A Guide to Booking Train Travel Tickets : How to Book Train Travel From New York to Niagara Falls

Hi everyone, I’m Russ Handler, travel agent,
and did you know if you’re taking a trip via rail from New York to Niagara Falls it’s just
over seven hours? About seven hours and twenty minutes in some cases. So, it’s a great, quick,
and wonderful way to see our beautiful country. Here’s how you book that travel. Go to 1-800-USA-RAIL
or do what I do. I like to come here and go to their excellent website. This is Amtrak’s
website. It not only shows me my New York to Niagara Falls map, and where I’m going
to be stopping in between, but it’ll also allow me to put in my selection of date and
time and all the information in my itinerary, and quickly come up with the pricing. Now
it’s also showing me here in this case that there are multiple departures. There are coach
and business classes. There is snacks on board the train, and there’s a lot of other information
that you could learn in regard to this seven and a half hour trip. It’s going to be a lot
of fun, you get to buy your tickets online, pick them up at your departure site, and it’s
just that simple. I’m Russ Handler and that’s how you do it.

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