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– We’re very tired. We just got off a flight. Linz had to close
the bar at 2 AM. And then we have to be
at the airport at 4:30. It’s going to be great.
I’m excited. It looks super dope. Hey, I’m Linz. Hello. [laughter] I’m Ashley. We’re traveling
bartenders chasing a different kind of spirit. LINZ: Come with us to check
out some of the creepiest bars that you’ll be dying to visit. Dying? Get it? Oh my god. [music playing] ASHLEY: We all know Washington
DC is the political hub of the country. But it’s also becoming well
known as a paranormal hot spot. LINZ: We’re hitting some of
the city’s best known spots to fuel up for spirit
chasing come sundown. You’re sitting in a
man’s seat right now. Oh. What? Yeah. LINZ: So we just arrived in DC. I’m starving. I’m super hungry. So we decided to land at Astro
Doughnuts & Fried Chicken. [music playing] Mm. ASHLEY: Yeah! LINZ: Yes! I just made some bird friends. Also, I’m laying on
the concrete in DC. So we’re gonna need
to go take a shower. [music playing] Segway into the city time? Let’s do it. I feel great about DC. I feel terrified on this Segway. It has a mind of its own. [music playing] (SINGING): Ooh, ooh. Ooh, ooh. Ooh, ooh. Let’s go. Let’s party together. The fun is never over. [inaudible] Let’s go. Let’s party together. The fun is never over. [inaudible] Let’s go. Let’s party together. The fun is never over. Let’s go. Let’s party together. The fun is never over. [inaudible] Ooh, ooh. Ooh, ooh. Ooh, ooh. Ooh, ooh. Ooh, ooh. JARED: [laughter] I
don’t think you’re– Jared, hello, hello.
Good to see you. Hey, so glad you guys made it. I’m so excited.
– We’re so stoked. We’re here.
We made it. Well, I’ve got a couple of
special treats for you tonight. We have a fantastic
tour planned also. Hell, yeah. This is the way
we start it in DC. Hey, I’m not mad. You can’t find the spirits
unless you taste some. Here goes nothing, right? [laughter] Cheers, guys. Cheers, salud, l’chaim,
whatever you need. Cheers, guys. [music playing] Welcome to the Nightly
Spirits Washington DC haunted pub crawl. When you look at what
we create in this city and what we create
this city with, honestly, it does
make sense that we have a lot paranormal activity. How many of you are skeptics? OK, we got one in the
back, like, rocket ships straight up in the air. [music playing] The first postmaster
from that building died in a freak accident. And ever since then, they’ve
had issues with their elevators. [music playing] So this tour’s been
absolutely amazing. How many cities are you guys in? Well, right now, we’re
in about 11 cities. We’re opening a few more
over the course of next year. But this, you know,
being our very first city we ever launched
in, so it’s pretty exciting. So would you say
it’s the most haunted? So it’s definitely haunted. It’s the most historic haunted. I always tell
everybody, this has got the most historic ghosts,
the presidents, you know, the Civil War. It’s got all that. What’s your most haunted spot? So, I mean, like I said,
it’s historic haunted. My favorite probably
is in the Willard Hotel at the Round Robin Bar. That one is going to have
the most historic ghosts. You said, “bar?” Oh, yeah. When do they close? They’re probably closed. But I think–
– They’re closed now? But you can
probably get us in. Can we get in there? I think I can get you guys in. I know a few guys, a
few spirits, if you– Ah. – Ah.
– Yeah. [laughter] I know
a couple ghosts that probably will
shut the lights off, and we’ll just sneak right in. So, you guys, welcome
to the Round Robin. I mean, it is by far
one of my favorite bars that we ever have been
to in all our cities. But this one’s got
a lot of history. And, I mean, you
guys didn’t seem too freaked out on the tour. But I am going to– Take it easy on me, thanks. I am going to tell you, you’re
sitting in a man’s seat right now.
– Oh. – What?
– Yeah. [laughter] And so we had a
psychic come in here. Phew, and here’s your beer. And the psychic said
that President Grant used to sit right where you are. And this was one of
his favorite spots. Now, obviously, the bar’s been
redone and stuff like this. But this location was
President Grant’s location. Now, a lot of times,
just sitting here, smoking a cigar,
drinking brandy. And it was, you
know, very frequent that you would be
able to come in here and approach him
and talk to him. And it became well known
that you could come in here, be like, give me
your finest brandy. Buy him a drink. Get him hammered. And as he kind of got
a little more drunk, you’d be able to
pitch him ideas. Poor man just trying
to enjoy his brandy. – Right?
– Exactly. You know, he was a
modern-day celebrity, you know, where he goes out is
like, ugh, a thousand pictures. He had had enough of these guys. And so then he
would go out there into the lobby of this hotel. And he would just say,
hey, you damn lobbyists, you get the hell out of here. And that’s where the
term lobbyist got born, was right here.
– That’s cool. – It was right here in this bar.
– I love that. [laughter] Yeah, and they say Grant
really never has left here. Well, we should probably
leave some brandy for him. I have to leave brandy. I mean, I’m in his seat. I have give him
some toast, right? Yeah. This was a very, like,
sacred and special place for people during their lives. So I feel like it would be a
sacred place for them to come back to in their afterlife. So have you, like, experienced
something personally here? Having spent as much
time as I have here and on several different
occasions, it’s like, setting down a glass of
hot coffee, walking away, coming back, and
it’s stone cold. It’s very, very hot back
here with all the equipment. Yeah. And walking through an area
where you feel like you’re walking through the
door of a freezer, very, very quick, or
something moves through you. They stain in the carpet. They replace the carpet,
and the stain comes back. – Just keeps showing up?
– It keeps showing up. Oh my god. That’s a lot. That’s a true story. You’ve kind of creeped me out
a little bit, which is fine, because I’m the scaredy cat. But, to be positive, you’ve
also inspired us a little bit to make a cocktail. Why don’t you
come back here and– Can we do that? – –and go ahead and take over.
– Awesome. Let’s put our heads together.
Let’s do something cool. All right.
Sounds great. All right. All right. Well, that was creepy. I’m fine.
Don’t worry. I was a fan. I think, no matter what, we have
to use Laird’s apple brandy. Yes. It’s America’s
oldest distillery, literally has number
one from the treasury of the United States. George Washington loved it. – You love it.
– I love it. You and Washington
can have some. It’s low hanging fruit. It’s a go. Yeah, all right. That, stirred, boozy. Can we do the Grandfather? Yes, that is so perfect. What a classic. Sam Ross. And we can just make
it a Grandfather. And leave it for father Grant. All right. Let’s go make him a cocktail. All right. And now we’re going to
make the Grandfather, a cool, modern classic from
one of my favorite bartenders Sam Ross. We’re going to do a
dash of Peychaud’s, a dash of Angostura. an ounce of the famous Laird’s
apple brandy, an ounce of sweet vermouth, Carpano Antica. Any sweet vermouth will work. But this one’s gonna
taste really delicious. And then an ounce of our rye. [music playing] Just load it up with some ice
in there to chill it all down, to give it some nice dilution. With your nice little
mixing stick, stir it on up. Make it nice and chilly. If you’re lucky enough,
you’ll be in a haunted space. And it’ll help chill it for you. Strain on out. [music playing] And garnish it, of course, with
your favorite brandy cherries. [music playing] And that is the Grandfather. DC has been super rad. But I’m feeling pretty
haunted over here. I am definitely feeling
a little bit spooky. We met some past presidents,
which was really fun. We left a little ode to them. But now we’ve got to
get back on the road. And tell us where
we should go next. What’s happening in your city? What cool bars are there? What are we drinking next? Let us know, because
we want to come to you. Like and subscribe to
see more spooky spots. [beep] It’s spooky. It’s spooky. I hate everything. [beep] Two. – It’s spooky.
– It’s spooky. One more time.
[beep] It’s spooky. It’s spooky. [laughter] [music playing]

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