2018 Keystone Outback 333 FE Travel Trailer Video Tour • Guaranty.com

Welcome to world famous Guaranty RV
Super Centers. I’m Gary Christiance serving Guaranty since 1981. Today we’re
going to go out back oh that was a funny wasn’t it. Outback trailers, nice unit come
on I want to show you around. This is a fantastic unit, they upgraded the steps
to aluminum which makes a much lighter easier to operate. Screen door, nice
little release here so you can kick that out of the way not have to mess around
with the door. Front entertainment is what this model is. It’s a 333 FE. TV
screen lowers down out of the way so you have a nice view and if it’s a bright
sunny day you can pull down the shade cover the window up and have darkness in here so you can watch your shows, movies. Fireplace it’s the electric it does through
flames out and does provide you heat so if you’re someplace you need a little
heat don’t have to turn on the propane furnace and burn your propane you can
use some electricity, which is a nice feature. Lots of storage throughout the
unit. Opposing slide outs gives you a lot of room. This is a full made out bed for
extra sleeping and nice comfortable couch over here. Dinette it’s not a U dinette but what they did is they put the cushions over
here to give the person on the inside a little kush on there. And these are
full-length extensions drawers that pull all the way out on both sides. Nice big
windows, day night shades throughout the unit. Plenty of light coming in gives you
that nice open feeling. Solid surface countertops, single lever faucet, nice big
sink. It’s a single sink but it’s really deep, very large provides for more
workspace with this in place. Three burner stove top, high output on the
front of course. Nice oven down below, not only is there a place for a
wastebasket it comes with it, that’s nice. Full extension drawers, nice upper
cabinets, now they put a shelf in which is a little bit of money but it
comes in handy when you’re trying to make multi-level to increase your
capacity. Little microwave, 8 cubic foot refrigerator and we have good pantry
space close to the kitchen. Walk-in pantry place you can put a mop all your
canned goods lots of storage in there. Moving on more storage space, still close
to the kitchen whether you want to put towels in there. This is the side aisle
bath with the corner shower glass enclosure, fan up on top. It’s got hanging
spots for your towels, porcelain toilet. Little medicine cabinet, this is your
space down here. Good storage down below and with most side aisles you have an
entry door and also another door going into the bedroom. King-size bed, storage
all the way across the top, nice window in the back and these do go out. You can
bring ventilation in this has a spot where you can put a fantastic fan if you
like all we do is just pull this down and pop the other one in and screw it
back together it’s already got 12 volts right over here that we can catch be
real easy install and we can put them actually then cover over
the top. Nice storage, good closet space plenty of room for shoes and stuff. It’s
got a sliding door here. Here’s your command center, it’s a
touchscreen easy to operate. Your temperature controls are here for the
air conditioning and the heating. This unit is a 33 model, I stated earlier. It’s
probably 36 37 feet weighs about 84 8,500 pounds. This has got a self
leveling system in it. This is similar to what you find on high-end motorhomes toy haulers. You notice the jacks right here. Come on around up front we’ll talk about
this leveling system. No switch on the tongue Jack, kind of strange,
that’s what I thought. Then you go over here to your stabilizing system and
you can unhook, hit the on button, go to auto stabilize it will run the
front jack and all the other jacks to completely level the system and when you go to leave you can hit it it will retract them and return the tongue jack
to the spot where you unhooked so you’re ready to back into it, a very nice
feature. There’s no getting boards out and stuff and leveling it all takes
care of it for you. Here’s another shot of the one on the
other side by your dump station. So this is underneath your bed, it’s got a little
storage here and it’s got storage from the inside at the foot of the bed, that
way you can put your outside stuff here and the things you might want to use
inside on the other side. Windows open up for ventilation, these are frameless windows so they pop out about three or four inches. This is a
little access storage. Full fiberglass cap, got the Rhino coat down below so if
you happen to throw anything up it’s not going to chip the fiberglass and it
totally surrounds to the side down here on the seam to give you a unit extra
support. Now I know you might have a question or two, just give me a call
direct. Ask for Gary dial it 541-554-9581 or use my email on the screen. Appreciate your interest.

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