letting bugs in. And then there are the details – bungie
storage to keep your gear out of the way and ample storage in the bench, a Bose® Bluetooth®
Soundlink color speaker so you can take your music anywhere, a fold-down faucet and tempered
glass cover to add more working counter space, a hidden retractable screen on the entry door,
and a variety of decor options all including Syntex marine fabric that’s antibacterial,
mildew and stain resistant, and flame retardant. You can even add extra space to your Basecamp
with a visor and option tents. Basecamp packs everything you need into one
versatile trailer that’s just as comfortable on a campsite as it is off the beaten path – so hit the road, hit the trails, and get going. Thanks for joining me for this exclusive sneak
peek at the new Airstream Basecamp.

3 Replies to “Airstream Spotlight | 2017 Basecamp® Travel Trailer

  1. 23rd century scripted hype..Layla's cheekbones are rather for the product, over priced under spec and most importantly not available here. Why do I even bother with anything Ultra-Tow-able, if that's even a descriptive term? The optional side tent and canvas add-ons are the best part of the Basecamp(R)

  2. Love one, just get them available in the U.K.

    No one in Airstream will read this to get it sectioned, so I may just delete it….

    Come on Airstream, the rest of the world would like the chance to get one of these !!!!!!!

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