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Good afternoon, Mike Perkins here with
Guaranty RV. I have a 2019 Lance 1995 available for sale. These are great units,
these are a little 22-foot unit, your propane tanks, your batteries are all
enclosed. You got the LCI powered smart jack, with a manual override, so this
smart jack’s really cool, because it just tells you how to do everything. Very easy
to use, auto retract, it’s got a hitch height memory on it, so really cool
technology. As we look over here, got a spot for your batteries on the outside,
nice pass-through storage with magnetic watches, what’s really – cool battery
disconnect, everybody’s got to have a battery disconnect it really does save a
lot of time and money. And then, I have a full pass-through storage bin that
actually locks into place, so you can store your stuff and not get your
floor’s all wet and dirty. So this is a really cool floor-plan, and as we go
inside, we’ll take a look at the quality. One of the things a lot of people don’t
notice, is this does have the LED lights on the front of it, you can run those
down the road as well, and then your spot for your second batterie is over here, so a
battery on each side on a retractable slide, so they’re real easy to get to. And
then, you can unlock your storage bin, and this is a full storage bin, this comes
all the way out. And then comes back and locks into place. Dual axle, outside shower, big grab handle
which is a plus, and as we walk in here, I’ve got lots of storage in these
closets, I actually got a full size closet right there, lots of storage. Nice
shower room, and we’ll take a look at this big closet right here, because that
is a full sized closet, that is what a closet in a travel trailer is
supposed to look like. You guys can look at the, you know, manufacturing of this.
This is high quality, this is very good wood, very well put together, and this
booth dinette is absolutely amazing, because this makes into a full bed. You
can sleep two full adults on here very, very comfortably. So you can still get
into a 20-foot trailer, and be able to entertain, have a nice time with your
guests, sleep some children have a good time.
Really nice stainless steel fridges, love these handles because they’re really
easy to operate, no more trying to find that little button trying to get these
open. The bigger oven, 3 burner stove. with a really nice backsplash on here, all
stainless steel, nice microwave, excellent storage. LED white sky light, these things are
loaded, it even comes with a clock. Your Air Excel runs your, runs your thermostat
controls, and your electric fans, and all that good stuff. Electric fan over the
bed, nice, nice, big, open space, walk around queen bed, with a front window and
day/night shades. The quality is just unmatched on these Lance’s, if you guys
are interested, this is a really cool product. It’s Mike Perkins, my cell phone
number is 541-554- 2913 or [email protected] Thanks for coming and enjoying this
little trip with me this afternoon. Have a nice day you

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