2019 Eclipse Attitude 3016 GS Toy Hauler Travel Trailer Video Tour • Guaranty.com

Good morning Clay Thompson here
Guaranty RV Center. Today I’m going to show you the all new 2019 attitude yes it is a 19 model year for them. This is a new floor plan it’s a
3016 GS, come on inside let me show you what’s really neat about it. Walk inside
here, it has a really nice kitchen area notice the backlit counter top edge,
solid surface countertops really neat colors, gone to the big one piece
stainless steel basin instead of the other thing. Nice deep cabinetry residential sized
microwave all really nice work with all the LED lights. Plugins accessible for
the kitchen area lit stove oven nice big pullout pantry roller guides. Nice interior color on the cabinetry notice the drawers and the cabinetry inside the kitchen area kind of gives you that chef’s triangle with
everything being within a pivot of yourself standing in the kitchen being
able to access the refrigerator, the pantry, the stove, oven, microwave and the sink all in one location without having to move around the trailer. We pan around
over above the couch area this couch is in a slide notice the new monogrammed
furniture and cushions on this with the raised white stitching really really
nice and extremely comfortable. Again full cabinetry above, plenty of lights we
have the lighting above here as well as the LED recessed lighting in the window
valances. We pan around to the side unique about this model as they do have
a nice pullout TV here that can pull out or extend so we have a
TV here get back to you and show you the other one. Notice the LED lighting around
the windows above, up top. This one has the bunk bed above with the power set up
and pull the pins out I can put this bed mount it up out of the way so I don’t
have to duck to get to the couch. But notice this couch has the rear couch
area with the big table so a really nice feature that gives multiple seating
space within this trailer which makes it a really really nice layout. Plenty of
windows plenty of lighting we have a USB and a 110 charge set up next to the
couch here or if this is made out into the bed we have a double bunk bed
therefore we have our own lighting and charge ports right there next to the bed.
We have privacy curtains the un-velcro for the bunk area so those will pull
across. Nice LED light strip above there, we’ll notice that on the back door it
has the patio ramp kit as well as the rear screen wall. Then we pan around to
the door side and look at these freestanding chairs again the new
monogram, the new stitching, the new re-upholstered chairs extremely
comfortable. When I first got it I had to call the factory and tell them I wanted
two for at home. But we can use these chairs out on the patio for the patio
kit, underneath the awning or inside the coach why we’re staying inside. Now
remember everything is removable we can move the tables so we can move the
chairs table there and this opens up to a great big open area for our cargo
space which gives us about 16 feet from the rear door to the counter therefore
we have plenty of room. It is built above the fender well so
there is no internal fender wells on this unit. Again cabinetry above,
this unit has the optional kicker stereo so we got the amplifiers in the cabinet
there. Then we got the great big TV here and notice these are both Jensen TVs so
they’re made for an RV they’re not just a standard TV you go to the appliance
store buy a TV and put in these are made for an RV so really nice they’re. Got
full control of all of our lighting here shuts down our LED lights throughout the
coach. And then having an adjustable dimmer switch for the kitchen living
room area for our ceiling lighting as well as having the four blade
residential ceiling fan above there. Come on down the hallway we got cabinetry
here we got access to our fuses and breakers real easy to get to we don’t
have to unpack a bunch of luggage to get to it. Pass-through bathroom, nice big glass
corner shower, solid surface countertop in the bathroom. That’s part of this in
Centurion package with the vestibule sink, vanity, porcelain toilet, lots of
cabinetry here to put our linens in the bathroom which is nice and then a
pass-through in through the bedroom. This one has the double slide option so
we have a living room slide as well as a wardrobe slide. And then this one is also
equipped with the 5500 watt generator that allows us to have a 50 amp service
and have to roof air conditioners. We got a third TV in the bedroom and then this
unit also has solar on the roof as well. And plenty of lighting at the bed area
as well, we have USB plug ins the next to the bed as well as 110 plug-in outlets
throughout. We have storage underneath the bed we
have a battery disconnect here we have an inverter in this unit as well. The
ladder for the rear bunk bed and accessible is the transfer relay box
right there very easy to get to as well. Nice mattress, nice touch with
the linens, really matches the trailer and the cabinetry real well.
Come on out this way and we’ll do a quick tour on the outside. I do want to
point out though too that they use a solid wood plywood wood in the floor
solid full walkable roof outside on the the exterior. Lots of tie-downs
throughout this has the roll-up carpet kit so we can roll the carpet up and
bring our machines in and then once we put the machines out we can put the
carpet out be able to walk around barefooted as well but I know I’m gonna
miss a handful because there is a lot of neat stuff on this trailer one of the
nicest ones that I’ve seen out there today. Nice large door area, large assist handle. Does have the
frameless windows, triple axle therefore we got a large payload capacity. This is
an all-season coach so it does have the protected and sealed underbelly as well.
Power awning, LED light strip outside, exterior speakers, kicker speakers there.
We got the spotlights on the unit on the side of the coach. There is, we can’t see
in the daylight but there’s a backlit LED light strip underneath the fender
here on the patio side. Notice the zerk fittings on the suspension a nice
feature that a lot of trailers don’t do we can keep our suspension lubed and
quiet as we travel instead of having that loud suspension you hear in a lot
of the other competitors, metal fender wells. Nice air ducting system out the
back end with loading lights on the top that are very very bright. Full ramp
patio kit so we have the patio out the back. Has the cable drop for the spare tire real easy to get to in case we get a flat. Ladders on the outside of the coach
pulls out gives us access to the roof. Now I only like to say the access of the
roof is for maintenance it’s not a place to go up and you know put your lawn
chairs because we don’t want to put anything penetrating through the roof
and creating a leak to make the RV last longer. So we do have the pump
station, the fuel station here we can turn on and off with a gauge that lets
us know how much fuel we have in the big gas tank. Gas tank fills on the driver’s side so when you pull in the gas station and
fill on my truck and fill in the toy hauler on the same side. Water hookups
here, another spot light out the side, got the big slide out. Exterior shower, big water heater, large
capacities fresh waters about a hundred and fifty. This is the Wardrobe slide and
then we have the big 5500 watt gen like I mentioned earlier instead of the
four thousand lots of upgrades on this unit. This is the wide light so it has
the one-piece end cap here that’s a solid cap. We got LED lights that come on
and off for the cap here the newly designed tank cover here that covers the
large seven gallon propane tanks, storage for the two batteries on the tongue of
the trailer as well. Power tongue jack and so a lot of these things are
standard features but if you have any questions to see what is and what isn’t
standard and or how you would like to equip your attitude trailer feel free to
give me a call. My name is Clay Thompson with Guaranty RV Center. My direct line
is 541-979-1770 seven seven zero we can go over all the
details with the Attitude toy hauler. Thank you and have a great day.

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