5 Reasons to Become A Travel Agent and Launch Your Travel Business

hi how are you this is Sunday your
online travel boss can be just a minute and let me invite some people and we are
gonna get started with this week’s episode of 5 reasons why you want to
become a travel agent and have launched your travel agency okay give me just a
minute welcome to the group I’m super excited to have you inside of the group
I’m just super excited if you’re watching on my page the business jump
off for travel lovers I’m super excited to have you here as well so let me tell
you a little bit about myself because for the first for some of you this is
the first time that you haven’t met me and are getting to know you Mia
my name is sunday gardener I am at your online travel boss I love all things
travel I have my own travel company called Sugar Company trop sugar travel
company I am also a business coach where I teach new entrepreneurs how to launch
their own travel agency with the right foundation so we focus on not just
launching or getting the super power but actually launching a valuable business
so today I come to you with and my intention is for the next several weeks
is to come to you live every Wednesday afternoon and let’s talk a little bit
about some of the things that you may be concerned about as a new entrepreneur or
as an existing entrepreneur but today’s topic we’re going to talk about five of
the reasons why I love being a travel agent and like you may like being a
travel agent and reasons for you to decide to jump and start your own travel
business so what I want to first start off by saying is is that being a travel
agent and having a travel business is not one in the same thing most people
think that because they have the superpower and let’s say they joined it
with a host agency and they are now have the ability to book travel all over the
world right so you have this amazing superpower that does not necessarily
make you a business owner oftentimes when you are with a host agency
depending on which host agency you go with you are an independent contractor
of that agency and it is up to you to create a business and so in the next I
think next week’s topic we’re going to be talking about really the difference
between being an agent and an entrepreneur I’m so won’t steal any of
the thunder from that conversation this week but this week we’re gonna talk
about what it’s like to be a travel agent and why I am just so super excited
about it and then that somewhat reasons why you or ways that you can actually
jump and actually start a viable profitable business because ultimately
if you want to go in business for yourself you want it to be viable right
you want it to be profitable and you want it to be successful so we’ll talk
about some of those things today so this is gonna be short and sweet if you do
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reason why so I’m not going to do these in like you know this is chronological
importance order I’m just talking about five of the reasons why I love it
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all right so my number one reason that I wrote down for hi Mickey
hopefully I said your name right how are you nice to have you live with me okay
my number one reason is of course the reason to be a travel agent is because I
get to travel right not only do I get to travel I get to meet people and I get to
have experiences I have been a travel lover since you know we were very poor
so we didn’t get to travel as a kid you know with my parents I
didn’t really get the travel bug until college so if you’ve ever watched any of
my videos I always talk about how travel like hit me in college and so I was a I
competed in college as a debater and so we went to different colleges across the
country competing you know arguing that’s what I do people who know me
they’re like I mean used to argue I can totally see that but I used to compete
and that we would go all to different colleges across the United States and
compete and that’s when the traveled like hit me I was like because I never
got to see different people and always I grew up in San Antonio and I got to see
different people I got to see different kids my age got to see different towns
and different experiences and so that travel bug stuck with me I took my first
flight as an adult when I was in college I’ll never forget I cried I was so I was
so petrified I flew as a child but it was so many years between my flight is
my one flight as a child and as an adult in college so anyway I flew as a child I
was an adult and I cried I was so scared when we took off like I just thought I
was gonna die but that travel bug has stuck with me
and so to be able to do it as a business and to be able to meet people and to not
only bring experiences to them I get to continue doing it on a personal level
when I graduated college I actually got the opportunity to know if that was an
opportunity but part of my job was traveling I did not like work trouble I
can tell you that much so I traveled every week I traveled five days a week
came home on Friday and flew out on Sunday or Monday and that life sucks so
I do not like business travel I love a personal travel and as a trouble
entrepreneur I get to do it as business and as personal so it’s sort of the best
of both worlds so being a travel agent I get the opportunity not only to travel
but I get to travel on discount right and it’s removing the discount it’s like
you can’t if you’re not an agent now or you’ve never experienced travel as an
agent it’s like no other because the amount of benefit that you
can get from traveling as an agent it’s like no other
like it’s not like just getting you know really great cheap airfare which is also
really pretty exciting but it’s just different traveling as an agent and
being able to immerse yourself behind the scenes of a travel supplier and be
able to get that sort of behind-the-scenes experience and then
also the rates that they offer you as a travel agent so that’s my sort of number
one that was like the first thing I wrote down when I wrote down my list so
I was like you know being able to meet people and then not only meet people and
then give them experiences is like no other so I love this industry just this
year I married my sort of my personal superpower which is coaching and
marketing with travel so not only do I get to be a travel agent I’m also a
coach and I get to allow people who want to start their own businesses start
their businesses in trouble so it’s like the perfect marriage of the two of my
loves which is coaching and marketing and that travel so we married the two of
those this year we’ve created a new program that I’ll talk about a little
bit later all right so that’s number one number two is it’s fun and it’s not
boring like if you can hear the excitement in my voice that is sort of
how I feel when I put together packages when I’m talking about my packages it’s
just funny I was talking yes sure it was a couple of days ago I was talking to
one of my friends and I put together this cruise package for my friends and
family I probably I mean I’ve offered it out to sort of a soft general public but
it’s mostly for friends and family because there’s so many friends and
family that I haven’t seen so no it’s not one of my friends about it and you
know I wrote this post and I told them all about it I was like listen you know
when I post all my pictures next year and you’re not in the pictures I don’t
want to hear any crap from you right and so he was talking to me and he was like
yeah I saw that but I didn’t really he goes it sounds totally like something
you would say and then he we start talking about the thing and the
excitement that I have in my voice today is excitement that I have in my voice
all the time when I’m talking about trouble when I talking about
my business or when I’m talking about coaching because it’s fun like there is
nothing like not actually so just excuse me like my nose is writing a little bit
I don’t think I’m a tissue I hope I don’t have to it I don’t know if there’s
like something flying around it okay so sorry anyway it’s fun Travel is fun and
it’s not boring like every package is a new experience every customer I work
with is a new experience everything like where I’ve got a group of travel agents
that I’m working with right now and we’re working on putting together the
essence festival for 2019 and that has been fun like we just you know I just
finished the sales page and getting that look out it’s fun so every every sort of
mini project either if it’s a group package that I’m putting together if I’m
working with a client one-on-one or if I’m working with the travel agencies
it’s just not boring it’s not a boring industry there is so much to this
industry that if you get tired like my specialty is luxury cruises if I get
tired of luxury cruises I can totally scrap that and pick up something else
and totally do something else I got ups crap cruises because I love
personally cruising and there are so many different suppliers in just that
genre that I’m gonna probably not get tired anytime soon with just that
particular part of the industry so my number two is that it’s fun to worry
because I have undiagnosed hdhd I don’t know if any of you or like that but I
really get bored easily right so if a particular job becomes mundane or it’s
repetitive or it’s talking about the same sort of thing I get bored so the
fact that I’m able to be in an industry that has so many facets that if I get
you know I get tired of one area I can go to a different area like if I get
tired of a destination I can go to a different destination if I get tired of
this type of customer I can bring a whole different type of customer and
still stay in the business and still make quite a bit of money doing it right
so that was my number two reason is that it’s fun and it’s boring it’s not boring
and there’s always something new to do and there’s always something different
that I haven’t done just on the travel agency side okay number
three is I’m my own boss you’re your own boss right and so that’s actually a
positive and a negative right so when I think about being my own boss
everybody’s always you know I call myself the online travel boss you know I
consider myself a boss what do I mean by boss somebody who is able to make
decisions somebody who’s able to make decisions and has their responsibilities
right so not only do I get to make the money I get to make the decisions but
the bad side of that or you know the the negative sometimes side of that is that
you are the only here you are your own boss right so you take on all the risk
you take on all of the responsibilities of others if you have employees or
whatever and so if you’re not properly prepared for that or if you’re not
properly positioned for that it can be overwhelming to be the boss it can be
scary to be the boss but ultimately you are the boss right so I get to make my
own hours so the positive of that I get to make my own hours I get to make my
own schedule I was talking to my assistant
last month and I told her I said remember we do not work the last two
weeks of the year right and so we need to make sure that we have structured
corridor for such that we are done by December 1st right I really like to be
off the entire month of December in terms of you know building new content
for the business or whatever right I get to make that decision not only do I get
to make that decision I get to pass that down to the people that work with me and
around me right so I don’t go live I don’t want to be programs I don’t do
anything in the last month of the year and that’s my choice right as the boss
you get to do that so that’s my number three is you get to be the boss you get
to make the decisions you get to take the risk get to make the money you get
to do all of the things and define your business the way that you want to I love
that that part of the business but again all I would say on that is that you’ve
got to position yourself to be prepared for that right so being the boss just by
words and not by action is just gonna set you up for failure so you want to be
able to structure yourself so that you’re not overworking yourself right
cuz bosses do do that right if you don’t have the right support system if you’re
not paired to make the right decisions
sometimes it’s difficult decisions like letting people go
letting clients go whatever decisions you have to make as the boss you got to
make them cuz you’re the boss alright number four is freedom right so I again
if you don’t know me my story is I never really thought of myself as an
entrepreneur my husband is the entrepreneurial person in our life well
he was until I got the bug and so 2006 is when we but we did our first jump we
jumped into we opened up a barber shop and I became an entrepreneur with him
small business owner in 2006 and I still worked a full time job it I didn’t do it
full-time and I’m gonna tell you it was still the scariest thing every time I
look back of what we did in 2006 I just think what the hell were we thinking
right there was a little bit of craziness about that but at that time in
2006 I had just had our second child and two years later less than two years
later actually what happened it was less than two years later it was our I got
pregnant and our second our third child would have been 12 months apart but I
miscarried and they got pregnant right away again so our third child is 18
months apart from the second child today when we had kids two more children
back-to-back and then we had an older child and freedom of having our own
business allowed my experience with my second and third child to be
dramatically different than our first child right my first child was in
daycare from the age of six weeks on and was you know in daycare I was sick all
the time she was sick all the time everybody was sick all the time
and but having my own business allowed us a sense of freedom in my schedule
with my schedule with my husband’s schedule even though I worked a
full-time job while we had the barber shop my husband was able to for I would
say up until the boys were in school we had a nanny and then we he had the
freedom to be able to go and take care of the boys
in a way that I didn’t because I was working for somebody so when I
subsequently left corporate and it was just us both having our own business we
had the freedom to set our schedule now I will tell you the same thing it is
about being your own boss right that freedom has a sense of responsibility to
it right what will happen with most entrepreneurs and small business owners
is that they work themselves around the clock
they don’t schedule the time off because they’re trying to wear too many hats
they are trying to do too many things and I will tell you I’m a bit of a
workaholic and that is what I found myself working myself to the bone
harder than I was working when I was working for somebody else so freedom is
my number four but I will caution you that you really need the structure
create a structure in your business that allows you to take time off and to
create balance in your professional life even though it’s your own entrepreneur
business and your personal life because what can happen very easily is that the
two of them blend and then you find yourself working too much and so you
know I have to tell you the story later on but you know my journey has been as I
got super sick and I had to like let a lot of it go because I was working too
much and I didn’t schedule the downtime I wasn’t taking care of myself but
anyway freedom is my number four because you know when you’re not too preneur you
get to define how much you work or how little you work and I would just
recommend if you’re anything do not overwork yourself because it’s very easy
to do but freedom does allow you to have more time with your children allowed to
have more time with your friends and family create the old kind of schedule
that you want my goal I have not reached this yet but my goal is to be out a
three-day workweek I used to work seven days a week I am now down to five days
I’m back up to six but I’m back and you know my goal is I just talked to my
assistant about this today now you need to get back down to five but to be in a
three-day workweek that we’ve got systems in place where I am working
three days a week and I’m off four days doing whatever it else whatever the
things that I like to do which is travel one of them is traveling and doing more
lives not behind these in my office book behind you know out
there on the streets and doing traveling which is what we’ll be doing a lot more
in this fall as well so the month of December will be some we’re doing a lie
but it will not be in my house is my goal all right number five reason that
being a travel agent and having a travel business and even your own business is
the the bomb diggity right that’s just kind of dates me right
at the ball so if you are joining live please announce so that I can see you so
that you can get the opportunity to get the Las Vegas vacation voucher just say
hello let me know that you’re there and then I will tag you I’m after the after
this live and let you know all about what you’ve got to do to be able to
claim that number five equally as important as all the other four is
financial freedom right you can make great money if you position yourself in
a job working nine to five you can make good money right so depending on whose
job it is you can make good money I’m not saying that you can’t make money but
your ability to make but loads of money let me just say that or define hey Val
define how much money you want to make is like no other when you’re an
entrepreneur you can define your path financially being an entrepreneur unlike
you can do when you’re working for somebody else right
you were dictated by whatever salary that they give you if you make bonuses
how much bonus they’re gonna give you based on whatever the parameters are
other bonus if you are an entrepreneur and you have a business that has a sound
foundation that you get to define how much money you will make right that’s
largely depending on your marketing your messaging and the products that you
offer right so being able to create a financial future for your for your fit
your family is like no other when you’re an entrepreneur so that’s my number five
financial security being able to create not only a financial financial security
for yourself but for your family as well and so there’s a couple things I want to
talk a little bit about when it comes to financial right talking to a lady
yesterday and she was like you know I just want to do the travel business and
I just want to do a part-time right that in and of itself the ability
to create a second stream of income for yourself you can do that in a travel
business with a few hours a week right if you don’t want to create this huge
agency that’s got you know ten sub-agents underneath it you don’t have
to write you can be a one-person show I still recommend that you do get help
because you know to be successful you do need to do content you need to show up
to your people you need to create a whole bunch of marketing things that
you’ll you know I’ll talk to you about in a few but you do need to have a
support system but you don’t have to be a huge agency to create a second stream
of income you don’t have to be huge agency to have your agency replace your
full-time income but you do have to have a system in place you do have to have
processes in place you do if there’s a marketing strategy in place right in
order to do that but you can create that in this business right and not with like
like I I went to college for five years to me five years to go to college I
graduated really young so I played a little bit so to me five years here at
college I have a degree in accounting I am a certified project manager so I do a
you know certified so what all that means and all the education that it
means right I have you know over 20 years of experience launching businesses
marketing with businesses and all of that and so with all of that experience
and I have you know I did a lot of schooling did a lot of on-the-job
experience with that right but big a travel agent you don’t necessarily need
to go to school to do this right you do need education but we’ll talk about what
kind of education you need you don’t need to get a degree and travel to be a
travel agent and to be a damn good one you don’t have to be that right it
doesn’t cost you as much as it costs to like go to a four-year university right
but you can still make six figures right my turning point for my six figures in
my corporate job is when I became a certified project manager right your
turning point when you become a six-figure travel agency is not going to
be you know and it took it took me I had to it to get the
certification I had to take an exam I had to be working in my field for three
to five years I think it was and then I had to have a certain amount of hours to
do that right and that was a turning point when I became a six-figure wage
earner for somebody else you have to do that in this business right you just
have to know how to market your business and you have to create a foundation for
your business that’s gonna set you up for six figures right so it took me I
was pregnant with my second child so 2005 when I became a certified project
manager I remember taking the exam you know taking the exam while I was
pregnant took the prep course while I was
pregnant that course alone was $1,500 so I invested $1,500 to take a prep course
to become certified so that I could then become six figures working for somebody
else right so what I’m saying you don’t even have to do that
in order to make six figures in your travel agency right so when I say
financial security and financial freedom I’m talking from experience right for me
to make six figures in my corporate job took me several years to me education
took me you know additional training outside of college experience and that I
had to sit for an exam and then I had to leave that job to get another job that
recognized right so there was a whole bunch of steps to be able to do that
whereas you can create your own business and and have it generate six figures for
you without all that extra stuff that I did right so that’s what my number five
is all right so let me repeat what my number my five reasons were one is
travel I get to travel not only do I get to travel I get to travel as an insider
as a travel professional I get to meet people and I get to not only meet people
I also get to bring experiences to people so that is my number one because
I love I’m a people person and I love to travel so I get to put the
two of those together number two it’s fun and it’s not boring number three and
my own boss the good and the ugly of being my own boss
number four is I get freedom good and bad with that freedom right so I’ve got
to create a balance between my work and my family something that I continue to
work on as I you know become over covering workaholic and the number-5
financial freedom right those are my five reasons why the travel industry is
an amazing industry to be met right I tell you this is the right industry for
you if you love travel you love helping people and you don’t like travel and you
don’t like helping people you know what turn off the live and
probably go do something else right but if you are like your travel planner for
your friends and family and you’re already doing it and you’re not doing it
from the inside you probably ought to become a travel agent it’s so super easy
to do so let’s talk about how easy it is to do right you’ve two options when it
becomes becoming a travel agent you can start a travel agent you can start and
get all the credentials from scratch yourself you get your CLIA yourself you
can get your Ark number yourself those are really the two biggest credentials
that you want to have you can do all of that you can do it from scratch you can
invest the dollars and the education it requires to do it from scratch right or
you could do simple you can partner with the host agency I’m not going to
recommend and tell you you know this I do have a recommendation that I give my
students for based on you know me talking to them and what their needs are
but a host agency is the easiest way to do this and all that you do is depending
on the host agency you go with is they’re gonna get they’re gonna either
have a set of feet some host agencies have a set up fee anywhere from $200 all
the way to zero setup fee and then you pay a monthly fee so what is a host
agency a host agency extends their credentials to you so that you can book
travel under their credentials right so you’re gonna be booking travel
underneath their clear number or their arc number and all that means is is that
instead of you acquiring those numbers yourself you’re going to be using them
they will take a percentage of whatever the Commission split is so let’s say you
are booking a cruise and that cruise is paying 16 percent your host agency takes
30 percent and they give you 70 percent or they take 20 percent and they give
you 80 percent right so that is the fee for you getting their credentials and
getting the credentials like instantaneously closely agency
way that I decided to go right I’m you know highly educated gone all that route
did not want to go I was new in the industry and I did not want to invest
those dollars there immediately so that’s what I’ve done I partnered with
the host agency I paid my setup fee I pay my monthly fee and then I am now a
superpower or travel agent right I have the Ark number and the clea number of
some host agents agencies do easy process it takes less than five minutes
it was gonna take you more than five minutes to partner with the host agency
or with the wrong host agency pros withing with the host agency are simple
pros you instantaneously get access to booking travel that’s number one
another Pro is is that you don’t have to build the trouble supplier relationships
a good host agency will have all of those relationships already established
meaning you don’t have to go and negotiate with Royal Caribbean cruise
line to determine what your percentage rate is and get in contact with them
they already have a rate that’s established the volume that they’re
doing is probably so great it would that host agency that you’re getting the
maximum amount of commission available the cons with partnering with the host
is that you do have to split your commission if you’re with a good host
agency that commission split is more like an 80/20 where they’re getting 20%
and you’re getting 80% right most of the host agencies have a threshold ATT most
of them have a threshold where if you make a certain amount of commissions in
a year they’ll bump up your commission your split of the commission right
another con of the host agency versus doing it yourself is is that they some
of the host agencies depending on which host you go with will make it seem like
you should brand yourself or you should market yourself underneath them and I
totally disagree with that right so what does that mean meaning if you
partner with the hoes and they’re more interested in how you are marketing your
personal business instead of just you know standing by collecting their
Commission and making sure that they’ve got you know all the relationships and
they’re providing me either back-end support that’s probably not the best
host agency for you another con is is that most of the host agencies at least
and again I don’t know all the host agencies that are out there right
there’s hundreds of them a lot of travel agents agencies have allowed the ability
for themselves to become a host because that is not very difficult to do as well
they pay the fees they send the credentials they create the legal
ability for them to do that that’s not difficult so there’s hundreds of host
agencies out there so I cannot begin to tell you that I know everything about
every host agency that there is but I will tell you with some of the host
agencies that I’ve interacted one of the cons is is that they give you access to
all these tools but don’t give you training and so that can be a con right
there is a difference so another con is as there is a
difference when some people are recruited into host agencies there is a
difference between being a travel agent and being a travel business owner and so
that’s kind of what I want to make sure I’m very clear about is is that being a
business owner means that you are responsible for your business you are
responsible for acquiring your own clients marketing branding creating an
identity for yourself a vision you are clear about that
direction a host agency does not give that to you right it’s up to you to
develop that yourself right and just because you become a travel agent
doesn’t mean that you instantly are business owner what it means is that
you’re instantly have the superpower of a travel agent but you do not instantly
have a business and so that’s what I want to talk to you about on the flip
side of this live which is becoming a travel agent is it is a five minute
thing I don’t want you guys to feel like you know it’s gonna take me weeks and
years to become a travel agent literally if you part
with the right host agency it is signing some paperwork most of them if they’re
good at it and they’re their key on technology all you have to do is click a
button pay a fee and you know in on autopilot they send you an email with
access to your credentials access to every travel supplier on the planet and
your travel agent boom that’s it right you know probably but loads of videos
for you to watch and you know checklists for you to go through and all sorts of
things for you to figure out and you’re a travel agent so the travel agent
superpower acquisition is so easy it is not a difficult thing to acquire five
minutes all right so now that you know that becoming a
travel agent is not a big deal and is not a difficult thing if you decide to
partner with somebody right if you decide and when you think of a host
agency as a fee right it’s a cost of doing business just like I used to be in
the salon business in the beauty industry you know my husband and I still
own a barber shop but I always say like when I would go to the supply store they
would provide me supplies right I would buy professional products from
professional vendor sorry there’s a bug that like flew like heavy I would buy
like let’s say I was buying a hair extensions I’d buy hair extensions from
that vendor and I would then sell them to my clients right think of your host
agency just like that their job is to provide you the ability to sell travel
and the connections and the relationships with travel suppliers that
is their job end of story your job is not to promote
them it’s to promote your own business right they are a supplier to you they
give you access to product travel product and you sell that travel product
to your customer your customer does not need to know that you’re a part of a
host agency they don’t need to know that that’s none of their business
your job is sell travel to your customers how you facilitate that that’s
all in the backend that is your operational way of doing business right
so think of a host agency as a cost of doing business
tax deductible it’s an expense it’s an expense that I incur because I don’t
want to have additional expenses associated with doing it myself right
that’s all you need to think of as a host right
so now hopefully I believe that tourists who have any questions please reach out
while you’re online and let me know now what is the service are you having a
business and having the superpower right having a business is those things that I
said which is you have a distinct brand when somebody looks at my sugar travel
company as I build that brand up what is it that they see what is it that what is
the vision that I have for my company right what is the niche that I serve who
is my customer what is the brand the vision for my customer that I see that I
deliver through the services that I give them what is what is my marketing
strategy how will I attract strangers to my business and ultimately convert them
into travel customers of mine right what is the process by which I do business
right what is the structure that I that Uncle Sam recognizes me under all of
those things are what makes you a business owner and so I want to make
sure that you distinguish between the two and this is where a process if you
don’t know how to do these things this is where a process is going to help you
do that I am from the Dallas area I’m so high member OOP nice to have you on so
having a business requires that you have those foundational items so let’s just
talk about what those foundational items are right for a viable travel business
first having a travel niche critical important and if you want to be a
generalist I don’t recommend you being a generalist in the travel industry
because there is so much to travel you were gonna spin your wheels trying to
figure out all that there is to travel and trying to be everything to everyone
is a waste of your time it’s a waste of your money and it’s a waste of your
effort right so defining in Asia is your number one number two is defining a
business structure that is you have no idea okay so Stephanie this is where
we’re talking about these four things that I’m about to reveal to you is kind
of you begin and so we’ll talk about how
the next steps are in just a minute so Stephanie just hang on defining a
business structure right so you know you’re not legal if Uncle Sam says
you’re not legal right you don’t want to start a business and do this make lots
of money you you know you’re making all these great commissions you’re booking
travel and Uncle Sam comes knocking on your door saying where’s my money right
where’s my money and you’ve not positioned yourself as a business to 1
protect your assets – you know I am not about not paying taxes I’m about
reducing my tax expense – as you know as much as possible right and do that
through an accountant but that all is about the way that you’re legally
structured right that’s the number 2 number 3 what is your brand right what
is the vision of your business who are you who are your customers what is it
that you intend to deliver to them and how will you uniquely do that and then
for marketing I will tell you if you listen to any lies that I do from here
on out you will always hear me throughout that life say one thing that
your number one job as a business owner is to market your business and most
business owners who were starting off don’t know the first thing about
marketing their business they have no idea what marketing is they think that
marketing is just merely posting on at your Facebook page or on your Facebook
page and that’s it that’s all that marketing is and it is so much more than
that right so really having a marketing strategy that is designed to attract
more than just your friends and family because frankly if you want to be six
figures you’re gonna need to attract more than just your friends and family I
love my friends and family but they’re not what make me six figures right it’s
my ability attract strangers at a volume who I can service and provide my travel
services – or my coaching services – right that is what’s going to make you
successful all right so that’s the process right of being a travel preneur
is being able to do those four things successfully and do them well enough
that you’re able to get repeat customers I’m sorry so I’m stopping I’m reading
this person’s response so yes I do have my business so you’ll have to watch the
replay at the beginning because I just spent the last several minutes talking
all about the businesses that I’ve started and the business that we are so
okay so that’s the process right so let me talk to you now Stephanie I’m talking
to you because you put it here you would love to do this you want to be a travel
premier but you don’t know where to begin
all right so we’re starting September 9th we are starting our next program
start date for business foundations where we are gonna dig deep in those
folk four areas of being a chavala preneur right you are going to partner
either with the recommended host agency that I recommend or one of your choosing
and then we are going to launch your business in eight weeks right so in
sixty days my goal for you in sixty days is not only have you launched your
travel agency but that you’ve got your first paying client you’ve got your
first travel package defined and you’ve got people on your email list so that
you could start to market to them write that program start September 9th which
is in a week and a half it’s not this upcoming Sunday it’s the following
Sunday so we’re almost I think a little less than two weeks away from the start
date of business foundations the September 9th starting it’s an eight
week perfect for areas that we talked about which is we’re gonna talk about
your travel niche we’re gonna talk about your business structure we’re going to
determine what your brand is and ensure that you start to develop a brand that
is clearly aligned to what your niche is going to be and then we talk about how
to market your travel agency and how to get you started
alright so if you would like to enjoy Liam actually I just forgot she’s about
to sign off and tell you goodbye but let me just give you one more a little bit
I’m gonna put the link to the we’re just amount we just opened up the cart today
so we have a VIP special that is going to end it this Sunday so the VIP pricing
is going to end at the Sunday I’ve got two VIP bonuses there’s reduced pricing
through the Sunday and it for those to join and Murray you are on it you
joined actually before I even announced for those who join your second bonus for
VIP is you get to choose from one of five Mexico Resort five days stays and
you need to choose that and that is going to be your second bonus and not
only do you get to have a reduced pricing you also get to have the one of
five Mexico choices all right so all right so then that is business
foundation so we start on the 9th we start in two weeks less than two weeks
if you are interested Stephanie or anybody else who watches this I’m going
to leave the link to this in the slide and I hope to have you there we have got
just we just finished up our last round of business foundations I think we had
three students finish up through that and that we’ve got several other
students who have finished up and I think that the the the feedback that I’m
getting from the students is is that you know it is a step-by-step guide for them
it does give them and will give you the opportunity to clearly understand how
you start your travel business right how do you not get overwhelmed by all the
plethora of information that’s out there and really how to take that superpower
that you get from your host agency and how to make that into a business not
only when you get to business foundations you get those four modules
you also get a bonus training called booking bootcamp where that is a part of
the program you get that additionally for free where I’m going to guide you on
how to book general travel which sites to go to who you should register your
way so that you can ensure that your booking general travel not only general
trouble but your nice travel too that you decide on alright I hope that you’ve
enjoyed this live but let me know if you did give me some hearts I always love to
have hearts and if you’ve any questions I always ask you to just you know hit me
up in direct messenger let me know if you have any questions I’ll leave you
the link to get to my DM directly I hope that you enjoyed this live and if you’ve
any questions about being a travel agent or if
questions at all about what it takes to launch a successful business please let
me know and I look forward to seeing you on the inside tanja TT is one of our
students of business foundation so you could reach out to Hertz you have any
questions but hopefully she could also tell you what a great experience it has
been for her I am super excited to be launching this class we are only doing
this three more times this year and then like I said she’s really doing it two
more times this year because the third launch that we’re doing is the beginning
of the year but this is one of two left for the 2018 and so if you don’t get it
in this class you’re gonna have one more opportunity before I’m done for 2018 and
you’re gonna have to wait till 2019 but why not start now so that you can get
your packages and ready for the Christmas holiday and join in on the
Christmas spend that people will be having enjoy enjoy now the Christmas
this love my brick person is your sort of distracting me because they don’t
really think that you’re on to talk about the travel business so let me kind
of push it push that away this class is a great class because if you really want
to have at your business up and running before the end of the year this class is
to do that right because we will be done right before the fourth quarter holiday
season is kicked in and you can be a part of that frenzy right and I always
say people want to spend money in the fourth quarter why not spend it on your
travel packages all right so this is Sunday out many questions do not feel
free I do not feel free feel free to ping me or send me a message and I will
get back to you as soon as possible you guys have a great day and I will talk to
you soon bye

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