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Hi folks, my name’s Tom Peterson and I’m
proud to do a video presentation for you today on this beautiful Jayco product. It’s a 195 RB and it is a 2019 model, it’s 7 foot wide, it is a lightweight,
it’s got an optional baja package which gives it bigger jacked-up tires and
wheels and it gives you a few other features too, I’ll try to cover with you,
but if I don’t make every feature for you available, you can call me up the
number at the end of this video with any more questions that you might have, we’ll
start on the inside and we’ll finish up on the outside. One of the big features
about the Jayco product, outside of their two-year warranty that they come up with,
which is kind of nice, it’s most manufacturers do one-year, is Jayco, this
brand and product right here they do, the SLX series, is really, really fantastic
for those people that have a lower tow rating, it gives you an opportunity to
have a 7-foot wide coach, you have extra, more, room around the coach to see things, you also have less wind drag when you’re pulling it behind you. This one
again has an optional Baja Edition, so it’s the same floorplan inside, it’s
going to have just a few more features like the bigger tires and wheels and
it’s going to have a bigger freshwater tank, it’s going to have a larger propane
tank up front, and a few other things that it will have on there that are kind
of nice, like the extra jacks on the rear, so you have, or in the front, you have
four jacks stabilizing it. The actual bed right here is nice to have that walk
around access bed on both sides, a little bit of closet on both sides that you
have here, and also a little shelf up there to put some soft goods, I wouldn’t
recommend putting bowling balls up there yet, but if you do have some soft items
this area to put that up there, you’ve got a division curtain that comes across
here, so if you do end up having some guests come, you could be able to
separate out this area from your main sitting area, kitchen, and bathroom, and
closet. So it does have a side mounted air conditioning, which is very handy, if
you ever need it to down the road, hopefully way down the road, need to get
something from a manufacturer, like a box store, whatever you can get something
like this residential. It also has a vent that’s in the ceiling right now, that you
can use for other things, extra light, where an air conditioner would plug that
hole and here it’s nice to have it on the side. You do have a little stereo
here for some some sound, you can also plug maybe an iPod and get some actual sound from that as well from
your player. You do have some upper cabinet storage here, all the cabinets
with Jayco still, like you see here, have a nice mortise and tenon cabinet
joined to a cabinet joint and that makes it stronger and everything and that’s
nice, they do all that in-house. You do have a little booth here that will
convert into another sleeping bed for somebody shorter and skinnier, of
course, but you would be able to have that for additional sleeping if needed.
You’ll notice here they have a lot of counter space, in 2019 they came up with
more of a molded counter, which I like really well, without having any seams in
any of those little spaces for dirt and water to get in and moisture, so this is
a nice molded counter, it’s all the way throughout with that little drop sink in
there which is really, really cool. So you got some good storage, refrigerators down below here with a little freezer section up top inside, you’re gonna have a window
there for escape if needed but also extra ventilation you can get from that.
The storage you have up above, you’re still going to have your microwave and
your fan here and a light that runs up the top and you’re gonna have a two
burner cook stove on the top and your furnace that sits right down below that
on the front there as well and you’re also going to have this nice pantry area
here and these are permanent type of shelf but you’ve got areas for all that
extra storage you need. There’ll be a closet on my far left and we’ll kind of show
you that, we’ll switch with the camera guy here and we’ll kind of show you some of
this back end stuff here, that we have. Some of the big features to, it also, so
again I showed you that, but you have this bathroom is going to have your
additional shower in there and your skylight above and another vent in there
as well on the ceiling and your toilet there is a foot pedal flush toilet. So
you got yourself your bathroom which is a nice size with that tub shower and
then look at all the space we have right here which is going to be nice as well
too, so you’ve got all that additional storage space in a small travel trailer,
that’s lightweight, this is going to weigh somewhere around 3,100 pounds in that range of dry weight, you can have a gross vehicle weight rating, I think, of
just under 4, probably 38 or 37,500. You’re also going to have the storage
right here to my right, that’s kind of nice have as well and again the window that opens up and views out to the patio. So
let me show you a few more outside features too, which is kind of nice with
this with this trailer as well. When you do get the Baja Edition that we have
here, we’re going to have the double entry step as opposed to a single step,
so it’s actually we find it to be rather nice to get in and out of it that way,
you have your awning here, that’s a push button from inside, so your power awning.
You’re going to have also, as part of that Baja trim, you’ll have a little more
of the diamond plate that we have along the sides over here and again the extra
jacks we have up front for stabilization. You’ll see Jayco pretty much is gonna
have the LED lights all the way inside and outside too, which makes it nicer, more efficient and longer-lasting on those LEDs. With the extra height, you do also
have pretty good ground clearance and that’s another thing that people find
pretty nice when they want to go off the beaten path a little bit, they need to
have that added ground clearance so you have that with it. You’ve got the
Goodyear tires and wheels so that makes it nice for nationwide warranty and then
again Jayco’s two-year warranty, which is real nice. The siding is going to be the
corrugated aluminum siding and then your framing inside it’s going to be wood.
Another nice feature, that very few companies do nowadays, is they don’t
really put any windows in the front, so it’s nice to have that window, you can
open that up here and have protection from the rain and just a shade and
you’re also going to have the additional bedroom light inside that area. The seven
gallon tank, instead of the little five that comes standard on their regular
floor plan of the SLX, this is the Baja again, there’s room in there for two
batteries, we’re going to make sure you have a nice deep cycle battery on there,
full propane, we’re gonna make sure that you have an orientation showing you how
to use your coach, and at Guaranty here, you know, we’ve been around for about 52
years now and so, you know, we love our customers, we take great care in making
sure that we provide you with all the information you need to go camping in, we have seminars that we do. Again, if you have more questions, give me a call at
the end of this video, you’ll see a phone number and ask for me by name if you
would, Tom Peterson, I’d appreciate that. I’ve been here about 28 years, great
place to work, great place to buy from that’s Guaranty in Junction City and
remember here as well, it’s an RV show every day.

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