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Hi guys, welcome to Guaranty RV, my name is Kirk Blair and I’m gonna show you this 2019 Jayco 154 BH. It’s actually a
really tiny little bunkhouse, but it’s a great size for midsize SUVs, smaller
trucks, it can be towed by a lot of things because it’s fairly light. It has a
lot of great features in it, has a lot of beds in it. I’m gonna show you some stuff
on the outside. It’s actually a Baja Edition. What Jayco has done, is they’ve
made these in a Baja, and non Baja, and it’s pretty cool because the Baja has
the axles flipped, has bigger wheels and tires on it, a seven-gallon propane tank,
support jacks up in the front as well as in the rear. The non Baja just has
them in the back, not in the front as well, so there’s some advantages to go in
the Baja Edition. This is a 2019, brand new Jayco. It has a 7-gallon propane tank
here on the front, your battery location would be there. They do have the little
flip up window there which is pretty nice. As you move down the side of it,
you’re gonna have a lot of your water hookups, your water heater, your
refrigerator connections, maintenance ports, your dumping station. The cool
thing about these little guys as well, is it’s kind of different, they have the AC
on the side, and I’ll show you that on the inside, it’s not on the top, because
it’s a Baja so it’s a little taller, and I believe that’s why they put that in
the side. But as you make your way around it, you can see it has an awning, and for a
nice little trailer, it has an electric awning on the side of it, so it has an
awning out here, it’s got the audio by Carefree and the Tottenham ends of the
awning legs there are some speakers. You do have some storage underneath the bunk here. For a little guy inside, it has decent
storage, it does have your screen door and everything, let’s go ahead and jump
inside and take a look. So right as you come in, this is your front dinette, that
also makes into a bed. Right now, the table is down, so you can make it into a
bed, to any configuration you like here. So we have your bed, front bed, front
window, well lighted up here. Big storage area across the front, lots of storage. AC in the side. Kitchen here, fridge, your stove, your burners, like I say there’s
storage all over this little guy. And I’m gonna actually trade you spots. big
storage closet pantry to your right there, and the bathroom on this guy’s in
the back. Full-size bathroom, I like if it’s a dry bath for a little tiny unit, it’s still got a lot of bathroom space. Step in tub for little tiny kids, or anything.
And then as your left move around here, you have your bunks. And that bottom bunk is accessible from outside the storage area, or an adult could sleep in there,
so don’t let it deceive you, how little they are. And then you have storage here, TV
location, whatnot, will be right here kind as you make your way in. This unit, and
anything else here at Guaranty RV, my name is Kirk- Captain Kirk, please call
or ask for me. My personal cell phone is 541-601-8742. Here in Oregon, appreciate your time. thanks a lot please call me if you have any questions. Thank you.

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