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Hi everybody, Jason Fairchild with
Guaranty RV. I want to take you through this 2019 Coachman Freedom Express today, it’s a 204 RD, we’ll start off going over the interior, and we will finish off
going over the exterior, follow me inside. So a pretty unique floor plan here, right
when you come in in the back door, you’ve got this dinette, and a big storage
closet right in the entrance there. So that’s fantastic, nice to have extra storage in a little trailer. Big windows back here, this
dinette can obviously be made down into a sleeping area. Then on the other end of
the trailer, we’ve got the main living area, full walk around queen, storage all
around, nice light wood interior, makes it feel nice and bright and open in here,
LEDs throughout, so this is really a bright, cheery trailer. Nice countertop
here, we’ve got the new Furrion System, love this glass top. Three burner,
good-sized oven, microwave, hood combination, nice sink.
Single sink, so you can get your big items in there, and get them clean. We’ve
really been getting good feedback from this sink, it seems to be quite popular.
There’s a few people that still like the split sink, but most people prefer that.
Corner shower, got a medicine cabinet and your sink there, with good storage below.
Nice toilet there, it is a porcelain toilet. Switch freezer combination there. Your
TV’s across from your dinette here, got your media player. Let’s go over the
outside features, follow me. Full size grab handle as we step out, we’ve got a
large electric awning, it goes over, covers the majority of this trailer here,
it goes basically to where the front cap starts, and almost all the way to the
back of the trailer, so that’s really neat. We’ve got a ladder here for getting
up on the roof, checking your seals. The full size bumper, place to store your
sewer hose, manual stabilizers for all four corners, some additional storage
here, it runs underneath that bench along the dinette there. We’re using a magnet now to hold up our
bay doors. So, no slide on this trailer, we never
mentioned it, but it really, it has a good amount of space, and a good flow for a trailer with no slide. Tandem axle for a 20-foot trailer, that’s fantastic. We’ve
got all our hookups right here centrally located. Water we’re gonna take with us,
city waters here, black tank flush, cable satellite, this is where our power cord
is gonna hook up, that will come with the trailer, back of the fridge, outside
shower. Got our bay door here, a full pass-through. You see underneath, we’ve
actually got a table that comes with this for the exterior here, stored up on
the top of this storage bay, power cord right there as well. So we’ve got the
nice, two-thirds front cap here in the front. Electric tongue jack. We are going
to provide a battery, and fill your propane, and give you a customer care kit
with this. So again, if you have any questions involving this RV or any of
our RVs, please don’t hesitate to give me a call. My name is Jason Fairchild, you
reach me directly at 541-228-6057. Thanks a lot.

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