A Haunted Tour of Richmond, Virginia – Travel Channel

– We’re currently in the Hollywood Cemetery, which is
known for its historic tenants. We also hope to
find a vampire here. Hey, I’m Linz. I’m Ashley. We’re traveling
bartenders chasing a different kind of spirit. Come with us to check out
some of the creepiest bars that you’ll be dying to visit. Dying. Get it? Oh my god. 4:57 in the morning. I’m going to the
airport to meet Ashley. [music playing] So we’re here Whisk in
beautiful Richmond, Virginia. We needed to get some coffee and
some delicious [inaudible] ice cream sandwiches. Apparently this is what
this place is known for. I’m really excited to try it. I just broke it. Well, I mean, I think you
have to break it at some point. It’s like an Ellen selfie. Hey. We are at Hollywood
Cemetery today. Not studios. We are here for
the incredible views. The river is right here. We’re here for other reasons. For the spooky reasons. Let’s go find a vampire. All right. This is our vampire grave. [gate creaks] Oh, god, it even
has the sound. It has the sound. Can we talk about this? Do it again. [gate creaks] Do you have some WD-40? The whole thing is like that
[inaudible] stuff, you know? But there’s one piece that’s,
like, solid mirror glass. So somebody could essentially
peek through that. No it’s all glass. [interposing voices] It’s just cold. It kind of, like, takes
the breath away from you. It’s kind of wild. You know what? All right. We found it.
Check. We did it. I feel productive,
which is great. I need a drink, you know? [music playing] So here we finally are at
Patrick Henry’s Pub & Grill, known for its historic haunts. And even better booze,
which I’m excited about. But also ghost stories. Not excited about. It’s going to be great. I think you’re
going to love it. – You’re just going to go first.
– You’re just overthinking it. You’re going first. [music playing] Can you tell us about why
this place is haunted? Like, what’s actually happened? So we were– it was, like,
kind of like around now. It was after we had closed. It was, like, quarter after
2:00 in the morning, right? So I was– I was washing
dishes, and I heard the door that goes to the kitchen– the swinging door– I heard it open and
shut and start to– This one?
[inaudible] Yeah, it was right
by– in the hallway. Well, it is 3:00 AM,
and everything is closed. We have some liquid courage. Can we go see the ghosty space? Yeah, the ghosty space
is right behind you. No thank you. Come on. OK, fine, fine. OK, so I was– so I was
washing dishes over there. I heard the door open,
and I came around the bar and walked this way. And I stood at the end
of the hallway there– – Like, right here.
– Right. Exactly. But this door was
swinging kind of like– it was more like that. So– Like, that’s just not
going to open on its own. Right, right, there
was definitely– something had
opened it up, right? I was actually looking
forward to having this incontrovertible
proof of the afterlife. So I was like, here we go. Get this footage and I’m
retiring from bartending with my pay out. This is going to be proof
of life after death. So I came in the next morning. The camera that has
that door on it, coincidentally it picks this
time to be glitchy and– Nope.
Nope. Yeah, right? Like– So, like, just during
that time period? Just during that time period.
Yeah. So I didn’t get my
incontrovertible proof, but I got something
more unexplainable. Oh my god. That’s wild. (WHISPERING) Ashley– Yeah, it’s true. I know. Right. So that’s the– that’s my– that’s my tale, you know. All right. You ready to make a cocktail. Let’s do it. All right. Richmond, amazing city, full
of a lot of creepy things. [inaudible]. What about a Hemingway? Amazing daiquiri. We’re in the south. Too Tiki. Corpse Reviver Number Two. Freaking Richmond vampire coming
back to life, your man Poe. That one has a garnish that
we can actually play with. I’m going to make
a little raven. Let’s do it.
I love it. And it’s perfect
for hangovers. Let’s go. All righty. So now we’re going to make
a Corpse Reviver Number Two. Again, it’s perfect if you were
out drinking the night before and you need a
little hangover cure. We’re going to start off with
a little bit of Absinthe, just, like, a half
a bar spoon will do. You really just want,
like, a couple of drops. Maybe you’ll get it everywhere. It’ll be super fun. We’ll do 3/4 ounces of
fresh squeezed lemon juice. Puts a nice acid in
there, some good citrus. 3/4 ounces of dry Curacao. Again, it has some really
nice orange qualities. This one is cognac based. Then you do 3/4 ounces
of Cocchi Americano. Nice, light, fortified wine. It’s going to round
it out a little bit. And then, of course, 3/4
ounces of London Dry Gin. Put some ice in there
and shake it up. And strain it out. And then as our last little
nod to Richmond, a raven. Right on top. And that is a Corpse
Reviver Number Two. So, America, where
should we go next? What scary bars
are in your city? Let us know, because we
want to come visit you. Like and subscribe to
see more spooky spots. They’re probably, like,
right down there somewhere. [inaudible] Is it typing? Boop, boop, boop, boop. Oh my gosh, stop!

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