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Today, we are at Airstream Los Angeles and we’re taking a look at the 2017 Airstream Basecamp. Starting out, there is a standard awning but the really cool thing is the two optional tents you can get for the side or the back. Because for those of you traveling with families or place with you need a little bit of “extra” indoor space those are really going to help open this up for you. This Basecamp comes with 18″ wheels, leveling jacks in the back and even an outdoor 110v outlet. Up at the front, we have a big wrap around window. Dual propane tanks AND there is a propane outlet down in the front for your BBQ’s and things like that. In the top here, nifty little storage container. You can keep your 30 amp cord and any tools you want to keep out here as well. On this side, there is a Zamp solar connection down here at the bottom. You have your outdoor shower, sewer hookups, fresh water hook ups and your 30 amp power receptacle here at the back. All Basecamps come standard with the Zamp solar hook-up. There is an option to get 160w of solar on the roof. I’ve always loved the design of Airstreams, this one is no exception. I love the LED lights in the back, the door, the streamlined look and this cool door… That when you open it has a nice roll-up screen, a ton of room inside so you can put bikes, even kayaks – it’s long enough in there. The door itself has some storage pockets, a roll down shade for the window But let’s not forget for you adventurers out there who are going off the grid If you blow a tire, there is a spare here in the back for you. At the entrance, there is a screen that pulls across. Small little storage container here on the side. These are all of your light switches and a couple little key hooks. To the right of the entrance, is a bin down here to put your muddy shoes, gear, stuff like that. Storage unit. A microwave, that’s optional. Little spice racks and your fire extinguisher. I’m 5’11” and there is plenty of room here for me to walk around without hitting my head. The only thing is the back of the unit does start to taper down so if I was going to go out the backdoor, I’d have to scrunch down a bit. Now, this is the galley area and notice the big windows I told you about earlier. It actually has a decent amount of counter space. There is a two burner gas stove. A sink with pop up faucet. And on either side here, there are these nifty little 110v outlets with USB ports that, go down into the sink. There’s also a storage unit. And a gas powered fridgerator. After a long days hike, we all love a hot meal so when you’re cooking there is Fan-Tastic vent right up here to get all of the fumes and everything right outside. The Basecamp has a full wet bath. There’s a shower, a couple hooks for your towels, full size toilet and…a retractable clothesline. This wet bath is surprisingly large. There’s more than enough headroom in here for me. A small fan, but the nice thing is that I can move around in here without hitting the walls. This is the rear of the unit. It is actually quite a large living area. Two benches on either side and this converts into somewhat of a large bed. Kait was laying on it earlier, plenty of room. There are two tables here. Now these tables rotate. So if I wanted to be closer, a little work station or just to eat. The other nice thins is that both tables do come out. There is a shorter leg for both of these so you can use them to support the bed. Otherwise, you can pull them both up and stow them underneath the couch and you’re good to go. As I mentioned before, there is a screen on the back with the door. And for those adventurers out there, if you want to bring a kayak, bikes or some other type of equipment with you there are tie downs that allow you to strap that stuff down so they don’t go flying around while you’re going down that bumpy road. One nifty thing that Airstream has done, is they have these nets on either side where you can put stuff, store them but, there’s also a large storage area underneath this bench. For those of you who are planning to camp in really hot weather, don’t worry, this unit does come with an optional A/C unit which also doubles as a heat pump but you do need to be plugged in to run it. Standard, this comes with the Truma Combi on-demand hot water heater and furnace. There are two large windows on either side here that open and LED lighting along the ceiling. And a nice little reading lamp here. And for those of you who like it really dark at night… Me especially, there are zip up blackout shades on all the windows as well as screens. Now for plugging in all of your devices, there is a 110v outlet here in the back. And a little USB outlet here on the side. By the entrance, there is a small lockable container for those of you who are going to be out and about and you want to leave some valuables here. The other nice thing is, they do provide you with a Bluetooth speaker that comes in here, there is a cup holder some more storage and another USB charging station. But let’s not forget, self closing. Next to your little locker is the Truma control panel as well as your tank monitor and water pump. The GVWR of the Basecamp is 3,500 pounds. You get 769 pound of carrying capacity. You also get 22 gallons of fresh water and a 29 gallon combined black and gray tank. All of this for a starting MSRP for around $35,000. And that, is the 2017 Airstream Basecamp. Let us know what you thought of it in the comments below, LIKE the video, subscribe to our channel And if you enjoy videos of small campers, check out the one we did of the Alto Safari Condo. Thanks for watching guys, see you next time!

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  2. Glad to see that tehy brought this unit back out… these were SUPER RARE and originally came out right before the economy tanked in 2008 or 09.

  3. the market has turned towards small units so the prices in that cat. go up It is nice but with zero options 36 goes over 40 real fastttt

  4. I see a lot I like. It's as if my"My Pod" trailer grew up. It's perfect for two if you can afford it. Most summers a/c is necessary at times so you are somewhat tethered to electric, But I find it awesome since I rarely need a/c. The bathroom, outside shower and frig is awesome. It doesn't have the openness of a Aliner but it will last forever as a classic. Only thing worried about is the cushions becoming uncomfortable over time. How much to replace them?

  5. You should show it loaded with personal bedding and pillows. Can you arrange it in a U so you have a table for drinks and ashtrays? The low weight will save you enough daily to eat on. Every mile has you saving gas costs when compared with larger trailers which are really necessary for families.

  6. There's a lot of negative comments on here about price. If you can't afford it, think it's too expensive, or not worth the money then don't buy it. Seems pretty simple. Do the complainers also go onto exotic car YouTube channels and complain about value for money there as well?

  7. My problem with the Airstream is the environment. It is so stark, with no feeling of "cozy" or warmth. Wood grain and curtains would go a long way, but I just cannot get behind such a sterile unit. Looks like a meat freezer or operating room. Yuck.

  8. Wonderful review. Love Airstream. Always will. Price keeps me away. Can get same amenities with other manufacturers for far less.

  9. Has Airstream solved the clearcoat peeling problem that plagued the earlier models. My 30' safari started peeling and then "tarnishing" in peeled patched — ugly, made it look very old, could not be restored. I like this basecamp but vowed to never buy one again until they solve that serious aluminum skin problem.

  10. We've had our Basecamp for a year now and really enjoy it. Even camped on winter solstice at Rocky Mountain National Park. Took it across country last summer by myself and it was just about perfect. A little small during bed transition with 2 people inside. One of the best aspects IMHP is almost absolute sound proofing when closed up. Was able to park and sleep next to tractor trailers with zero noise. Awesome!

  11. you guys kidding ? lookout the price for alto safari or the full loaded tab you think their cheat not at all

  12. Airstream has gotten way too cocky with it's pricing. The price difference is not just about quality. They are ripping people off.

  13. I have to have my RV like home Bathtub. Hot and cold water, TV, WI-Fi. COLD AC. Wet baths suck. We went tent camping as a child. Hate it.

  14. I watched this for the first time over a year ago, it now has over 750 k views. It's a great unit! You said it all in the description of the video: "A fun weekend camper." I've read lot's of bad comments about the price. However, with the GVWR 3,500 lbs…this is a big plus in that you don't have to invest in an expensive tow vehicle.

  15. 35 grand? LOLOLZ!!!! looks like a bunch of cheap plastic, and small amount of stainless. Dinky little tires. 50% of the price is for the brand, not including workmanship. I would rather build myself a tiny house for that price.

  16. what do these go for second hand? i can live with a few skid marks on the seats for a much cheaper price…

  17. Ok i couldn’t concentrate looking at that bow? Considering its for camping that is strange to me, like a teen accent. Regarding price. They last and people want the look. A neighbor is redoing a vintage full size one. But at the price for the weight and that size? 3500 lbs our dry weigh of Cherokee wolf pup is 2800. And it has full stationary queen 2 seat, 2 bunks and on sale when the new model came out. We paid 12K discounted from $22 k still new. All these “feature trailers are great and depends what you want as in upgrades but if going airstream i think id go a bit buffer for that weight.

  18. It’s airstream…big time name brand…which means way way less bang for your buck now. But look at the bright side, it’s AIRSTREAM!

  19. Airstream rides the reputation & are so overpriced. So now they're trying to complete with a new fiberglass compact trailer. The new fiberglass airstream is so out of touch with what people like in their trailers.
    This video & the Russo tours are well done. Thank you.

    It's just airstream. Used to be the best.

  20. Im amazed at all the small camper videos and the amenities you can get in them but no place for clothes! I want to take clothes more than i want to cook! lol

  21. We have been RVing for decades and they can never (yes I said never) persuade me that this is money well spent. We go to RV shows every year and every time we come to the Airstream area we look through and are like “Seriously, we cannot believe people spend their money on something like this”. Just saying, they obviously have a following.

  22. Hi. Thanks for the excellent review of this airstream. You did a very good job on providing a comprehensive report on this product.
    I enjoy your videos, and will look forward to more views.
    God Bless

  23. When is someone going to come out with an affordable family fun RV that can be pulled by smaller SUVs?? These units always seem so expensive. Just can’t justify price. Good video Russo’s. Looks great

  24. wouldn't expect any less of an airstream, and this calls to me, though I am not a small trailer kinda guy, but this one would be the one I'd settle for, if I could afford one 😂🤣

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