2019 Eclipse Attitude 25 FS Toy Hauler Travel Trailer Video Tour • Guaranty.com

Good morning, my name is Jeff White here at world class Guaranty RV. It’s Monday morning in Junction City, Oregon. I’m here
to show you this bumper pull toy hauler from Eclipse. This is an Attitude 25 FS
that just came in, excited to show it to you. You get two propane tanks full when
you buy from us. This baby is under 7,000 pounds so half-ton towable. Comes with a generator, down this side here you have the fueling station, the cord is in here,
the shore cord. Fresh water, outside shower which is fabulous to rinse things
off if you need to after being over to Beach for the day. And like I said, here’s
our fueling stations, nozzle to fill it up with fueling station to fill it up
with nozzle right inside here. 250 pound ladder to climb up on top. Love the
graphics on the back here absolutely wonderful I love the red color with it.
Big door now the attitude is a wide-body 101 inches overall it’s the only one we
carry this wide-body. And over here on this side we have a nice big electric
awning, outdoor speakers, nice big window. Just absolutely beautiful unit 25 FS is
this attitude, let’s go on inside check it out you guys. Okay up here in the
front we have a master bedroom, nice big walk around queen bed, Fantastic
fan up there, complete storage on each side. Plug in so if you sleep with a CPAP
machine put that baby right there you’re all set to go.
There would be lights to kick on so you lay in bed and read if that’s your
choice. We can add a TV in here right on that
wall lay in bed and watch movies if you’d like to. Nice dark colors in here,
that’s the theme that everybody wants. Real wood but nice big queen bed walk
around remember that. Then we have the bathroom stool, shower, a little skylight
up there so you have a little bit of light coming through. and then we have
our refrigerator right here whoops then we have our sink right here so you can
brush your teeth. Lots of counter space which is really fabulous for the ladies.
if you’re out and about and you need to have extra shampoos or all the things
that ladies like to have for lotions and stuff. Here is something that’s really
cool nice little pantry area for the kitchen.
Put your little spices and canned goods and stuff in there, just well use space
right there. Refrigerator and freezer just enough for that long weekend out playing. And then if we turn around here we have
the queen bed on top. The sofa bed, now the really cool thing with that sofa bed
is you can turn it around so let’s say you’re at the beach you back up and
you’re out there barbecuing having fun just unhook the brackets there spin that
thing around you can face everybody out back, really really convenient and nice.
And these both raise up, it’s about 74 inches so you can get almost any unit
you want in here and you can take this off if need be like let’s say you’re
gonna put a Bronco or something in here. Sold one the other day the guy took this
off so he could fit his Bronco in there. Nice reclining chairs, we have nice
relaxing chairs to sit in. Table lots of cabinet space here, stereo system so you
can rock out, but nice deep storage areas and like I said real wood. Just lots of
storage space, this is a beautiful unit this won’t last long folks. Over here we
have another sofa pulls out into a bed and or it folds up against the wall for
give you more space to haul things in. You see we have some tie-downs clear
up here and back here so you can go ahead and strap what you need down. This is set up for a table here and then in the kitchen nice three burner cooktop,
oven, two shelf oven, microwave small but what more do you need when you’re out
and about having fun, probably going to be outside barbecuing anyway. Cabinet
space it’s really pretty nice because this isn’t way up there where you can’t
get to it. Nice and deep, lights out here for
working on the counter cutting up your stuff. Fantastic fan up there and nice
double sink, stainless steel, stainless-steel faucets. Big window right
there and then more cabinet space tons, look how deep that is you get lots of
stuff in there. And then you have all the counter space up above the counters. or
all the space up above the counters I should say so you can throw your paper
towels, extra TP, bread, buns all that good stuff. And remember the bed and the sofa
you just push one button and it goes up so it’s really simple really simple. Get
a table right here just like you have there. So if you want bring your toys in
you fold this up, put your chairs up into there, take your tables put them on top
of the bed and you’re all set to go. This just came in this Attitude 25 FS
just came in, let’s go back outside you guys. I forgot to mention has an
air-conditioning unit too for those warm days you’re an Arizona playing or
something. Okay you guys if you’d like to take a look at this unit please give me
a call, my name is Jeff White at Guaranty. 541-671-1840 or just shoot me a text let me know you’re interested or email me at [email protected] If you can’t remember Jeff White just remember Bam-bam, you remember, everybody knows about Pebbles and Bamm-bamm cartoons. So once again I’d love to show
you this unit just give me a call, email me, text me however you want to. Thank you for watching my video at world class Guaranty RV. Have a great day.

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