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What a creepy little door. Linz, I don’t want to– Oh, gosh. [laughs] Hey, I’m Linz. Hello. [laughs] I’m Ashley. We’re traveling
bartenders chasing a different kind of spirit. LINZ: Come with us to check
out some of the creepiest bars that you will be dying to visit. Dying? Get it? Oh my god. [theme music] [music playing] We have just
arrived in Cincinnati, also known as Queen City. And I hear she can
have quite a dark side. Let’s go check it out. [music playing] [laughs] Ah! Oh, we have to get on
Erie Avenue for a moment. ASHLEY: Is it really
called Erie Avenue? This is been a pretty
ominous tone for our trip. [music playing] ASHLEY: For cities,
Cincinnati spans the banks of three states,
hosting well known and historic
festivals, museums– –and ghosts. There is definitely
something living in this castle behind us. Some people hear a
noble gentleman yelling, “kneel to me,” from the inside. That’s terrifying. Should we go knock on the
side, see what happens? – Yeah.
– All right. [music playing] Where you at, ghosty? Hello? [music playing] ASHLEY: That boat looks
pretty scary and decrepit. Want to go check it out? Yes. Yes. [eerie music] Aah! [inaudible] let’s go! Mysteriously
broke free of its– [inaudible] Seriously, nope, nope, nope. This is– it. OK. [inaudible] ASHLEY: You got to lead the way. I really can’t– I really– I’m– nope. I really hate haunted houses. This is the worst. It’s all in your head. They’re all actors. They even put on
makeup for this [bleep] Ugh. No [bleep] it. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. LINZ: Seriously, though, like,
a little bit less is fine. [screaming] See what I did? Had my way with the
captain’s woman. I don’t want to open the door. All right, well, I did
the glass squeaky thing. You got to do this one. Hey. All right, well, they’re
going to pop out somewhere. They always do. Oh god, oh god, there’s a
person on the spinny thing. Nope, come on. [screams] What’s going on here? Oh god, hi. More fun. Part of the ship,
part of the crew. [growling] Oh god. Like, is it a cat? [screeching] I see you, sir. [pounding] [inaudible] God, nope, nope, nope, nope. Ashley, I need the light. No, where the hell are you? Where are you? Ugh. ASHLEY: I want to
leave right now. Goddamn it. [screaming] Just stop it for a second. No [bleep] I’m serious [bleep] I don’t want to
[bleep] do this anymore. And I want out of
this [bleep] thing. I’m like, I am so scared. Don’t even right now. ASHLEY: So this is
your haunted boat. I am so sorry we only
made it like, 15% through. But we both started– Got adrenaline sweat going on. –crying and shaking. Yeah, it’s OK. It can be scary. – Un poquito.
– Yeah. [laughs] I’ve had a couple of
experiences while working here. One scene, I was holding
some curtains like this, getting ready to like, jump
out and scare some people. And the curtains were
ripped out of my hands. What? Yeah, it was a little spooky. I had to take a
little break there. Oh my god. So not only is it
haunted, it’s haunted. Yes, double haunted. Double haunted. [laughs] All right, well, guys,
it’s been really great. Bye, guys. – Thank you for everything.
– We’re– Peace out. We’re not finished. Darling! We have some things to see [interposing voices] Thank you. I feel like there’s– [interposing voices] We got to go. Very disappointed. [interposign voices] Come on! [interposing voices] Are you OK? ASHLEY: That was my
actual nightmare. I’m sorry. I’m not fine. – Let’s go get a drink.
– Yes. There’s a bar that’s supposed
to be a portal to hell. No. Sounds great, right? Perfect for right now.
– No. Come on. [eerie music] LINZ: Presumed to be one
of the most haunted bars in the country, Bobby
Mackey’s has a rich history as a slaughterhouse turned
site of cold-blooded killings, severed heads, and dark rituals. Thank you so much for
having us after close. I know that’s a lot. I mean, you guys have to
have some crazy stories for us. There’s definitely a lot
of activity in this place. There’s also a lot
more in the basement. So I think we need
to go downstairs. Let’s go. Let’s go see. What a creepy little door. Things I don’t want to do. You guys, ready? I don’t know if we are but– Let’s go. Let’s do it. Welcome to hell. Oh gosh. [laughs] Sorry, mom. LAURA ROLAND: A long
time before this was Bobby Mackey’s,
there was actually a distillery on this property.
– What? That’s cool. LAURA ROLAND: Back
in the 1800s, it was called the Old 76 Distillery. After the distillery shut down,
this was a mob-owned nightclub called the Latin Quarter. And these rooms right here
are the dressing rooms where the showgirls would
get ready before they went on stage upstairs. [screaming] The legend is that this
is Johanna’s dressing room. Who is Johanna? She was one of the showgirls
here who committed suicide. What? The stories are
that she was pregnant. And when her father had
found out about this, he had actually had
the young man murdered. And then, of course,
she was distraught. And so she committed suicide. And so some of the
claims in this room are that people here women,
female singing, humming. And also there are
claims that they can see a female in the mirror
when they look in the mirror. I can see a female when
I look in the mirror. That’s all I got to say. ANGELA JOHNSON: [laughs] But do you see another? [suspenseful music] Well, this is the well room. And this is where
many people believe that the spirits enter
and leave the building, is through this well. And that’s why it’s
called the Portal to Hell. A lot of stuff
happens in this room. We’ve had people get scratched. We hear growling a lot. Usually from kind of behind
where you’re standing is where the growls
come from usually. LINZ: Mm-hmm, of course it is. ANGELA JOHNSON: Some of
the more physical things will happen here in the cell. This is where a lot of people
do provoking, where I’ve seen people get scratched or bitten. I’m sorry, provoking? Provoking, mm-hmm, just a
form of communication where it’s more forceful,
using a little more, you know, language,
insulting, things like that. LAURA ROLAND: Trying to provoke
a reaction from the spirit– ANGELA JOHNSON: Yeah,
they get reactions. LAURA ROLAND: –which
sometimes doesn’t work out the way they want it to. ANGELA JOHNSON: Right. LAURA ROLAND: And a lot of
times, that’s when people get scratched. ANGELA JOHNSON: Maybe they get
more than what they ask for. Yeah, provoking
turns into lashing out. ANGELA JOHNSON: Absolutely. LAURA ROLAND: Right. And we were just talking
amongst ourselves. And then you could hear a
voice that’s not one of us. There were three
of us down here. It’s not one of us. At first, I thought it
said, “who is there?” But the more we listen to it,
we actually think it says, “I’m listening.” And our fingers and
our bodies make triangle. That small room back there,
we refer to as the jail cell. From what we understand,
when the mob ran this club, they would lock people in there. Maybe they had a gambling debt
or they were caught cheating. They would just
lock them in there until they had time to deal with
them, whatever that might mean. People that sit in there now
here whispering, sometimes breath on their face. Their hair gets touched. Could you imagine being
stuck in here for a while? A little bit. How do you feel? What are you doing
with your foot? [laughs] [laughs] Absolutely. [music playing] All right, so
Bobby Mackey’s is definitely the most intense
scary place we’ve been so far. Very scary. We need something very
bloody, not actually bloody. Well, yeah,
we’re not vampires. Yeah, no, no vampires. What do you thinking? Swizzle? I like the idea of a swizzle. We can use the bitters to look
like blood gradient going down. Pepper. Salt Bae it all you want. [laughs] We are in Kentucky. Should we do a little white dog? Or we could do
apple brandy and just call it a Hellhound Swizzle. I like that. An apple will be like,
a little sweeter. This place could use a little
more sweetness in its life maybe.
– Yeah. Let’s go make this
Hellhound Swizzle. This one’s going
to be for the dogs. Oh god. Today we’re making
a Hellhound Swizzle. We’re going to start with
some fresh mint, add a couple chunks of strawberries. We’re going to add
one sugar cube. And then we’re going to
go with 3/4 of an ounce of fresh squeezed lime juice. This is going to be our
acidity in the cocktail. 3/4 of an ounce of simple syrup. And now we’re going to muddle. Just combine all of these
ingredients and flavors together enough to
break the sugar cube but not enough
totally overdo it. Continuing, we
have Laird’s Jersey Lightning unaged apple brandy. We’re doing a split-base,
so we’re going to do 1 ounce of this guy. Next, we’re going to do
1 ounce of dry vermouth, balance out some of our
sweetness that we have. Now, we’re going
to fill the glass about halfway with crushed ice. We can go ahead and put our
straw in now, because we’re putting bitters on top. We don’t want to mess up
our beautiful cocktail. The first bitters is going
to be Peychaud’s Bitters, generous helping of him. The second bitters
is Angostura Bitters, kind of looks like blood. But the bitterness is going to
help balance out our sugars. We’re going to top him
with some more crushed ice. And we’re topping
our Hellhound Swizzle with a fresh bouquet of mint. To finish this guy off, just a
couple cranks of black pepper, bring a couple savory notes
and dial back the sweetness. This is our Hellhound Swizzle. Well, my prediction was right. This place is very creepy. I think as far as
spooky bars goes, Bobby Mackey’s is
a definite must. We have Portal
to Hell right here. If you would like to
follow us into it– ASHLEY: Like and subscribe
to see more spooky spots. Also, tell us a
good place to go get a booze after I get my booze. [laughs]

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