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hello my name is coral and I am the
owner of coral joy travel a travel agency specializing in all Disney
vacations today I’m going to be sharing with you some planning services that we
are offering for our guests traveling to Walt Disney World this will
be for all new clients at coral joy travel if you are looking for a travel
agency that specializes in Disney vacations because you and your family
are thinking of taking a Walt Disney World vacation or a Disney cruise
vacation court Disneyland vacation in the future you have found the right
place let me tell you about some of the new planning services coral joy travel
has all of our vacation planning services begin with a phone consultation
this is complimentary in this conversation we’re going to be talking
about your family how many people are traveling when you want to travel the
budget that you have the different types of resorts that you can stay in the
different types of tickets available all of these things we’ll talk about in our
first phone conversation and based on our conversation if we are good match
there will be a few services for you to choose from all of our travel agents at
coral joy travel really go above and beyond
we’re not the typical travel agency that you’ll talk to once book a reservation
and that’s it that is not coral joy travel we pride ourself and our
communication and our expertise in the Disney field for a while Disney World we
offer four different service plans the first is the DIY Mouse ears service this
service is really for clients who like to plan their own vacation who feel
confident in planning a trip to Walt Disney World but who really values the
expertise of a travel agent who specializes in Disney vacations helping
them along the way this service is free after the initial phone conversation
your travel agent will quote up to two quotes for you to look through to
consider your package and he or she will book your vacation package for you how
that’s not the end of the expertise of your travel agent they will give you
reminder emails letting you know when you will be able to make your dining
reservations when you will be able to make your Fastpass reservations when
final payment due dates are coming up etc plus they’ll give you all the
information you need about which rides have Fastpass plus reservations the
height requirements made for those reservations and they will also price
monitor your package without you asking them to what that means is if there is a
promotion that comes out that can be applied to your reservation your travel
agent will do that for you automatically without being asked to do so after you
have paid your trip in full you can schedule with your travel agent a
30-minute phone conversation to go over any last-minute questions you may have
again this is the DIY Mouse ears planning service it is complimentary and
you will be in charge of making your Fastpass Plus reservations and your
dining reservations this second service that coral joy travel offers its clients
is called the pixie dust plus planning service the pixie dust plus planning
service is $99 for this service this is again for the individual who likes to do
it yourself who feels comfortable and confident making your Fastpass
reservations making your dining reservations however you need a little
extra help and guidance from your travel agent at coral joy travel no worries we
will give you everything included in the DIY mouse ear service plus these
additional services after your vacation has been booked with your travel agent
and if you have purchased the dining plan or you are ready to make your
Fastpass plus reservations you can schedule one 30-minute phone
call with your travel agent discussing any questions you may have to prepare
yourself for making those reservations yourself in addition your travel agent
will provide you with two videos that are
private only for pixie-dust plus planning partners one will show you how
to create your own my Disney experience account and how to make your dining
reservations on the my Disney experience account the other video will show you
how to make your Fastpass Plus reservations so you will have a lot more
guidance from your travel agent and from myself coral joy the owner of coral joy
travel in this service you will be making your Fastpass Plus reservations
and dining reservations on your my Disney experience account again your
coral joy travel travel agent will make payments for you along the way when it’s
convenient for you and remind you of all due dates coming up we really are there
for our clients throughout the entire planning process no matter which
planning service you choose after you are paid in full you will be able to
arrange one 30-minute phone call with your travel agent going over any
last-minute questions you may have prior to your vacation the third planning
service at coral joy travel is for those of you who need a lot of assistance
maybe you haven’t been to Walt Disney World in a very long time or have never
been and really don’t know what to do how to do it and where to start this
planning service would be for you and this is called the fairy godmother VIP
of planning service this VIP fairy godmother planning and concierge service
is two hundred and fifty dollars not only will you receive everything from
all of the planning services that I’ve mentioned before but this planning
service you will be getting the top-notch service from your travel agent
leave all of those hours of research and planning to your travel agent from coral
joy travel we’ve got your back we will be making your dining reservations for
you we will be making your Fastpass reservations for you we will customize
an itinerary plan for your family for your trip it’s all customized for you
individually we take the time to talk to you to hear what your needs are to hear
what your likes are every single thing that comes into planning a Walt Disney
World vacation we are listening to we jot down
and we customized your itinerary for you after we booked your hotel package for
your family we will set up two 30-minute phone calls at the appropriate times one
right before your dining reservations are due and one right before your
Fastpass reservations are to be made again we’ll take care of creating and
making all of those reservations for your family this is a VIP service we
really do it all and more we’ll discuss in those phone conversations the best
restaurants to consider maybe you want to do some character meals maybe you
want to have some dining special events we’ll discuss that in the phone
conversation in the Fastpass phone conversation we’ll really talk about
what your likes are and what your family really wants to focus on I also
mentioned in this VIP service you will be getting a touring plan from your
travel agent really focusing on how you should plan to attack each of the days
at the parks this is for up to six days at the theme parks if you do have
additional days there may be an additional charge and you can speak to
your travel agent about that we will be sharing with you any additional
resources you need Maps Park hours tips and tricks’ packing lists you name it we
will be sharing that with you we want you to make the most of your Walt Disney
World vacation and we want to make it as easy and enjoyable as possible without
you really having to take the time to learn about it we will use our expertise
and help you make that happen and the fourth service that we are
offering now in 2018 if you have booked an off-site property hotel and still
need the assistance of a travel agent specializing in Disney we can now help
you our Walt Disney’s planning service is three hundred and fifty dollars for
clients and this includes all of the services from the fairy godmother VIP
planning service the difference is since you would be staying off property we
would be making these reservations for your fast passes at 30 days before your
vacay instead of sixty days before your
vacation because you are not staying on Disney property but it will include all
of the services I just mentioned if you are choosing one of these planning
services that does cost money this is required prior to your travel agent
quoting for your family the travel agents at coral joy travel are here to
really help families who know they are going to be going on at Walt Disney
World vacation not for families just window-shopping and needing to find out
a price for those of you who really are in that beginning window-shopping stage
I would invite you just to go to the Walt Disney World website plug in and
just see what some of the pricing would be but if you know that you are
definitely going on a Walt Disney World vacation and you know you need or want
the assistance of a travel agency who will have your back throughout the
entire planning process reach out to one of us at coral joy travel I’ll leave all
the information to our travel agency in the description box below along with all
of the details of the planning services I mentioned all of us here at coral joy
travel love Disney we live eat breathe work think dream Disney every day and I
have wonderful travel agents working on our team I am so proud of them and I
look forward to continue growing and getting to work with more clients and
maybe even you so if you are definitely interested in taking a trip to Walt
Disney World and value the time that we can provide and give you back the time
that you won’t have to spend planning and researching and preparing your
itinerary for your vacation you know you’ll be in good hands with coral joy
travels travel agents then contact us coral joy travel comm is our website I
will leave a link to a forum below that you can fill out we ask that
clients share their phone number again so we can start with that free
consultation on the phone and again we’ll just see if we’re going to be a
good match to work together we are here for you and we are here to help you plan
and prepare the best Walt Disney World vacation ever
if you know someone wanting to head to Walt Disney World and you think this
video could be helpful for them feel free to share this information with them
I hope to work with you or maybe you’ll even be working with one of my travel
agents in the future your Disney adventure awaits

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  1. A New year of DISNEY Planning services we are being offered here at Coral Joy Travel. Thanks for taking the time to watch, like and SUBSCRIBE to Coral Joy Travel.  Your Disney Adventure Awaits!

  2. VIP service just makes good sense, to have the great sharing tips and care for families to make the trips magical!!!  …..and….who wouldn't love to have a Fairy God Mother?!!

  3. Great video showing all your options! Serious question…………. When you book dinning for us, can you guarantee getting Be Our Guest for dinner? I ate there once for dinner (the best steak) and it was the amazing but I can't seem to ever get it again:(

  4. This was so fun to watch! I have always dreamed of being a travel agent, and love how that's your career. And the fact that you own your own travel agency is incredible!

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