2019 Winnebago Micro Minnie Fifth Wheel at the Florida RV SuperShow

Welcome to Lazydays! My name is Adam
Kristofferson, I’m Product Manager for Winnebago towables. We’re here at the
2019 Tampa RV SuperShow to take a little time and show you the brand-new Micro Minnie fifth wheel Winnebago towables has debuted, and
actually this is the first time we’re showing the 2405 RL, so it’s the second
floor plan into the family. We also have the 2405 Rear Galley. Some highlights on
the outside are going to be the overall weight of this; the Micro Minnie fifth
wheel class was designed to be a fifth wheel under 6,000 pounds, so in the 5000
pound range. It is the lightest weight mass-produced fifth wheel on the market
being truly half-ton towable, being able to be towed by the Chevy Colorados, the
new Ford Ranger, but yet still with the 15-inch tires. Having it raised up in the
rear is 3/4 ton safe so if you do have that full size truck as well. Some
other highlights are gonna be your pin weight here is gonna be around that at
1,000 pounds, so well within safe towing capacities there with any of those
trucks. As you come back through, we do have what we’re known for at Winnebago
towables with our high-gloss gel coat exterior, so a nice upgraded sidewall
there with that true gel coat. One thing I did forget to mention when it
comes to this and how we got that weight there, was it is 7-foot wide. It’s off
the success of our Micro Minnie travel trailer which is a 7-foot wide. A lot of
your traditional travel trailers and fifth wheels are going to be 8-foot wide. Well
we actually have made a travel trailer and now a fifth wheel that’s 7-foot wide,
so that helps keep the weight down but also for ease of towing; you do not have
to have all the accessories on your mirrors to see around it. So it makes it
very safe and easy for towing and easy to maneuver in any tight spots. As you
come down back here, we do have pass-through storage; you do have some
traditional storage up in the front as well, but you have additional
pass-through storage here, so any of the true RVers know that it’s nice when you’ve got that full pass-through storage, not
necessarily how high, but getting that pass-through for all of your totes and
storage there. As I mentioned, we do have 15-inch tires and wheels standard here,
so what that does is it gives you a little bit better traction and control, a
little bit of an upgraded tire, but it helps lift up that rear end there to
give you a little bit more level towing plane and safer towing plane there. Nice large awning with light here, your speaker’s underneath the awning so to
enjoy everything on your campsite. So now, even though this is off the success of the Micro Minnie travel trailer, we did want to offer some fifth wheel
amenities as well. So, you will have the solid entrance step as you come in, so a
triple solid entrance step. Very easy to use and maneuver; folds up into the
doorway there with a double latch, easy to come down with your adjustable
pedestals there, so that way you can get for a nice level as you go
in and out. And then as you come to the back here, we will have a bumper on the
back where your spare tire is mounted. and then again, always with Winnebago
towables, going for our quality and superior construction, we do have a
standard ladder on the back of everything, so that way you can get on
your fully-walkable roof. That is a TPO roof, so get up there maintain, check your
caulks and seals and everything. That’s a quick overview of the highlights of
the exterior of the Micro Minnie 2405 RL. Come on in and join me on the inside and
we’ll talk about some of the interior highlights now. Alright, now we’re inside
the Micro Minnie Fifth Wheel 2405 RL, and I’m back in the living and galley area
here next to the entrance door. I want to hit on a couple features here in this
particular unit; we’re showing it with the optional theater seat, but you can
get a standard sofa sleeper. What’s nice is you’ve got three large windows
back here for all that natural light, cross ventilation; nice countertop space
and additional storage with USB charger. Again, overhead storage here; another
feature here is we’ve got a dinette that can be converted into a sleeper.
You’ve got the access doors on the outside to access that storage
underneath both dinette seats. And again, three more large windows, so that way you
can get all that natural light in here. In a smaller, 7-foot wide travel
trailer or fifth wheel, we really focus on getting as many windows and as large of
windows as we can to get it feeling bigger than what it actually is. When you go to the galley area here you’ve got a nice flush mount range with
that glass top that will give you additional space; you do have the
sink covers here that’ll be stored for transit. Then you’ve got a
flip-up countertop extension; again, trying to take advantage and give you as
much countertop space as we can. Behind the door here we do have
a six cubic-foot gas and electric refrigerator freezer, so it is a separate
freezer from the refrigerator. As you transition to the bedroom here, we’re
going to talk about some of the amenities, so come on up there and join
me and we’ll hit on a few things up there.
Alright as we transition to the bathroom and bedroom area, just take note that
from your rear seating, whether it’s the the sleeper sofa or the theater
seat or your dinette, you do have great viewing of your 32-inch TV. All right
so we’ll come through the bathroom area here; I’m almost 6 foot 2, and
I’ve got ample standing height in here. We’ve got a nice large shower
with the skylight, so even if you were taller, you’re gonna get that
nice head space in the shower area, nice and well-lit. What’s nice is
then when you come in you have a 7-foot wide fifth wheel, you’ve got a true 60×80 sleeper area with storage underneath. Again, that is valuable in such a
small rig here, but we also gave you the shirt closets, so you do have some
hanging space. And one thing that I like is we’ve got the nightstand above where
you have your USB charge ports for your phones, anything; down below you’ll
have your 110 outlets, and we actually have that design so it will fit a
portable CPAP machine which is popular in the RV market here. Thank you for taking the time to join us and the Micro Minnie fifth wheel, the 2405 RL; the lightest weight mass-produced fifth wheel in the
market, weighing in in the 5,000-lbs range, so really trying to
capture a new market and go after true half-ton towables. Look for more
information on Lazydays and Winnebago’s websites for additional models to come.
Happy camping everybody in best of 2019!

2 Replies to “2019 Winnebago Micro Minnie Fifth Wheel at the Florida RV SuperShow

  1. I think it is misleading (and potentially dangerous) to state that these 5th wheels can be towed by something like a Colorado or a Ford Ranger. While it's true that the trailer weight may be slightly under the tow capacity of a properly configured mid-sized truck, the issue will be the truck's payload capacity. The lightest version of these 5er's is 1,060 lbs 'dry'. This doesn't include batteries, propane, and normal everyday camping stuff that would be loaded into the trailer. A hitch weight of 1,300-1400 (at best) is what you'll end up with. Then, when you add a hitch to the truck bed, the remaining cargo capacity will barely allow a driver (if at all) and tank of gas before the truck payload is overloaded; putting themselves and others on the road in danger.
    Maybe an F150 5.0 or 3.5 ecoboost with the max-tow/max payload package (or similar configuration on Chevy or Ram trucks) would be able to tow these…somewhat safely, but certainly not a mid-sized truck.

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