6 Steps for an Effective Travel Agent Sales Pitch

Have you been wondering what an
effective travel agent sales pitch looks like? What are the travel agents doing
who booked millions of dollars worth of travel or more each year. Most of them
are using a simple six step sales process and I’m going to share it with
you today so you can use it too. The six steps to an effective travel agent sales
pitch are number one – Connect with them and find out how they
heard about you. For example you could say hi Jane, thanks for meeting with me
today. I’m excited to learn more about you and the type of trip you want to
take. Of course be sure to ask them how they heard about you keep it simple
and straightforward. Step 2 – Ask them to tell you about the type of trip that
they want to take where they want to go in all of the different details around
their trip. Step 3 – ask them what their budget is and if they say they don’t
know then give them some budget ranges for the destination that they’re wanting
to go to and for the type of trip that they told you that they want to go on. So
here’s an example using some fake budget If you’d like this to be a 4-star type trip with coach airfare, then for a budget of $6-$8K thousand dollars
you could enjoy your honeymoon in places like the Riviera Maya or Puerto Rico for
a budget of ten to fifteen thousand dollars you could go to Bali or st.
Lucia and for a budget over eighteen thousand you could go to Maldives based
upon held these first three steps of when you’ll know if they’re an ideal
client for you or not and if they are then continue on with these next three
steps. Step four – get to know them better ask more questions such as is there
anything specific that you want to see or do while you’re there.
Step 5 – give them a few tips and recommendations. Don’t shower them with everything you know but do them with a couple of great tips or recommendations
and finally step 6 – ask for the planning fee and/or
service agreement so that you can sign them up as a client. That’s an overview
of the six steps to a high converting free consultation below this video you
can download a travel agent sales tips guide that gives you lots of good
questions to ask shows you how to frame your question and gives you a bunch of
other tips and if you’re in the travel expert marketing Academy in module nine we give you a detailed outline of these six steps along with a lot of other
travel agent sales tips and strategies that work beautifully and feel good. You
won’t feel like you’re selling at all. You’ll feel like you’re sharing and if
they’re an ideal client for you you’ll land the booking. Now I want to hear from
you. Which of these six steps are you already doing a great job of in which if
any could you use some improvement on? Please share in the comments below and
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It’s your time to shine. What are you going to do to break through to that next
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