24 Hours IGLOO Challenge | #Fun #Europe #DIML #Vlog #MyMissAnand

Want to shoot Anantya’s video but what we can shoot here Ok lets give her a challenge she recently did a horror challenge so what we make her to do Divya do you’ve any idea?? I think we make her to sit aside a Freezing lake but where we find that lake here?? lets ask from others too I like to explore & experience new things on my vacations or on Holidays the rule of this challenge is that I’ve to stay in Igloo for 24 hours yes I can come outside but needs to stay only in snow but can’t step even a single bit on grass, soil or on land so first lets explore what I need to do and then we’ll start now I am gonna to do sip filpop in Snow hit LIKE to this video and get this video to 1,00,000 LIKES also share it with your friends she is crying as she find it difficult to do this challenge see she is crying so should we go down?? ok lets go down No.. am enjoying too tried to do cheating & played too everything get done now what I do? Sunset too occurred, now what I do?? As I am getting bored so Mumma gave me a brilliant idea like we can make Snowman!! So we are making Snowman and its not that easy to make a snowman don’t know how these people make snowman?? may use some tools.. let us know in the comments if you know how to make it?? Mumma can you help me? Ok dear.. got the keys to my Igloo there a door here inside this gallery and here is our room just pull it to open the door our names are written there and here are the two beds all with this they provide us these leg warmers here’s is only one room and Kitchen & toilet is behind it lets go to explore it more And Nisha what you’re trying to make?? Anantya whose idea is this to make a Camera?? its mine as I love shooting Now we’re in Igloo Restaurant they served our food and these food is looking yummy some of them even I don’t know what it is here we’ve bread sort of thing and they cut it into pieces thats why it looks like this we get the pan here so what we need to do is take this stick fix it on raw chicken like this & then dip it for 2 to 3 minutes in oil in the pan so it’ll get cooked and then we’ll eat it now oil is heating then we’ll dip these chicken in the oil so how was your experience till now? but feeling too cold its a bit hard but its too yummy we’ll have it with red sauce & salt now I here in my room after dinner now what we’ll do.. we’ll play, sleep we’ll go for bonfire too so here we are do fire march for bonfire i really enjoyed a lot doing march & now they provide us Bread which we need to roast it in bonfire & then we’ll eat it was such nice today now feeling sleepy others are going but I need to stay 24 hours in snow to complete this challenge so I can’t step on land so I’m making her ready you’re looking like a caterpillar I am packed in my sleeping bag I hope so not feeling cold in the Igloo we’ll get up in the morning then after 1 or 2 hours I’ll complete my challenge ask me if you have any problem now this stay in Igloo will come to an end there’s snowfall outside I slept well yeah but i find it a bit tough its morning time & still snowfall occurs here and we gonna to go down and I’ll really miss this Igloo i am getting tired walking for too long in snow and we reached here thanks for giving me this Funny challenge and finally I am on land and If you’ve enjoyed this video then you know to hit LIKE to this video also SHARE it with your friends & relatives so they too will enjoy watching this fun & do SUBSCRIBE to my channel to watch more videos, vlogs & challenges also press that bell icon to get that notifications for my upcoming videos also follow me on Instagram & tic toc will see you in my next video Anantya, see what’s there behind you

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