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Hey guys. This is Jeremy with family Rv and I have a question for you you guys out shopping
you having a tough time finding a floor plan. Are you really not sure what to get at might
have a solution for you for ya. Hey guys, my name is Jeremy over here Family RV, and
I wanted to welcome you to our segment called find your floor plan now when you guys
are out there shopping. There’s a lot of different floor plans out there on
the market and it probably gets pretty confusing at times Well my job is to break it down for you, and
tell you that there’s five to seven major floor plan that everybody build it doesn’t matter the manufacturer
doesn’t matter the dealership, but everybody bills these basic floor plans, so you
guys know you know when you walk go to. Different dealers you guys know exactly what floor
plans you’re looking at and you might you know kind of locate one. You know to find the one that best fits you and your
families need when you guys are out there camping first floor plan. I want to talk about is the rear Lounge the rear Lounge
is going to give you a big big window in the back. You can’t have two recliners to swivel rockers or even
a couch, but the rear mounted setup is a good setup. If you guys are going to you know hang out inside the
trailer, and I want a nice conversation area. About to definitely provide that at all the windows will
give you a view of your campsite when you guys are out there. You know having a good time. Hey guys Jeremy fact the floor plan number two floor
plan number two is the rear kitchen now the benefit of a rear kitchen guys is it gives you a lot
of counter space it gives you a lot of cupboards. A lot of storage and most of all probably even give
you a full sized pantry now if you’re the type who likes to cook before large amount of people when you
measure out at the campground a rear kitchen is a good setup because not only does it give you the kitchen
in the back, but it gives you a place to hang out watch some TV and once again rear kitchen gives you
a lot of Windows off on the sides, but most importantly if you’re that person who likes to cook
Real Kitchen might just be the floor mat for you hey guys all right floor. Number three is a good one. It’s called a bunkhouse now every time you
see a model number and have the letter B. Normally. There’s bunks inside the trailer and this particular
model if you follow me you’re going to see that you are going to get a bunkhouse in the rear of the
trailer now the bunkhouse has a bunch of different variations as well. You can get a full room like this. You can either get to single bunks on top of each
other or two double bunks on top of each other. They come anywhere from I would say 19 feet all the way
up to you know 35 feet depending on the size both if you’re the family that likes to sleep a lot of people
inside your trailer a bunkhouse might be the perfect floor plan for you. All right guys floor plan number
four is called a rear bath. Now. We’re back typically is going to be once again from 19
feet probably up to 26 feet, but the benefit of a rear bath is mostly based for two people so
if you’re looking for a place to sleep. Nice-size kitchen a slide out with the dinette and
a little bit bigger bathroom than most you know been a rear bath floor plan once again
might be beneficial for you now. Here’s the thing we’re vast like I said, they’re smaller
the goal probably up to about 26 feet and you guys usually get a bigger bathroom, so if it says you
in the husband or you on the wife wanting to get out, and it’s just you two you guys might
want to consider looking at a rear back. I was Jerry backward floor plan number 5 now here’s
the thing anything after the first floor floor plans that I showed you the floor plan start getting
kind of tricky right for instance worn a front Lounge right one of the only front lounges out there
on the market not every manufacturer, built it however. There are a few that do so right now. I’m in a 2018 Flagstaff front Lounge benefit of the
Forefront Lounge is just like the real loud. But everything you know changes up front the benefit
of the front Lounge is what it does it opens your bedroom up in the back so now
in this travel trailer. You’re getting three slides with a lot of square
footage from living in conversating and a huge master bedroom for when you guys want
to relax at night, so once again. If you guys are looking for a great conversation area
lot of square footage inside the trailer a front mileage might be a way that
you guys want to go.

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