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Right now I want to give you a strategy for getting more bookings and being happier and healthier. This will only take a few minutes and I think you’ll find it really helpful so grab a paper and pen and let’s dive in real quick! 5 4 3 2 1 Imagine this scenario. You’re sitting at your desk. It’s the beginning of a new month, you’re reviewing your numbers your client bookings and your revenue from last month and you realize you exceeded your goal for the month and not only that you hit or exceeded your goal every single month for the last three months, you’re on track to having a stellar year. Now if you’ve gotten used to not getting your income goals this thing feel like it’s just not possible or like you’re never going to get there unless you work a crazy amount of hours and totally neglect your family in your self-care. I used to feel the exact same way. I was working and working and working and working and still not hitting my income goals and not taking good care of myself. Not exercising regularly, not eating right, and all of that important stuff The game changer for me was a very specific and intentional strategy that I followed to break the vicious cycle that I was in and you can use the same strategy to start hitting your financial goals every single month and to be healthier and happier and work fewer hours Before I share the strategy with you, I’m going to give you a quick background on where part of the strategy was derived from. Several years ago Harvard conducted a study on goal setting that revealed remarkable results. Harvard graduate students were asked if they had clear written goals for their futures and specific plans and action steps to transform their fantasies into reality. The study showed that only three percent of the students had set goals with concrete timeline and specific plans to accomplish their goals. 13 percent had goals in their minds, but hadn’t written them down and 84 percent had no goals at all So which group do you belong to? Do you have concrete goals and a timeline and it’s all written down along [with] a specific action plan for achieving those goasl, or do you have goals in mind but nothing written down and no concrete action plan [on] how you’re going to get there or do you really not have any specific goals at all? Write down your answer on a piece of paper right now. If you’re part of group 1 Group 2 or group 3 and Remember no one is going to see this you don’t have to admit this to anyone if you don’t want you This is simply an exercise in identifying where you’re at right now So you can then math your course from where you are at to where you want to be. Harvard waited ten years and then contract contacted each group of students The group 2 students the one who had goals, but didn’t write them down were earning twice as much money annually as group 3 [students] the ones with no goals and that makes sense. There’s nothing shocking about the fact that people with goals earn twice as much money as the people without goals. We’ve seen research after research after research that is very definitive and showing that people with goals earn twice as much money as people without goals. However, the next thing that this study reveals might just blow your socks off. Group number one the 3 percent of grad students who had written out specific goals, timelines and action plan were earning on average ten times more than the other 97 percent of the class combined! So the other two groups combined crazy, right? By simply setting and writing down specific goals Timelines in an action plan you could be ten times more successful there’s a ton of additional research on goal setting and action plans which [I’m] not going to dive into at this short video however I am going to quickly give you an overview of the [goal-setting] action plan strategy, that works really really well. Then I’m going to share with you a tool that I created that makes this process really simple and fun for you and This special tool will give you a lot more details about each of these six steps So the strategy like this I consists of six steps and here’s what they are step number one is Brain dump all of your to do’s and things that you want to accomplish and upgrade in your life in all areas of your life finances, health, relationships, everything for sit down and do a [30-minute] brain dump. Write down everything you can think of from little to do is like order a new phone charger too big to do is like shop for cheaper car insurance two things that you want to accomplish like lose 10 pounds or hit a certain monthly revenue goal–everything write it down. So that’s step one of the six steps. Step 2 is review [your] brain dump and circle or highlight the things that you are actually committing to getting done in the next 90 days. Don’t worry about the rest of the list just decide on which things both big and small are most important to you right now in the next 90 days. Step 3 is create a 90-day vision for your life. Right out exactly what you want your life to look like three months from today How much money will you be making? How do you want your health, your relationships, your home? Write out a very clear picture of your life as if it were that way. Describe it as if that’s how your life looks right now. So describe it in present tense then step 4 is chunk your big 90-day goals down into small Smart goals. A Smart goal is specific measurable attainable relevant and time bound. Step 5 is create an action plan to fulfill on your smart goals and your 90-day vision. In your upcoming webinar we are going to be talking about creating an effective marketing system for attracting ideal clients and your marketing system is part of your action plan for hitting your financial goals. Lastly, step 6 is to set up your life around meeting your goals. So this means that you are structuring your schedule each week around meeting your goals you are pre-planning your work up you schedule in time to work on your marketing system and so on. That is a brief overview of the strategy and obviously, there’s a lot more details and nuances to making a strategy work So I’ve created a tool for you that walks you through the strategy makes it really really fun and most importantly it helps ensure that you actually do it and you hit your goal the tool is a printed success planner that gets shipped to your house And it comes with a short [online] video series that walks you through each of these six steps It’s designed specifically for You to help you set and achieve all of your business and personal goals it keeps track of your 90 day vision your weekly goals your action plan your to-do list both work and personal and your note it Also serves as a capture tool So instead of [having] all of these random sticky notes and pieces of paper that you jot down Info on you can capture all of the important info that comes at you every day and your success planner It’ll keep you organized on track and inspired There are marketing tips and inspirational quotes throughout the planner And it’s designed to help you hit all of your 90-day goals your personal goals business goals health goals relationship goals any and all goals that you set for yourself and When your planner arrives on your doorstep you’ll get access to a short online video series that walks you through creating your 90-day Painted picture and your smart goal, the whole six step strategy that I gave you the overview of just now these planners along [with] the video series are $45 and This is what it looks like your 90-day success planner This is truly a labor of love for me to you I designed it specifically for you to help you be 10 times More likely to hit all of your goals your business professional goals and your personal goals as well So in this planner, you’ll have your daily action plan your to-do list or 90 days vision and it will serve as your capture tool so as Information comes at you throughout the day instead of writing it on scrap pieces of paper and sticky notes you’ll actually put it in your Planner so it’ll keep you really organized and on track to hitting all of your goals plus I put a little quotes throughout it and things to just keep you motivated and inspired So I cannot wait for you to try this planner if you want more details about it scroll down the page there’s actually a place where you can download a few sample pages if you want to look at a few pages within the planner and When you order your planner will have it shipped on your doorstep within 10 days so it should land on your doorstep within 10 business days, and you’ll get immediate access to our short online Video series that I made for you on how to best use the plan or get the most out of it? And I’ll give you a few other tips and tricks in that video series that I think you’re going to like so just scroll down the piece you get all the details and then click [the] link below the big orange button into your details and I’ll Have your success planner on your doorstep within 10 days and you’ll get immediate access to the short online video series And then I love to hear from you I want to hear how [the] planner has helped you how you used it on how will you reach goals with it? I want to hear from you about the planner once you get it and you start using it all right. Thank [you] Thank you for your time the attention scroll down the page, and I look forward to Pick out your planner to you all right bye-bye

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  1. I've started a travel and tourism company in Dubai from this month. I am following your strategy, its really awesome. You are welcome to visit my office whenever you land on UAE. Thanks

  2. That is Harvard, right? one of the most prestigious college on earth?! Was that 12 years ago this theory of writing goals, making timeline plan did not exist in Harvard? Why didn't they teach that 3rd group to follow the 1st group? instead of letting them become a subject of failure just to prove the theory? I wish someone taught me these things 10 years ago and be a success together today.

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