32 Airport & Airplane Travel Hacks

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  1. Compression socks are the best for long flights!  I won't go on an overseas trip without them at this point…  avoid blood clots, but more importantly, your feet won't swell.

  2. There was no link at the end of the video as you mentioned that it will be for the free WiFi on all airports, or flights you said.

  3. You can bring your own alcohol on a plane???? I'm guessing this is an American thing. I've never heard of it before.
    Essential oils on a plane – please don't. Maybe dab before you leave home if you need to, but not on a plane. Not everyone likes the same fragrances.
    In Australia, if they do weigh your carry on at the gate (not always, but sometimes they do), the weight is the combination of all carry on items.

  4. I love this ,,,,🤩I love the one about screen shooting your boarding pass,,, That is always been a hassle for me.🤯💖💖

  5. travel with an entire library with ebooks on phone , not much different than a paperback except the back lighting is easier on the eyes.


  7. Lavander may be use to calm screaming babies too by rubbing a little bit of it behind their ears and the inside of their arms.

  8. All the people complaining here to strong scents inside an airplane plain should think twice before complaining so much. I'm also very sensitive to strong scents, it causes my eyes to itch, my nose, and I can get a stuffy nose too. I much rather have strong scents, and not have a person smoking next to me as it used to be 40 years ago. Some people just complain about every thing. What about the person seating next to you who takes off the shoes, and he or she has a horrible smell? Or maybe that person's body odor is too strong and plain nasty! What would you do?
    I rather have a person with a lavander scent next to me!

  9. Out of sfo and lax – having clear is incredible – don’t know if that’s a hack – thanks for the tips

  10. It's actually forbidden to drink your own alcohol on an airplane! You can transport it, but you're not allowed to drink it on the flight. Trust the word of a flight attendant: don't do it, it's illegal!

  11. When I fly it's nice to give chocolates to the flight attendants. They love it and they offered free drinks to me 😍

  12. for people that travel often outside of the USA please dont get an american express. finding places that accept it is very difficult if not downright impossible.

  13. NEVER use the water from the aircraft. It's the most contaminated. I know this from articles and a friend who is a stewardess.

  14. You don't actually get to skip security if you have the Platinum card…. However, they will reimburse you for precheck.The card is $550 a year. I suggest people do the math to see if it's worth it to you do it. There are great perks but unless you Uber $15 worth a month, and actually travel enough to make use of the lounges, not worth it. You can often buy lounge passes heavily discounted on Ebay.

  15. My best tip 4u would be.. Avoid getting the flu or soar throat before travelling!

    Stay away from people who are sick.
    Keep your hands away from your eyes and mouth.
    Use hand sanitiser regularly throughout the day.
    Drink plenty of water..keep hydrated to cleen up your system.
    Get plenty of sleep to boost you ammune system.
    Brush your teeth and tongue more times than usual per day.
    ..Happy travels! 😘

  16. I always, always travel with ear plugs. They block out a lot of airplane noise, also, screaming babies. I know they suffer because of the air pressure. I feel so sorry for them.

  17. Instant oatmeal is actually a lifesaver. If you go to coffee so it’s like three or four dollars. Whenever I travel I bring it with me and just asked for hot water and I take a couple sugar packets.

  18. FLY PRIVATELY. Once you try it you'll NEVER go back to the commercial airlines again. On my last trip, from the time I arrived at the airport it was “wheels up” in 11 minutes. No dangerous TSA micro-wave scanners to damage your skin or eyes. (And no need to “opt-out” from the micro-wave scanner.)

    Yes, I gave up my Concierge Key (this is above Executive Platinum) status, miles, first class seat, Admirals club, and all the other perks but it is OH SO WORTH IT. And lose the nose ring.

  19. Strong scents give me migraines so NO to the perfume and oils , the water on flights is known to have a massive amount of bacteria in it so no thanks! golf balls are heavy so won't be doing that lol x

  20. I'm gonna need to be clippin' those lawless bangs… be stoppin' by the Salon sometime this week and we'll bring you back from the edge.

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