A Look Inside: Technology Careers | AT&T

It’s just exciting to know how big AT&T is and how many options and all the variations
of careers and jobs that you can have and work you can have here. From development perspective, we have back-end development for all of these services. We have products and solutions that are delivered through IP based networks. We have mobile applications. We have web applications. The opportunities are endless here. I work on a very diverse team from people from all different experiences and backgrounds and locations. Everyone has a different skill set, obviously,
and so, you can learn an infinite number of things
from each person you interact with, each day. Mentorships have been huge. I feel very supported in that my boss and my team are always encouraging me
on the team as whole to learn new skills, to learn
new languages. Once you get into AT&T and you decide where you want to go, leadership makes it
really easy. They give you a path on what you need to do to get there and the training, the resources, everything you need. Online training. We have leader-led training. We link to external training. We have this thing called AT&T University. It’s an entire business unit just devoted to coming up with training and making sure that their employees stay relevant. And there are awesome classes that you can take
on there. We can kind of take those tools and that knowledge and also improve on our careers
and I feel very fortunate that I, that AT&T, supports the work-life balance so much. They support us getting to know each other and just creating
a really fun work environment. It is very open. It’s designed for collaboration with my peers. It really helps us bond as a team and it’s
just easy. It’s easy to work together. It’s easy to come up with ideas. And it’s easy to be creative and innovative in that kind of environment. And you can bounce ideas off each other. You can go to whiteboards and you can draw up things. We even have a putting green where you can go
and just relax. It’s a very fun environment in which we can, you know, build friendships as well
as that employee relationship. You’re out working at least forty hours a week, so you want to be surrounded with people who are positive and
who support you in what you do and AT&T is like
that every day when I walk in the door. There are a lot of different benefits that are provided to
an employee of AT&T, whether that be, you know, just compensation but as well as medical and
dental and vision insurance. We have things such as the opportunities for the employee discount. Or AT&T has great relationships with other businesses
and companies and vendors and so we have those opportunities and those relationships there
too. One of the biggest draws for me, for AT&T,
was that they were willing to pay for my grad school. That’s awesome. It’s not something that some of the other companies that I was looking to
go and work for had available. There’s also lots of opportunities to go to boot camp. To attend different events and seminars. So we’re constantly learning. Working on the emerging device software team enables me to have access to all the
latest devices. So we have phones up there, like the latest and greatest phone we put out there. Technology that we’re demo-ing and thinking
about implementing into our workplace twenty-twenty,
we put up there. And so people come by all the time and ask us questions and I get to play around
with it, so it’s a lot of fun. Technology is constantly evolving and constantly changing. That means that there’s always something to learn. And so at times that can be kind of stressful, but it’s really awesome to just even look back on the
past year and half, two years, and just realize
how many things that I’ve learned. You can just kind of see your skills building and that probably,
that takes away the stress of it. It’s just unbelievably fulfilling.

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  1. Hopefully you have a team working to fix the problem of Number Sync Not Working with the Galaxy Watch.
    Maybe you could copy how Apple does it with the Apple Watch which doesn’t have any problems getting setup on the AT&T Network using just the Watch App.

  2. I love H20 there's a good company I remember when we get Cingular before I turned to bottom out and I've been with AT&T since 2002 when we get single at the time and I was on prepaid nana got me a bill for women 05 when I was 24 years are in 9 time is 37 years old have been right since he a long time and I love these people for a long time and that I would make deals for me to give me good free stuff good deals credit promotions free stuff and I love a T & T i q u i love u h n c so much love you so much y'all give me GIF and everything I was keep God in your life AT&T love you all 2019.

  3. Just keep out making me up AT&T imma keep on reminding you I love you all 2019 but keep God in life all the time I love you guys with love.

  4. This is not the real AT&T the real AT&T has you training on equipment that doesn't work and that they don't repair. They have a long training time because they want to fire anyone with a non company thought like the cable strippers that they use are junk compared to what every cable TV tech uses. Once an hour you will be asked is 15 minutes enough time in the cross box?

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